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  1. You fucking gangster, you got the P4A plat! Teach me senpai.

    1. Aela


      A month or two ago, you'll remember me stating I'd suck your dick if you got the plat, Rex

      I guess I better live up to that promise

    2. Royalredpanda


      How did you not brag about getting that plat?!?

  2. 1. P4G 2. Tales of Hearts R 3. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 4. Uncharted: Golden Abyss 5. Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair 6. Killzone Mercenaries 7. Ys: Memories of Celceta 8. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars 9. Criminal Girls 10. Demon Gaze
  3. Thinking about getting into the Dynasty Warriors series

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AbyssRex


      SK was just trash lol. I do like real hack and slash games though

    3. xZeroJin


      Been thinking the same thing

    4. WILD DOG

      WILD DOG

      been playing them for a long time. if you want all the platinums, will take you quite a while and its very grind heavy but whatever.. its fun in my book, I'll keep doing it. Going on a dynasty warrior buying binge next year.

  4. Nepgagaga Complete! Cleared the main scenario.
  5. Hyperdimension Neptunia Modest-Breasted Heroine Nisa joined the party.
  6. 88 89 Decided to do a couple easy games after obtaining the Omega Quintet platinum. White Album 2 is probably my favorite VN. It's a crazy love story taking place over the course of high school then the game jumps ahead 3 years into college where old love triangles get crazy again. Great opening to the episodes and a nice soundtrack. A very easy platinum as well if following the guide posted on ps3 imports Megamind on the other hand. Terrible. This game was incredibly "derpy" so easy that it's boring. With a little direction a 5 year old can platinum this easily. From bad frame rate to bad controls this game just sucked. I would only recommend this if you're coming off a long JRPG and want something easy or going through a platinum dry spill
  7. I enjoyed the game. The soundtrack is good, gameplay is fast turn base battle system. The story though is very linear and 80% is character story driven. It's not a game I recommend for your first Final Fantasy but overall I thought it was good
  8. 87 Platinum Trophy I really enjoyed this game. Mostly imo it was a mediocre game with an amazing battle system. If you're going for this platinum I highly recommend you download the free DLC. It gets you off to a great start EP etc wise and it makes the post game much easier. When post game starts everything gets hard so you need to grind a lot of levels but once you have that figured out it's just a heavy grind. No matter how strong you are bosses can over break and wipe out your whole party so you sometimes have to be very careful. I do recommend this game but be ready for some commitment if you want to work towards it
  9. For me I would always use the perfectionist item on hard and do the song cat food over and over again and sometimes get perfects. 1 perfect is like 135,000 points if I remember correctly with that item used
  10. 86 TOTAL ECLIPSE Platinum My first JPN import came in the mail. Knowing it was only a 2 hour or less plat I decided to play it. Most people put a rubber band around the controller pinning down the R2 button but I actually wanted to see everything. This game (like all other JPN games) Circle is the advance button instead of X. All you do in this game is hold R2, hit circle 3 times on 3 choices then wait for the game to end. Afterwards you hit circle on chapters, X to exit then circle again on Album. Both of those are listed under the Premium option under New Game and Load. All that stuff is listed in English as well so it's great This game though has a nice opening video and pretty good soundtrack also voice actors was good. This game sort of reminded me of Xenogears with the Mechs and all that good stuff. Was well worth 2 hours of my time
  11. Welcome to the forums.
  12. This game just came in the mail
  13. 85 トロフィーマスター This is my first Japanese import plat and had a lot of fun. With platinums already on this game and Project Diva f 2nd this wasn't hard at all. Prob difficulty rating of 1/10. For the little confusing things like Events etc I used my second Vita and my game on that to help with translation since I don't know Japanese
  14. Marie not there is kinda crazy imo. She's a huge part of what makes P4G so much more better than the original P4 Top 5 would be Yukiko Amagi Yu Narukami Marie Chie Satonaka Kanji Tatsumi