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  1. Cool battle I've voted for entry 2 in the pro section. The quality of the finish makes it stand out for me, also the text is really nice. And I voted for 2 in the novice. Everything in the sig ties together really well. I do think whoever made this should be rolling with the pros though
  2. Guttered I missed out on the voting phase of this but nice work guys
  3. My vote's in Good luck!
  4. Hey there PSNP There's a load of gaming channels out there on YouTube, all with varying degrees of success, and I'm just wondering what you folks think makes a good one? What sort of gaming videos do you like to watch, or in fact don't like? How do you like your reviews, short and to the point (IGN, GameSpot) or more in depth (AngryJoe, Jim Sterling? Or would a combination of both work Do you prefer channels that have just one presenter, or a small group? I was also wondering if, like me, you watch some channels primarily for the personalities rather than the videos? There's a lot more I could ask but that's just a few specific points I'm wondering about at the moment. Please feel free to tell me stuff I haven't ask about too! And if you're wondering; I'm just doing a bit of research for the future So yeah, I'd really appreciate any opinions about this Thanks!
  5. #1 for me Loving the colours.
  6. Amun and Isis get my vote
  7. Oooh, I'll get a vote in while I'm here M: Amun. N: Ma'at. Nice sigs
  8. Not sure if this has been posted but check this out. I think it looks awesome
  9. Best. Selfie. Ever
  10. Tough theme so good job guys I voted.
  11. Cool Looks like I'll be getting a lot closer to rank 100 this weekend! Thanks for the info
  12. Posted this yesterday, buddy
  13. I don't think how it's done now is bad, but I do think adding the sections for the game before the release of its trophy list would keep everything more organised, and it would make it easier to find what you're looking for
  14. "The hunt is on. Experience the thrill of 4v1 from every perspective in an interactive, multi-channel trailer featuring commentary by Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers and Turtle Rock Studios' Chris Ashton." Well that looks like a whole lot of fun!
  15. "Find out how Watch_Dogs creates a new multiplayer & immersive experience with this video showcasing the seamless multiplayer, the companion app and the 8 vs 8 decryption death match." Looks like some really fun multiplayer to go along side the singleplayer game Nice looking deathmatch too!