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  1. Judging from the 100% leaderboard, people still obtain the 100% in this game almost daily, but I'm going for a double check and ask you guys if the online is still populated enough to obtain all the trophies? Thanks in advance.
  2. Someone said that the servers were closed because he disconnected? I doubt that ofcourse, so are there still people playing this game?
  3. Do you sometimes miss seeing a trophy popping? (Not sure if that's correct English) I once had this in Red Dead Redemption. I was going for the Buckin' Awesome trophy, for which you have to find and capture/mount whatever it's called can't remember 3 unique horses. I was 100% sure I found all 3 of them and did the required thing but I didn't see the trophy popping. So I went back to search again and did it again like twice more and after 30-45 minutes I decided to check my trophy list only to see I obtained the trophy 30-45 minutes ago after the 3rd horse. I felt like a failure...
  4. After hundreds and hundreds of birdies, I finally got that pesky Hole in One on GTA Online:

  5. This is the kind of game I love so much I want to do everything and everything this game has to offer, so currently I'm busy with getting all characters to level 70 and completing all challenges. I also want 100% game completion. I'm currently at 93% game completion and my challenges completion is 75%. After getting all trophies, finding all blueprints and doing all team quests (over multiple playthroughs, I missed a few during first pt) I was close to 90% game completion. Right now it goes up really slow and it seems like all I need left to do is completing all challenges. But I enjoy playing as different characters and getting them all to level 70 I figured I should combine that with the challenges, otherwise the XP is wasted so now I put it to good use. So why not help a few people with getting their co-op trophies who are in need of help. I will play with you through the whole game, from start to finish and will also kill all the zombies you mark. The chances are I don't have a character ready at the beach after the ship, but I'll make sure to get one there ASAP, if you need my help. You know my PSN, so go ahead and add me but make sure to let me know it's about Riptide co-op because I delete blank requests straight away. I also want to know everything about this game so if you have a question you can always ask me, I like helping others and especially with something I enjoy a lot. Ofcourse, if you just want to have fun I'm there for you too. Happy zombie killing, MrCostari Note: I know there's already a co-op topic but I figured this is a bit different, I'm offering my help to anyone and they are asking for help but it looks like not much people find partners here so chances are I wasted my time writing all of this but w/e, just hoping to help some folks.
  6. Battlefield 4: The Stupidity of Teammates

  7. Downloaded it a week or so ago on my PS4. EU.
  8. Battlefield 4: How to: Payback

  9. 2 hours sleep. Fuck yeah.

    1. Dav9834


      Hellll no... I need 8

    2. MrCostari
  10. Selling Panto's 217k each.

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    2. MrCostari


      Probably not, no good ones atleast. We will never have another RP glitch ala December '13. Those 2 glitches back then.... oh boy.....

    3. Xxleonardo97xX


      ahah, I remember it was 100 RP per second, went to lvl 100 in 3 hours xD

    4. MrCostari


      Yep both the Baggage Handlers and Welcoming Party glitches were freaking awesome :D

  11. The Lagg is Real in GTA today

  12. 1 year mostly, yes. But not always. Look at GTA V. But that one was expected though, IMO.
  13. R* fix the dailies FFS!!

  14. Is there an ESO beta going on on PS4 or what? I thought I heard something about that just can't find any info.

  15. Is there free roam after the last main quest with the GOTY edition which I have? Will you forced to start and finish Broken Steel after main quests? Is there free roam after Broken Steel? Basically, should I do all DLC before Take It Back! and BS DLC and then get my platinum and 100% on 1 savefile?Or can I do DLC after BS DLC? And something else, I'm level 15, almost 16 now and I have finished all sidequests with trophies, but haven't tried to get the max experience out of it (i.e. I did 'Oasis' the easy way, killing Harold and then reloading savefile. I also skipped more than half of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide' by lieing and convincing her the guide sucks ). My savefile is about 7500kB now and I'm probably going to start the DLC and obtain the remaining non-quest related trophies that way instead of grinding them. But should I just finish Take It Back! and the entire BS DLC and then start a new game, use the Scrap Metal Glitch (does it still work?) get to level 30 for the 3 trophies. Then restart again and finish the remaining 4 DLC to reduce freezing occurings. I prefer to do everything on 1 savefile so if there's freeroam and getting to level 30 isn't hard with 5 DLC packs then I'll gladly to hear that but right now I'm just confused and worried. EDIT: I've got my answer about free roam but I'd appreciate any tips for getting to level 30 or tips regarding DLC on 1 savefile or on a NG.
  16. Online or offline? I think you can only transfer your online character(s) to current gen, not backwards.
  17. I'm suprised this isn't about GTA V. Oops, sorry for off topic! Lol.
  18. I don't think so. DLC is usually region-locked, unlike games.
  19. Just played the Planet Side 2 closed beta. Walked around for ages, looked at several graphical glitches, finally got a vehicle, made it to an enemy base, got disconnected. Tried again, died from friendly fire. Got killed twice more. Finally killed an enemy. Saw somebody disappear into the ground. Saw somebody clipping through the wall. Disconnected again. Best. Experience. Ever!

    1. A12


      Not bad for an already 4 year old game.

    2. MrCostari


      On PC yeah, not on PS4.

  20. My PS4 tends to be a bit slow, both ingame and not ingame. It also likes to beep twice sometimes when turning off. Not sure if I have to worry.

    1. DJROE95


      Mine also enjoys beeping twice when I turn it off, even after all apps are closed :/

    2. MrCostari


      I always close games before turning it off, It started happening after 2.50.

    3. DJROE95


      mine started doing it around the 2.0 update I think, hopefully we will be alright though :)

  21. 'Fairly new on PS4' It's been out for a week. LOL.
  22. Completed the Criminal Mastermind Challenge yesterday. A very satisfying moment. Video:

  23. Criminal Mastermind DONE First attempt!! FUCK YEAH :D:D:D 12 million LDLDLD

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    2. MrCostari


      All heists done, in order, on hard, with the same team, without anyone dieing!

    3. Azaan60


      Congratulations, that takes some dedication

    4. MrCostari


      Thanks buddy! :)