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  1. Not sure how to get a photograph on here but dont put your dude to wear sunglasses, he'll do it constantly aha, best batting on medium was 303 In an ashes test
  2. I found that the play a test at lord's without simming trophy popped for me playing career mode & simming while not using my pro As for the bowling I picked being a spinner as that's what I do in RL, helps if you have some decent knowledge from paying in real life as with most other sports games if you'd like to compete on a higher difficulty. Enjoying the game so far.
  3. I got there, Manchester to leeds express, just absolutely hammered it out of standedge tunnel & raced down the hill, was a good way over the speed limit but managed a gold medal still
  4. Hey all, was wondering if anyone knew as its above the speed limit on the trans pennine route & can never seem to get near it either way. TIA!
  5. Ah thank you, I had no idea such a site existed haha
  6. Hi all, would of posted in the gaming session section but doesn't suit my needs. I'm looking to join a group of players to play with, all my friends stopped playing & I recently returned to the game but find it hard playing with random squads who land at TT & die within 10 seconds. Thanks in advance!
  7. No i'd forgotten that, i'll give it a try later aswell as the other suggestions. Thank you! *Edit, yeah worked first time after deleted the date, cheers fella!
  8. In relation to my previous post I've deleted & redownloaded the game & still nothing. Help Greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi all, maybe i'm inpatient but i've solved about 7 puzzles on medium & have roughly 8k in points but the last 3 trophies & plat refuse to pop Any suggestions?
  10. I'm looking for the takumi RXT, have items & crates to trade.
  11. Hi there all, I have recently made it to platinum division on 3v3 standard & i'm looking for like minded players as I refuse to be relegated by noobs who can't hit a ball 5 feet. It's taken me near enough 4 months to get there so I'm sure anyone reading this understands my plight. I'm not the best by any stretch of the imagination but having 2 good team mates gives me more confidence if that makes sense haha, I sit in goal a fair bit paranoid about the others not defending etc, I'm lv 54 (master) & happy to play with anyone to be fair. I play anytime of day when I'm in the house so a few would be nice & possibly have our own group? Maybe asking abit much there but I can hope lmao, thanks! Azza
  12. I fixed it by loading a slightly earlier save file & Carrying on from there, works fine for now... Needs patching though.
  13. Been playing all day, 1 or 2 crashes here & there but now i can't even play it, everytime my save loads its crashing & when it doesn't crash i fast travel to whiterun & crash anyway. Coincidentally however both crashes earlier were travelling to whiterun again :\
  14. I did the same thing on the ps3 remaster a few years back & that was without the help of a dog haha