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  1. Oh, they already credited me for that. Why does the pass still appear as "available" on the website if I've already completed it? 🙄
  2. According to Sony Rewards' own customer service reps, they're just a credit card company that's affiliated with Sony to run their rewards program. So, as much as I like to criticize Sony, I guess it's not really them. Explains the profound ineptitude. Guess I'll try that. Yeah, I actually haven't been able to redeem points for anything on the website or app in over a year. I just get an error message: "Your order could not be completed." I always have to call them, and order over the phone. They refuse to fix this, despite my reporting the issue over and over. They're going to have a lot of angry people to deal with if they nickel-and-dime points like this. At least it's only 200 points in your case, but I hope you keep pestering them. Sometimes you get better results by contacting them on Twitter and Facebook, I find. Oh, and can anyone else see this pass (on the far right): ? "Playstation Card Purchase Power." If someone could log into the app and find out what it is, I'd be grateful. My app isn't working.
  3. Definitely untrue; I'm still missing 4300 points, and other people are complaining about missing points on Twitter. I also can't log-in via the Sony Rewards app anymore after they updated it—it just gives me a "connection timed out" error. There's a new pass, called "Playstation Card Buying Power," but I have no idea what it is, since they removed the ability to view passes on the site, and their garbage app refuses to work. So frustrating! They might as well just shut down the rewards program altogether, since they haven't gotten a single thing to work properly from the beginning.
  4. I just received the "Happy Holidays" theme email today, in the US—there are no codes, or anything related to "base64" in the plain text. I viewed it via three different methods to make sure.
  5. I'll say 176.
  6. 2009 - 11 (Resistance 2: 2.10% / Assassin's Creed 2: 25.21%) 2010 - 12 (Mirror's Edge: 3.03% / God of War II: 24.80%) 2011 - 16 (Little Big Planet: 3.25% / Infamous 2: 18.35%) 2012 - 13 (Max Payne 3: 0.72% / The Walking Dead: 49.64%) 2013 - 14 (Shadow of the Colossus: 2.53% / Prototype 2: 24.15%) 2014 - 22 (Velocity 2x: 1.51% / Dark Souls II: 15.09%) 2015 - 16 (Styx MoS: 2.45% / Teslagrad: 28.59%) 2016 - 16 (Furi: 1.54% / The Deadly Tower of Monsters: 26.08%) 2017 - 31 (Darkest Dungeon: 1.81% / Deponia: 58.01%) 2018 - 28 (Red Faction II: 3.02% / Batman: 63.78%) 2019 - 42 (Fallen Legion: 1.65% / Drowning: 96.28%) That was sort of a pain to figure out, but interesting nonetheless. Haha, I know exactly why I was so busy this year—getting as many trophies as possible for Sony Rewards credit, before the program ended. I'm unlikely to ever surpass that number. I would say ’14's Velocity 2x is the most challenging platinum here. My right thumb still hasn't recovered.
  7. I uploaded a video: Defunct | Tryhard Trophy (Full Playthrough) - Complete the story without dying or restarting in one session.



    Be sure to start a new game for this one—level select won't work. I certainly could have taken safer and more efficient routes through some areas, but I wasn't entirely accustomed to the game when I recorded this, and was getting impatient after failing several times.


    I'm average at racing-style games, so if I can do this and earn the platinum, almost anyone should be able to. The time trials are the real challenge.

  8. Platinum Unlock all trophies #221 (4.12% Ultra Rare) Developed by a small team formed during a Swedish game design program, Defunct is a unique hybrid of racing and action-adventure/platformer, with some similarities to 3D Sonic titles, but built around using momentum. It's the story of an endearing sentient robot on wheels, who can barely move anymore, due to a defective engine. On the way to a repair station, they accidentally get discarded from their mothership among the trash, and crash-land on an Earth now devoid of humans. The goal of the game is simple: catch up to and board your ship again, by efficiently using a variety of interesting terrain to maintain high momentum, while doing a bit of exploration and collectible hunting in the process. I would say there's a nice message here about overcoming one's disabilities, too. Since the malfunctioning engine is nearly useless, the player must come to grips with building speed by "gravitizing" on downhill slopes, while occasionally magnetizing to walls/ceilings, and eventually boosting with collectible energy bottles. Using gravitize on flat ground or uphill only slows you down, so it takes time to get into the habit activating the ability at the right moments, rather than thinking of it as an acceleration button. An indicator light on the robot's back tries to inform the player of the current terrain type, but I was usually too busy looking at the path ahead to pay much attention to it. Friction also matters, so double-jumping to stay airborne over flats and hills is necessary to maximize speed. The learning curve is steep, and I honestly wasn't enjoying the game early on, but it became a truly delightful and exhilarating blur once I finally got comfortable with the mechanics. There are a few minor technical issues to mention: in story mode, the frame rate slows to a crawl as you transition between areas, and the camera can clip through the environment at times, which is disorienting. In time trial mode, sometimes two music tracks play on top of each other. Really nothing that takes away from the enjoyment, however. I'm average at racing-style games, and typically don't play them, but Defunct is easily one of the best indie titles I've played. The game is a wonderful hidden gem, and an amazing value when it's on sale—I picked it up for only 44 cents! Freshly Squeezed clearly does impressive work, so I'm hoping for a sequel or similar game. I'd like to see them focus even more on speed next time, with less bottleneck sections to impede the player. It's also one of my most challenging platinums! Finishing story mode without dying is very doable (I've uploaded my run here), but the main attraction of this game is the excellent time trial mode: only with mastery of the mechanics, and properly planned level routing to grab the speed and time orbs, will you achieve the tight platinum times. Quite a bit of practice was required.
  9. Since the giveaway is ending soon, I'll have to make my 5th and final entry a bit earlier than usual. Hope that's acceptable. The Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis Augmentation, which is actually featured in multiple games, like Deus Ex and Dex—no more knee problems, leap impressive heights and land without getting hurt, run faster, etc.. If augs existed and were affordable, this would be the first one I'd go for.
  10. Definitely Dark Cloud 2. I don't have the courage to pick that one up anytime soon.
  11. Holy Mantle (The Binding of Isaac): being invulnerable to one "hit" from just about any hazard would obviously be incredible. It also recharges after every room you walk into, so nothing could physically harm me, unless it occurred in succession.
  12. Hero of the People 1.63% Ultra Rare - November 4th Don't be fooled by this one, though—it's tedious, and the combat takes a while to grow accustomed to, but it's not especially difficult when following the YouTube guide by TurnpikeJ09.
  13. The Terror Mask (Splatterhouse series): wearing it grants inhuman healing and strength, with a ripped physique to boot. The mask is horribly evil though, so you'd have to resist its attempts to influence you, but you would essentially be a superhero.
  14. The item storage box from Resident Evil—practically infinite space to keep stuff, and if I had more than one, I could magically access my belongings from another location.
  15. The Tree of Life's blue resin (Uncharted 2). I have some chronic injuries that could use healing. Would have to be careful not to overuse it, though...