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  1. I honestly have no idea. I had already beaten the game, I guess it didn't register the first time. It was annoying though. I spent hours trying to get that trophy and it was the sword, of all things.
  2. Aw. I hope you had a good holiday nonetheless. I gifted a few really nice tee shirts to my friends. They really enjoyed it! Happy holidays. Merry Christmas PSN Profiles!
  3. Title. Can be something you gifted to another, or one you received. My favorite gift was a 4TB external harddrive for PS4! Now I can finally install ESO and RDR2 without my PS4 suffocating for more space.
  4. Go. This is the most important question of 2018. Cast your vote. Kratos: Arthur:
  5. ^ Bloodborne. I platinum'd all the souls games, you got this man!
  6. So a normal blind play-through is 7 to 8 hours. But a rushed playthrough is how long? 6? 5? Not a very long game. I hope the different choices make up for that.
  7. So, how are you liking it? I'm a day one player. Curious of your opinion. Is it to your liking?
  8. Flip-phone. Who needs a Smart Phone! lol
  9. Oh! Well then! Good luck my dude. I'm trying to Platinum Monster Hunter at the moment. 70% atm. Just need those tedious Crowns.
  10. Dude your backlog completion is 62%! If your backlog is catastrophic what is mine?! My completion rate is 32% my total games played is 308. I don't think it's possible to complete mine.
  11. YES! It took two hours, but I finally beat the first boss. This game is addicting. I can confirm your theory is correct. I beat the first boss and got a trophy and the Trophy list appeared! Thank you so much for helping me!
  12. I will have to try this. I thank you for taking your time to respond to my question. I haven't beaten the first level yet. It's kind of hard, I have to get used to the controls. lol. I am really liking it from what I played. I'll update you if getting the first trophy adds the trophy list.
  13. So I bought "Xenon Valkyrie+" from the PS store, in the deals section. I was interested in it, loved the look of the game. So I searched it up on PSN profiles and I saw the Platinum looked fairly easy, so I was sold, picked it up for $8.99 because it was on sale for Plus members. It installed within a minute on my PS4, I loaded it up, played the first level a little bit, went to the trophy section of the PS4 menu and I didn't see the game on my trophy list. I went to look under the application on the "Overview" section, it says "Check back soon!". So my question is what gives? Where are the trophies?
  14. Nergigante on the Monster Hunter World Beta is so hard! 

  15. Artist: sangheili117 Game: Dark Souls