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  1. Same here, but these things have never worked for me. Something to do with my account settings, I assume.
  2. Opeth - Heart in Hand
  3. Wouldn't mind participating in an event with this scoring criteria, since it would force me to finish some of the lengthier games I have lying around. I think it would have to run longer than your usual 1-month contests, though.
  4. Not myself, but funnily enough, I remember watching a Let's Play of LSD by one of the Something Awful forum Goons ages ago. That's not a pejorative, by the way—they literally referred to themselves as "goons." It's uh... interesting, I'll give it that! 😅 I mean, if I had to choose between playing the latest Ubisoft snoozefest or this, I know what I'd pick.
  5. Fear Factory - Hi-Tech Hate
  6. Was about to link that speedrun myself, heh. Best moment: PNES. I messed around with it once, but my connection is too slow for it to be enjoyable.
  7. The Mortal Shell DLC is also on sale ($5.59), as is typical after a base game hits PS+. That's all I'm buying at the moment.
  8. Well, there was the church donation box added to Albero in the Stir of Dawn update, to which donating 55,000 (I think) tears will get you two rosary beads: Token of Appreciation and Cloistered Ruby. Maybe those are required, but I'm not certain. One also might have to explore the little area (Petrous) beneath breakable ground in The Holy Line for map percentage, where Jibrael spawns on NG+. Beyond that, I don't think DLC content counts towards completion during new game; even looks like some Reddit folks got full map completion without exploring the new WoE areas. Still, considering I haven't actually done a platinum run with WoE installed, I'm not entirely sure how the game behaves now. You would have to test it, or ask the aforementioned Blasphemous subreddit—they're likely more knowledgeable than I. Afraid that I'm not familiar with this damage reduction method. Personally, I always just spammed the ridiculously broken "Tiento to your Thorned Hairs" prayer you receive as a reward for saving Cleofas, which trivializes most everything with temporary invincibility. Of course, you can only gain access to it late in the game, so it's mainly useful on NG+. I believe there's now also a way to sequence break directly into the Mother of Mothers church (roughly the game's halfway point), by using the new prayer "Tirana of the Celestial Bastion" to lower a ladder shortcut within Mourning and Havoc. Not very useful for a platinum run, I suppose, because you would still have to go back and defeat the skipped bosses for Requiem Aeternam and other trophies. Quite interesting for any% speedruns, though! Just realized you created the guides I used for Salt and Sanctuary and The Witcher 3—much appreciated. Good luck with your Blasphemous guide! I'll certainly have a look at it when you're done.
  9. A one playthrough platinum should still be possible, yes; I'm reasonably certain that completing only the original, base game content is necessary for platinum. When I played the physical version a couple of months ago, I didn't bother doing any of the Strife & Ruin stuff (previous DLC), yet earned the platinum without issue, so I doubt anything from WoE is required either—as usual, just make sure to fight Esdras, use a backup to get "Crossing Souls" and "Rebirth" in the same run, and finish with the bad ending before doing the confessor statue arenas. Could be wrong, though! Anyway, always happy to discuss one of my favorite games ever. 🙂
  10. Correct. After the Wounds of Eventide update, it's now possible to visit Perpetva's tomb in Echoes of Salt before fighting Esdras on the bridge, which will make him an ally, opening the true ending path. However, I remember reading on Reddit that the game still individually tracks each boss you've defeated without flask use, even into NG+. If that's actually true, then one could just beat Esdras on the second playthrough for "Requiem Aeternam," assuming they accidentally befriended him the first time around.
  11. The Gémino questline has indeed been revised a bit since the old version. You can still access Engracia's tomb (and the Saeta Dolorosa prayer) later on, by dropping down nearby with the Linen of Golden Thread. Also, Gémino's corpse should still surrender the Frozen Olive rosary bead after you use the oil on him—you'll have to leave the screen and return before it'll appear on the ground, though.
  12. Vanguard - Detach
  13. Ah, I've been anticipating this damn game since the 2017 trailer; happy to learn it hasn't been canceled. As soon as I heard Painkiller devs were involved, I was sold. Hoping it hits consoles eventually, since I no longer own a PC fit for gaming.
  14. Eh, I'd watch it.



    1. CelestialRequiem
    2. StraightVege


      I like to imagine that it would be a cynical sitcom, à la Married with Children. Yen would stomp down the stairs and nag Geralt about something mundane, to which he'd reply "what now, you piece of filth?!" Cue the laugh track. Then Ciri barges through the front door with her greasy looking boyfriend, and of course Geralt uses Axii to get him out of the house, causing her to retreat to her room in a fit of rage.

  15. Sorta forgot about Ion Fury's existence until now. I vaguely remember being interested in that game, until there was some controversy about the developers expressing bigoted views on Discord, which put me off bothering with it. But, yeah, there just aren't enough shooters in the old school style now. Hard Reset was decent, especially considering I only paid $2 for it. Also been looking forward to Witchfire for years, but I'm beginning to doubt if it's ever getting released.