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  1. Well Sony have just gone down in my estimations. I sent a report to Sony of some rude messages I recieved from a random yesterday, as they wanted me to do some sort of a private webcam show for them, and Sony have said that it doesn't breach their Code of Conduct and basically told me off for wasting their time and if I did it again then I would be the one who's account would be banned! :o And it isn't just me this has happened to as I've seen loads of people saying about it in the Communities on PlayStation!

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    2. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      Sony is basically saying "stop wasting our time and the man the fuck up you little baby"


      Their customer service is atrocious 

    3. Abbey97


      @A-Brawl3r, exactly! It's horrible that people are doing this to players as there could be some players who would actually do what the spammers say and they could end up being hurt or upset and that's not fair.

    4. Aurvandils_ta


      WOW...Sony!!! That´s unacceptable. :rolleyes:


      Then you have to block such Names and finished. A few Day´s ago I recieved a Message from a unknown User with nonsense in it. After reading it I´ve blocked it. It´s the same Thing like Spam-Mails.