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  1. There is an easier way, If you rebind wars attack to the jump button ( -> ) War will attack and jump at the same time. Use the same corner and after a few attempts it should work
  2. Bah, I think 'Nailed it' is bugged, I did it like 15 times from chapter select. Unless it only unlocks at the end of the chapter? Can you show the trophy screenshot @knoef_NL? EDIT: Ok, never mind, It's not the handshake at the beginning of the chapter. After you've done talking to the music teacher, wait for the cat to stand in front of the tower, poke him as if to ask a hint. Afterwards he'll ask to do the secret shake
  3. Redid final boss after I got the platinum, should give you a good idea. Did not skip any cutscenes or battles.
  4. I remember there being treasure pods in the Toy Box, the shop where you can play the video game mini game. Kill the colored pods with the correct kind of magic to get Hungry stuff. Monstropolis had some pods in the hallways as well, but that was during my first run of the level, don't know if they are there post-level.
  5. I'm playing with VR
  6. Is not AS, I'm in EU. (digital) No idea which region this is
  7. Played on PS4, EU digital (came with PS+)
  8. Only had problems with 1 boss in the main story, it's the final final secret boss you'll have to worry about. (at least if you don't look at strategies on youtube...)
  9. Theme just passes through to the full game pre-order 😑
  10. Silence patch 1.01 caused a trophy to bug out. I'm trying with the digital version because I don't have the disc based version. I can't reroute the patch because there is only one patch, so rerouting is out of the question. If I block access to the ppkgo path the game just refuses to download.
  11. Silence is obviously something else, it requires you to stop downloading the patch entirely instead of just rerouting the server. Still trying but less and less hopefull
  12. I'll have a go at this with Silence digital version tonight, patch 1.01 broke a trophy. I'll post the results here
  13. I sometimes delete my trophy screenshots so better safe than sorry I guess
  14. I've beaten the final boss twice, first time getting a score to get me silver in all worlds, second time to get me a gold in all worlds. Both times, right when the boss died, the game crashed to XMB. Screenshots below. First boss defeat, unlocked Dawn Silver, Dawn Bronze and World Silver (no screenshot of that last one). It tried to do World Bronze but gave an error upon unlock. (or it was just the error for World Silver that it couldn't take a screenshot) Second boss defeat, unlocked Dawn Gold, Champion of Dawn and World Bronze. World Silver error while taking screenshot --- If you plan on playing this game, watch out for this error. Seems to be a known error:
  15. Got the trophy, some info in spoilers below