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  1. hi, anyone know an alternate for speedtest.net that works on vita?

  2. probably not the place for this but trying another avenue...

    job hunting not gone great and for health and other reasons needing to work from home,

    is there perhaps a samaritan who can share some legitimate opportunities?


  3. welcome so you seen the light and made the change lol just remember trophies are a path to the dark side =D
  4. does warframe count, its another game on my bucket todo list
  5. if i fave or wishlist something in the ps store will i get notified of any sales?

    1. dmland12


      No, unfortunately not.  I've got something on my wishlist that's currently on sale and didn't get any notifications about it.  Just the regular promo email about the sale.

  6. what a suck fest. first thing comes to mind is power saving? but i would go through ALL the settings to check for funnies may the force be with you
  7. ***** UNDER CONSTRUCTION *****
  8. ***** UNDER CONTRUCTION ***** trying this again... may i please be allowed my 1/250000 piece of the pie assuming that is the allowance it will eventually indistinguishably conform i promise so please keep panties clear in the meantime can hide it from sight/activity but please dont eradicate again ***** UNDER CONSTRUCTION *****
  9. can somone please school me on what exactly is different with a 'Region All' game and what DLC are you supposed to buy?

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    2. jujmint


      yea the rating is one to scan but a problem there too is that many online shops use stock photos, makes me tired thinking about it lol

    3. Dreakon13


      I see.  Which online shops are you looking at?  There may be some that are credible in the sense that if they use a stock photo, it's at least the right region.  But if it's like random eBay or Amazon sellers, then who knows.  "Region All" doesn't tell you anything specifically though, I don't believe.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Most likely all regions as all countries in the region.

      JP, EU, NA are strictly split, nothing is 'all-regions' in a sense that you could use any region DLCs on such Vita versions.

  10. hi apparently EU version has problem backing up due to story DLC reporting incorrect size anyone experience this?
  11. can anyone direct me to what i think was a topic here about what i think was Blazblue Chronophantasma for Vita where size differences causes problems with backup and restore

    think you very please

    1. jujmint


      found it - amazon review

  12. how does one use html these days? like how would i put the html of my trophy card in my signature?

    thank you very please!

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    2. NanaCheese94


      I'm not sure, I tried to input an image via an html code into a post and it didn't work. I think most forums just juse BB code because it's easier for people who don't know html

    3. jujmint
    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      No more coding overall actually. 

      You can just paste everything into the editor and then edit it on the fly.

  13. it is a sub yea, but pretty sure i allowed everything there is
  14. oi! when you dont want to be right... am i right?
  15. so i am trying to use html and when using 'insert code' from the toolbar it just adds the text and does not render the tags; am i missing something?

    1. skateak


      What are you specifically trying to do?

    2. jujmint


      just want to add an image that hyperlinks to my about me and probably my signature too

      just want to add an image that hyperlinks to my about me and probably my signature too

    3. jujmint


      now that i think about it i might not be doing the right thing...

      i use the tags button from the toolbar "<>" to insert html,

      or can you please tell me how one adds html like that given for your trophy card these days?