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  1. Pikachu you say?

    1. Jigglypuff


      Quite a few Pokémon roaming about this forum.

    2. Mr Panda

      Mr Panda

      Oh? Well time to start catching me a few.

  2. Okay, so I've had a quick look through my games and I have three games for three challenges but the thing is that I don't have anything for the singing challenge but I have games for the rest of them. Is that okay? I don't expect a bonus badge for completing the 4th challenge as I'm hopefully going to do that for my 3rd instead, if that makes sense. Here's my list for you to look through: TREAT EVERY DAY LIKE CHRISTMAS! - Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One) Pretty obvious one as it is set at Black Friday/ Christmas time and the game is covered in snow and Christmas Trees! I may do the DLC for Dead Rising 4 as well as I got the Season Pass the other day for £3.20 but this is dependent on time . I might chuck in The Escapists Santa's Workshop DLC as well if I have time to finish the main game as well as the DLC. THERE'S ROOM FOR EVERYONE ON THE NICE LIST! - Fable 2 (Xbox One Backwards Compatibility) Another simple one as you have to make moral choices throughout the whole game and your decisions change the game. I'm already about 35% into the game achievements wise and I have a journal with all the collectables and achievements in so I should be able to bash it out in a week or so. THE BEST WAY TO SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEER IS SINGING LOUD FOR ALL TO HEAR! This is the only one that I don't have a game for BYE BUDDY HOPE YOU FIND YOUR DAD! - Bioshock 1 (Xbox One) (Subject to Change though) I'm not sure what Dad element this has as I don't want to read any plot points or anything to find out but I saw someone has put this in their list for this challenge so I figured I'd put it in as I don't really have anything else either for this one. My GamerTag is AshesToAshes97 and the link to an achievement tracking website is in my signature so it would be super simple for you to track .
  3. That's right My mind's a complete mush today. I'll get my list to you for tomorrow afternoon at the latest! I think I'm already doing one of the games that I'm going to put in my list anyway so I'm participating without knowing it haha
  4. Hey @Toogie53, I'm sorry I haven't seen this sooner as I've been busy at home and such. I'd love to join this event, if I can still join! I've been super excited to see what was happening with it. Could I update you with my list tomorrow as I'm currently not able to get to my games to make a game plan I'm going to pick up a new console for Christmas tomorrow so when I get back, I'll definitely do my list for you.
  5. - Since I've rediscovered my Xbox this past few weeks, I decided to get a 3 month membership! This obviously leads onto me getting the Games with Gold as well so I downloaded Trackmania Turbo! Another reason I got the Gold was so I could get some on their early access Black Friday deals so I brought these two as well for £8.00 all together! and
  6. Congrats on finishing your game Kent! I've updated your stats for you! Yeah I'd count it for you as I've counted Fable: Anniversary for mine and you only play as one character but have a team consisting of 3/4 heroes that help throughout the story. Hope this helps!
  7. Hey! Congrats on finishing your games! I've updated your stats. I wish they'd bring the rewards to Europe as I get quite a lot of platinums in a year so it would be a lovely surprise to get a little reward Here's hoping they do it sometime in the future! Any plans on what your going to spend your reward on? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Edunstar84, sorry this is a little late, I've updated your stats! Congrats on finishing your game . Did you enjoy playing it? It sounds great! You should make a guide and share what you've learnt . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey! It's nice to hear from you! I hope your enjoying your new job and school's going well. I've updated your stats and thank you for the easy copy/paste stats . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a little update from me as well while I'm here! I've finished Fable: Anniversary today and 1000G'ed it! It's my first 1000G'ed game on my new account so I'm super chuffed with that and I've never managed to get all the Achievements in a Fable game before! On Topic though, you work as a team with the other Heroes in the game and with other people in the world of Albion. I've given myself a Gold trophy because if this was ever brought over to the PlayStation, it would definitely have a platinum trophy.
  8. I'm literally sooo excited for this game! This will be the game of the year for me personally as I love The Sims so much! I'm planning on making it my 100th platinum as The Sims was the first game that I ever played back on the PS2 and it's what got me into gaming as a whole! So it only seems fitting that I make it a special milestone! On Topic: The trophy list looks brilliant and I'm really intrigued with the new careers and skills that your Sims can master. I'm loving the Video Game skill as that is very fitting and it will be the first skill I max! I love the grindy trophies and I'm glad that there are some grindy trophies as I can play a bit and then work on my other games that I need until I can reach 100! Now all I have to do is wait until Christmas!
  9. Oh right, sorry haha That was definitely a tired comment from me haha! Thanks for letting me know . Ah cool, I'm glad your enjoying it so far though. Ah that sounds like a good plan then and it sounds like you've definitely thought out what your going to do! How are you finding Ni No Kuni? I tried the demo about a year ago and I just couldn't get into it for some reason. It sounds like the perfect game to do for the last month and a good game to go out on! Good Luck with it!
  10. Hey Billy! Urm I think we could go by the PS4 version as you already have that so we can use that to check it out so I'd give you a gold trophy if you do everything in it that is comparable with the PS4 trophy list. Have you completed the Battlefront II story? If so then you can use that if you don't have time to do Octodad. Oooo how's AC Origins? I've got it on my Christmas list
  11. Hey Kent! Congrats on finishing your game for October! Thanks for the easy to copy stats! Yeah, it can be pretty tricky to find any based around Christmas as I'm always looking for a Christmas platinum. Thank you for looking for some though, we all appreciate it! Good luck with the game your playing! I'll look forward to updating you. Well done on finishing your games! I've updated your stats for you and thanks again for the easy copy-paste stats! Any plans on what your going to play next?
  12. Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated for a few days but I will be updating you all tonight!
  13. Greetz from Dedenne




