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  1. Nah, I'd only expect anything approaching that from a remake. Nevertheless, this remaster looks WAY better than any of the old versions: Not simply a comparison video by the way—it explores the history of the game, and delves into very interesting development details. Got me pretty excited to play this!
  2. There's no earthly way of knowing
    Which direction we are going
    There's no knowing where we're rowing
    Or which way the river's flowing

    Is it raining, is it snowing
    Is a hurricane a–blowing

    Not a speck of light is showing
    So the danger must be growing
    Are the fires of Hell a–glowing
    Is the grisly reaper mowing

    Yes, the danger must be growing
    For the rowers keep on rowing
    And they're certainly not showing
    Any signs that they are slowing

  3. That, and maybe also release a complete package which doesn't require an overpriced season pass or special edition to get all the content. God of War (2018) seems to be a perfect example that this can be accomplished in the AAA sphere, even if I personally didn't like it that much. What I've read of the interview hasn't exactly endeared this guy to me.
  4. Ah, the ol' "walk back our own egregious decision for praise" technique! What a Chad! 😍
  5. Hah, I still have that map—it's folded up under the cartridge, in near-mint condition. Wish I hadn't lost the box.
  6. Yeah, when you're under relentless assault by enemies and projectiles from every direction, I'd imagine visuals are the least of your concerns. It just looks a bit Flash gamey; reminds me of Salt and Sanctuary, actually. If those end up being the trophies, they appear quite doable at first glance (I'll regret those words, I'm sure).
  7. The art style and animations don't really appeal to me, but I'm thrilled to be getting another GnG regardless. Hopefully, I still have the skills to pay the bills...
  8. Can't remember if I ever bothered to collect all the Cadeaux in the old version. Sounds like the only troublesome achievement. Still no console release date, eh?
  9. Opeth - The Moor I've been rediscovering the stuff I listened to in my metalhead youth—turns out I still really like it!
  10. How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
  11. High praise, that. Problem is, I didn't like the Prey base game very much, so I'm hesitant to risk it (speaking as a dirt-poor tightwad, keep in mind).
  12. Man, Prey Deluxe is always on sale, but the individual Mooncrash DLC's price hasn't dropped in well over a year. That's what I get for buying the cheap disc version.
  13. I dunno. When I was a youngin', I had access to very few games, and all the time in the world to play them, so replay value was obviously of greater importance to me. I think I owned around four SNES games in the entire lifecycle of the console, and everything else I played was rented. Squeezed a ton of value out of those games, needless to say! Now, as an old miser, I have too many games—like 45 installed on PS4 alone at one point—and not enough time/energy to play them, so I focus (perhaps too much) on blasting through my backlog. I would almost certainly be more apt to savor games if I wasn't spending an excessive amount of time going for platinums, though, so trophies do factor into the problem. Felt pretty bad about not doing a proper playthrough of Subnautica recently.
  14. I've been using the main character from Rocketbirds for years now:
  15. I don't really listen to podcasts anymore, but when I did: Podtoid/Dismal Jesters The Game Informer Show Giant Bombcast Rich Roll No Meat Athlete Radio Chapo Trap House