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  1. Me: Logs into PlayStation and looks at the Summer Sale, and then thinks 'well it's payday on Friday so I'll treat myself to something small'

    *30 minutes later*

    Wallet: *Sees 7 games/dlc in the cart* Oh dear, this is going to be painful 😂

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    2. Abbey97


      Yeah, that's a good point about the Sims 4 DLC as they are pretty much on sale all of the time anyway, so I think I'll wait on those. 

      I have been looking at Hellblade now you mention it, so I think I'm going to look into it and see what I think.


      Oh yeah, I'll let you know about the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC as I've decided I'm definitely going to get that and it probably won't be on sale for a while, so I better get it now.

    3. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Uhm, just so you know, the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC has ben on sale frequently. It's the fifth time this year, according to - though it hasn't been this cheap before.

    4. Abbey97


      Oh right, I didn't know that but I'll definitely get it anyway.

  2. Hey everyone! Feel free to add my new PSN ! I'm making a fresh start with my game collection so I'm also looking to make some new friends and find some new partners to trophy hunt with! PSN: AshestoAshes28 Please put 'PSNP' in the friend request as I don't accept blank friend requests! I love playing single-player games but I do also have some multiplayer games.
  3. Thank you @SyIaris for doing the updating! I've felt like utter poo for the last week and having to do a 12 hour shift yesterday didn't really help . As regards to the hardcore requirement question, I agree with you on that as it does seem a little sketchy, so I'd just leave that. Also @MarkusT1992, your game suggestion for both of the themes would be great and would definitely count for whichever theme was chosen .
  4. No problem! Congrats on finishing Finals Week! And on starting your new job! I hope your new job goes well and if you don't mind sharing, what is it your doing? Thank you Kent, it means a lot 😊 And thank you again! I've just done my induction week with them so now I'm going to be learning some more advanced stuff when I go back on Monday, so things are finally starting to pick up . I'm currently working as a Care Assistant with the potential to work my way up with their help and support with learning, which is amazing! Consider those two games counted for the event! I'm going to do some updating tomorrow, if my cold eases up a little, so I'll add those in then. Your welcome! Thank you for continuously being in the event and making it a joy to run!
  5. Has anyone who lives in the UK brought anything from Fangamer? If so, what are they like to buy from and what are their delivery costs like? I really want to get the Stardew Valley Guidebook but I want to see what people's experiences are with them who live in the UK first.

    1. Zolkovo


      This should answer your questions:


    2. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      I actually just backed a Kickstarter project that they're doing the production/shipping for. Never heard of them before but good to see they're doing more stuff.

  6. Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten about you, I'm just feeling pretty crap at the minute as I've caught a cold . So I'm going to be doing some updating on Sunday if I'm feeling any better.
  7. I've got a few days off after finishing my induction this week and trust me to have caught a cold 😞! So now I feel like utter crap, but still that's not going to stop me playing some games, so this afternoon I started Persona 5, and woah, this game is amazing! I've only played about an hour of it so far but I'm loving what I'm seeing so far! 😍

  8. Thanks Dreakon! To be honest I'm kind of waiting for a physical version for Celeste as well ! Now that would be a lovely looking box art! SuperRareGames are going to be announcing some new physical games soon and I really hope one of them is Celeste.
  9. I've created a new PSN account! Purely for the reasons that it feels like Sony are never going to allow name changing and I'd like a fresh start with my profile and games to be honest, as I have a lot of games I no longer have and also I'd like this new one to be my main trophy hunting one as well. And also I'd like it to match my Xbox GamerTag as well so I've had a fresh start on both now.


    Feel free to add me on it if you'd like to: AshestoAshes28

    See you in the games!

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    2. Abbey97


      @Zolkovo, that's definitely going on my new account so you have a partner 😄

    3. MidnightDragon


      If you wanted, I'm sure you could ask the site admin if he could switch your name to your new PSN.

    4. Zolkovo


      @Abbey97 Excellent! Look forward to it :)

  10. I need some advice / recommendations. It's my 21st in a couple of weeks and I'm getting Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, along with the guide for it. Now instead of SOD2, I've asked for a £25 eShop card instead which I'm getting later. So can anyone recommend anything to me? I have these games on my Watchlist, so what are these like? Black: The Fall (Currently in the sale) Don't Starve (I'm kind of holding out for a physical edition for this) Death Road to Canada Golf Story Celeste (I know his has won a few awards and was well reviewed) Milanoir Snoke and Sacrifice (this is right up my alley, but I'm not sure if it's any good) Kimgdom: New Lands The Sexy Brutale (again in the sale and I've been looking at this for ages on Xbox)
  11. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here, so I'm back :PHow are you all? I hope your all okay! I saw that there's been some great announcements from the E3 conference this year! Finally a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date has been announced which is majorly long overdue!


    I'm looking forward to getting back into the whole gaming and PSNP stuff again as this past few weeks have been an nightmare as my grandad died a few weeks ago, which was really unexpected as he was well and grumbling like he always did (even the doctors said he looked well for his age) a couple of weeks before, but as soon as he went into hospital, he seemed to just fade away really which was heartbreaking to see. On the day he passed, we were going to be bring him home so we could look after him in his final days/weeks, but he just didn't have the strength to fight the infection he got from his illness. I think that's probably one of the saddest parts about it all as we got his house all nice and got the equipment he needed in as well for him to have a comfortable and peaceful end, and he didn't even get the chance.😭


    And then, just to flip everything again, after a couple of job interviews, I got offered my dream job, in which I start on Monday morning! :D The best thing about getting that though was the look on my mums face when I told her as she just looked so happy and proud of me! So it's been a right roller coaster of emotions for the past month or so.


    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but if you read it all, then thank you, it really means a lot to me! 


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    2. MidnightDragon


      Sorry about your grandpa, but congrats on the job...and welcome back! :)

    3. Maxximum


      Sorry for your loss, hope you're okay now. Congrats on your job and welcome back, it's great to see you again. :) 

    4. Abbey97


      @Galactic Hyper Balls, yeah you got that right 😞! Thank you for the robot friends!

      @Spyro and @ee28max, thank you both of you! It's lovely to be back! :)

  12. Double post, stupid iPad !
  13. Hey everyone, I'm sorry I've been away for so long. These last few weeks have been an utter nightmare that's been never ending . Since my last post, by the way thank you for the posts of support, it really meant a lot, my grandad sadly passed away two weeks after he went into hospital 😭. It was literally such a shock to both myself and my mum as we were literally travelling to see him when he passed away and we were going to be bring him home on that day as well. He was great one day and then the next, he was severely poorly and was taken to hospital and then a few days later, we were told he was terminal and he was dying. Then we've had to plan and arrange his cremation, clear out his house, and everything else that he wanted us to do. But there has been one good thing to come out of this whole nightmare, I got offered and accepted my dream job this week and I start on Monday! I think my grandad helped with that though, so thank you! 😌 So I'll be able to come here now to do some updating for the event, so thank you to @eigen-space for helping out with the event while myself and @SyIaris have been away! I'll be updating you on my days off so if I go quiet for a couple of days, I'm not leaving the event, I've just been work 12 hours straight. By the way, @Kent, I'm sorry to see that your wanting to leave the event. I think myself and @SyIaris would want to let you save your BBS plat for your 100th and use it for the event, if you would still want to participate as it seems a shame to loose you. I know how much your Kingdom Hearts games mean to you (I'm super excited for 29/1/2019!, and I know you are!) and we do allow people to save plats for time sensitive events, so I feel the same should apply here as this is a special milestone in a trophy hunters profile. Anyway, let me know if you'd like this or if you still don't want to come back to the event.