    1. Pikachu


      Hey Dedenne! :D It's nice to meet you! :) 

      Oh your my Pokemon brother then? I actually didn't know that Pikachu had one haha :D 

    2. Dedenne


      Yes, I'm your Pokémon brother. :D Now you know about me. ;) 

      You can always rely on me, Pikachu! :) 

    3. Pikachu


      Well that's a lovely surprise then! :) 

      Thank you Dedenne! :D 

  14. MEow MEow,


    Greetings oh Pikachu, master of lighting and mod of Monthly Madness.

    Lately, I've been seeing a bunch of Pokémon on the forum \^o^/


    Is this some kind of new crew? Mind if I become a Pokémon too =D ?? Is there a Pokémon leader among you???


    I think it's in the best of the Pokémon if we all unite, let's hear your thoughts Pikachu (^_^ )


    MEwing greetings, have a wonderful day~

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    2. Pikachu


      Welcome to the club, Dedenne! :D 

    3. Dedenne


      @Cubone Yo! :wave:

      @Pikachu Thanks! 🤗

    4. MEowstic


      Nice, a new Pokémon appeared \^o^/

  15. Don't get me wrong, I love playing on the Xbox One, but I seriously forgot how long everything takes to download :facepalm:. I've been waiting all day for Fable: Anniversary to download and I've still got Fable 2 and Fable 3, Fallout Shelter, ARK: Survival Evolved update and a bunch of other updates to download. I'll just leave it on over night tonight so it's all done for the weekend Fable session I've got planned! :D

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    2. Pikachu


      @Mesopithecus, yeah I play ARK quite a bit :). I'm currently waiting for the update to download but when that's done I'll be jumping on it straight away :D. I know what you mean though, I play a lot of ARK, State of Decay, Sunset Overdrive and The Flame in the Flood.

    3. Mesopithecus


      Great to meet another ARK player :D  I really love the game and it's one my husband and I have put a lot of time into.  How's Flame in the Flood?  I bought it for PS4 and not gotten around to playing it yet.  

    4. Pikachu


      Same to you! :D I'm looking forward to the update downloading as I've seen some really cool stuff on there. I'm mainly looking forward to building my houses again as I've got a new account so that means a new start! :D 


      Flame in the Flood is pretty good and it's quite interesting to play as well. It's a nice relaxing game that, if you have an hour or two spare, is perfect if you want to just play and have some fun. Achievements wise, a couple of them have been reported to not unlock but I think those have been fixed with the new update.