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About Me

Hello visitors. I'm 25 years old and I love gaming, sports, hanging out, and I'm a real chatterbox. Been gaming for over 20 years and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon

I'm from Canada so of course I like and play Hockey haha but my favorite sport is American Football. My favorite team of both sports is the Montreal Canadiens and the New England Patriots (so happy that they won the Superbowl in 2015).

Personally I'm a healthy eater. I work out but it's just to maintain instead of gain (I like the way I look now) xD. I also have many tattoos and craving more.

Gaming wise my favorite console is the PSX (PS1) but not far behind is the Super Nintento Entertainment System. The reasoning behind this mostly is for the high quality of JRPG that is on both systems. I now play mostly my PS3, PS4, PSVita, and some 3DS. I only really got serious with trophies at the end of November in 2013 after almost a 2 year break from getting any trophies as I was busy playing the old games on PS1, SNES, NES, as well as many JRPG on the DS and 3DS. So when I go away to work for 5 months I bring my Vita with me but not much I can do with 70+ hour weeks and no internet connection. But when I'm home for 7 months I enjoy making up for lost time.

I have a collection of over 400 games and I love collecting as much as I like playing. As a kid I was very poor so my dads friends would give me a random atari 2600, NES, or SNES cartridge and for me to play a new game my dad would have to go to a pawn shop and trade 2 games for 1. I always loved looking at drawing and reading manuals/official guides and I also loved game cases but only had to settle with cartridges. That is mostly the reason for my collection. When I have my whole collection under one roof I'll be sure to post pictures here.

I play every genre but my favorite by a lot would be JRPG followed by WRPG. First one I ever played was Final Fantasy VII on the PC in 1998. I switched from N64 to PS1 on the Christmas of 1999 with Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy Tactics. I had to wait till they were all cheap and greatest hits re releases. I got by with loaning games

Any bit of artwork you see on my profile is made by Floriiss.

Favorite Game Series


Onto my favorite game series.

Final Fantasy: I was first introduced to Final Fantasy in 1998 when I play part VII on PC. The next 2 years I played 7,8, and 9 religiously and also got me into the JRPG genre like I'm sure VII did for many people outside of Japan. My favorite is hard to say. It's between 7 and 9. Too close for me to call

The Legend of Zelda: I first played The Legend of Zelda in 1994 when my friend had A Link to the Past on SNES. I fell in love with the game and to this day it is my favorite game of the series. Other ones I love are The original game of the series, Ocarina of Time of course, and the Oracle games and other handheld games were decent. I liked them all but those are my favorite

Pokemon: Played Pokemon when I was little, collected Pokemon cards (I still own the original 3 sets) and it was the first ever Anime I watched. My favorite is Hitmonchan and episode 29 of the original Anime called: The Punchy Pokemon is my all time favorite. Game wise I loved Blue/Silver, Gold/Silver and HeartGold/SoulSilver. I loved that it had so many pokemon, a big world covering 2 regions and Pokemon that followed you around

Mortal Kombat: My dad rented the original Mortal Kombat game for the SNES when I was very little and since then I played and almost own every single game that came out. My favorite is MK II and MK (PS3) Favorite character is Sub Zero or Baraka

Naruto: Naruto is my all time favorite Anime. First played the games on my DS (Path of Ninja) and thoroughly enjoyed the Uzumaki Chronicles series. Ultimate Ninja Storm they really figured it out though. It is a great series with a number of great characters. My favorite character is Itachi Uchiha and Gaara. Favorite game would be Ultimate Ninja Storm 3