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  1. Was hoping you'd run this again. I'll join, as usual; still have a decent quantity of quick trophies waiting in the backlog for just such an occasion.
  2. It really looks outstanding. I just can't get my fill of action-platforming games (my favorite)! Addendum: I also picked up Savage Halloween for only 49 cents. Appears to be a very solid run and gun, a bit reminiscent of Metal Slug. I love when shooters allow you to fire in 8 directions, and it seems this one does.
  3. Haven't spent this much on a sale in quite some time. The Messenger Minoria Foregone Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Super Skelemania Aragami: Shadow Edition (already played this during a PS Now trial, but I wanted the DLC) Super rare for most of these to drop into all-time lowest price territory.
  4. Carcass - Unfit for Human Consumption
  5. 11th Fastest Achiever - 1 day, 2 hours (actual playtime 16 hours) Always a pleasure to dig up a gem from my PS+ backlog. Put simply, Neon Chrome is a top-down, twin stick shooter that plays much like a Hotline Miami roguelite, featuring procedurally generated levels. Certain destructible walls are no obstacle for our cybernetically enhanced avatar, however, which adds some fun strategy—it's satisfying to burst through behind a group of guards like the Kool-Aid Man and take them down by surprise, or circumvent a trapped hallway by barrelling through some offices. Between runs, one can make permanent upgrades to stats, and purchase any unlocked perks or weapons for the next excursion. Unfortunately, this trivializes the game, since a few builds remain particularly viable even into the higher difficulty levels, but it's still an enjoyable progression system, eliciting a good sense of becoming stronger with each attempt. In that one regard, it feels a lot like Rogue Legacy. Personally, I used this combo most of the time, and had no issues. While the cyberpunk aesthetic is appreciated, the game doesn't do a great deal with its setting, sadly. As an elite hacker, your goal is to depose the authoritarian Overseer of Neon Chrome city, by jacking into a small army of disposable combat clones, and repeatedly assaulting his corporation's headquarters. In a Sisyphean twist, your clone always just replaces the Overseer and makes matters worse, with the plot never developing beyond that. It's rather light on content, so by the time I reached Overseer 4.0, I had already unlocked everything and became bored. I would have liked a bit more motivation to keep going. A solid, albeit brief romp. As someone who adores this type of shooter, it was a fun enough way to spend 16 hours, and I'd definitely try it if you enjoyed Ruiner, Nex Machina, etc.. The frame rate does dip at times, though, so expect that going in.
  6. Certain builds really trivialize the game, too. I primarily used this combo: Laser SMG Neurocore Stunner (15% chance to stun) Neurocore Sandman (increases damage by 100% against stunned targets) Armocore Splinter Bullets (bullets split in two with a 30% damage increase) Mediplus Critheal (heals you 2HP every time you crit an enemy) Starting character doesn't matter much, although Assassin gets more critical hits, making them the ideal choice. It remained highly effective up to Overseer 4.0, which is about when I unlocked everything and became bored with the game.
  7. Thought I had a stroke for a moment reading "Pinocchio meets Dark Souls," but I'm certainly down for a Bloodborne clone if the combat turns out to be decent. That edgy voice acting made me chuckle, though.
  8. Oh, cool—the original was pretty good, and scratched that Tenchu itch, although the supernatural abilities kind of trivialized the game for me. Definitely interested if the solo experience is solid.
  9. Just realized that I didn't earn a single platinum in May, since I was preoccupied with preparing some games for the now canceled June bracket. 😅 Oh, well; guess I'll just save them for the future. I swear, I'm actually going to try harder during one of these MVPPs eventually. I assume we'll also be seeing the April bracket results soon?
  10. Finally! Best news I've heard in these last couple of rotten months. Considering how thoroughly I loved Bastion and Transistor, I've been eager to try Supergiant's take on the roguelike subgenre since I first laid eyes on it.
  11. Probably still my favorite FPS series. The Chinese restaurant theme remains stuck in my head to this day, after the countless multiplayer battles we had on that map. Just hope it turns out well!
  12. That's kind of reassuring, to be honest. As much as I adore GnG, watching streamers run Legend mode has convinced me that I probably don't have what it takes. The Umbral Bees do look irritating, though, as do some of the Hell Holes.
  13. Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition - One of those games which embodies the phrase "it was okay." Basically feels like a shallow Dead Nation clone, where you run over zombies with a variety of vehicles from a camera perspective that reminded me much of GTA 1 on the original PlayStation.
  14. Dark Souls is certainly among my favorite games ever, but it commits a serious misstep with the unwinnable boss encounter against Seath in Duke's Archives. Fixed fights are generally a big gaming pet peeve of mine, unless there's a damn good reason for them, and this one is even worse than usual, since your inevitable loss is followed by a boring prison section that drags down every playthrough. Speedrunners actually discovered a clever method of skipping that entire bit, by sending the elevator back down and precisely rolling off the railing to a balcony. However, I've never been able to perform the skip with any consistency, so I just have to accept being forced into that cell every run.
  15. Ah, that's unfortunate. Really wish I had the know-how to help you out. Hope to see you back at it in July, then.