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  1. I live in the US and made another US account because I didn't like my old PSN username. However, I couldn't bring myself to abandon my main account because I had so many trophies. I have a question, on PS3 there are Dark Souls Avatars in the Japan PS store. If I were to make a Japan account can I download the free avatars and use them on my main account?
  2. Get that FC4 Platinum my dude. It's a pretty easy one.
  3. Dragon's Dogma. Platinum'd Dragon's Dogma on PS3 in 52 hours. the PS4 version is a a bit harder, but not too bad. It's a great game. Highly recommend.
  4. It's all good my dude. Don't pay attention to those who shame you for not liking a game they like. It's what makes the world unique. Do you think it'd be a fun world if everyone liked the same thing? Anyway, most like, if you don't like the first area of Bloodborne you probably won't like the rest of the game either. One makes Bloodborne fun for me, is the challenging gameplay and trying to figure out the secrets of that mysterious universe. It compels me to learn more. I'd recommend if you really want to like Bloodborne, read item descriptions it well give you a little information leaving you with wanting more. However it might not. The Souls games are not for everyone. So I don't blame you if you can't get into it.
  5. My BEST purchase of year: For Honor Gold Edition. Unpopular opinion most like, but I love For Honor. Probably my favorite multiplayer game ever I'd say. Yeah, It's flawed, a lot! But I'm addicted. It hasn't even been out a full year yet and I've sunk 1,000 hours into it. It was extremely glitchy from the start! Even the trophies. Could've been one of the first to obtain the platinum, but like 3 trophies were glitched. Still, Love it to death. WORST purchase of the year: I got nothing. I haven't really bought anything that was disappointing this year. I pre-ordered BattleFront 2 and canceled it at the last minute. So that was ALMOST my worst purchase of the year.
  6. I LOVE the Jak and Daxter franchise. One of my favorites from PS2, However I don't know how I feel with Jak games after Jak 3. I never finished Jak the Lost Frontier because I lost interest in the story IIRC. However, I had a lot of fun on Jak X, sadly I never got a chance to beat it due to one mission freezing the game. I think it was a problem with the disc.
  7. This was already said but: 1: Dark Souls 2: Demon's Souls 3: Armored Core 5
  8. This is a must buy for me!
  9. I've beaten this game, there's a lot worse to come! You're in for a ride. But listen to me, don't give up! Don't underestimate blocking in this game. It's quite useful. Maybe try going light armor if you haven't already? The first time I played this I had trouble with this guy as well. If you think he is about to do his spin, gain distance. As the others have stated above, he is indeed weak to water.
  10. Call of Duty MW2. Nice platinum collection my dude.
  11. I can see why. It's extremely frustrating.
  12. It's one of my favorite multiplayer games.
  13. I got the "For Honor" trophy but no "A Reservist" Man, this sucks I had all the other trophies but those two.
  14. Snow Pirate Dominator For the one who has gotten everything. 0.16% ULTRA RARE Lost Planet 2 Platinum 119,265 Owners 195 Platinum Achievers.
  15. Thank you for the tips.