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  1. Yeah, it's looking that way but still I'll find a way to get the platinum! I'll definitely be proud of this one if I manage to do it. Thanks for the advice!
  2. @Miles_Warren, congrats on getting your first platinum of the event!
  3. I started Resident Evil 0 today and I must admit, I'm struggling with it a bit. I'm on Normal difficulty but there's just not enough Healing Items and Rebecca is just very weak in term of how much damage she can take which is rather tricky at times. But I'm still enjoying it anyway as it's a decent challenge and I feel like I've needed one of those lately. I'm currently at the Church and I'm having a real hard time fighting this giant bat or whatever it is, so if anyone has any tips, I'd be grateful. I'm kind of dreading Hard Mode but I will give it my best shot and save like crazy haha Resident Evil - 43/45 96% READY TO PLAT Resident Evil 0 - 15/48 22% Kona - WTS Alien: Isolation - WTS The Escapists - WTS The Escapists 2 - WTS
  4. No problem! I know I should hop a bit more between them as they all deserve my time but I just get so deep into the games that I just can't go on anything else haha Hopefully for Christmas I'm going to get a load of Xbox One games that I've put on my list and that will give me a good incentive to go on it. Plus State of Decay 2 is coming out next year! I'll just leave that there haha!
  5. I hope you have fun with it!
  6. I also found this game incredibly frustrating when I was going for the platinum so your not alone I would suggest that you try and learn where the enemies are positioned throughout the level and also see if you can hide against a wall but still manage to shoot them as that can give you some good kills and stop you from getting killed yourself as this also helped me quite a lot. I would also say that getting your hands on an Assault Rifle is perhaps the best thing you can do as that will kill the enemies in one/two shots which is also a good way to help your ammo go further. I would also have to say that you should really try and learn how to play the game without the lock on feature as it is unavailable in Nightmare Mode and it can just make it even more frustrating when your reach Nightmare Mode. That's what happened to me and I had a harder time with the platinum than I should have done. Lastly, don't stress or rage at it. If you find it's doing those two things to you, then just come back to it later or watch a couple of videos and you will find that you will do it! I'm awful at these sorts of game so if I can do it, then you'll definitely be able to do it! Good Luck!
  7. Congrats on finishing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2! I've updated your stats! Don't worry about next months theme, as @Hemiak says, it can be a game that you may not think is a fit but could fit as we may think that it's a good fit.
  8. Your welcome, I'm glad I could help! Hope you have fun with it! I also have a new update for you! I have now gotten Resident Evil ready to platinum on Halloween as I only need to do the Break Out the Marshmallows trophy. I managed to finished Jill/Real Survivor today and then also did the Chris/Very Easy/ Invisible Enemies/ No Save run as well and it was so adrenaline inducing as certain parts in the game had me on the edge of my seat as I didn't want to die as I couldn't save. I haven't felt that way in a game for a while so it's good to get those feelings again. Here's my list for your weekly update: Platinum's are being popped on Halloween: Resident Evil - 44/45 Trophies Unlocked - READY TO PLAT Resident Evil 0 - Starting tomorrow! Kona - Waiting to Start Alien: Isolation - Waiting to Start The Escapists - Waiting to Start The Escapists 2 - Waiting to Start
  9. @Cassylvania, I'm leaving the 'Break Out the Marshmallows' trophy for last as I thought it could be kind of fitting and also if you make a save in the Lab, you can easily reload it and get the trophy there so it shouldn't take very long. As regards the speedrun trophies, I did those the other day and you can save while doing them and come back to them so don't worry about having to do it in one sitting. Also the speedruns aren't as bad as they may look, I did mine in 2 hours and 57 minutes but that's with preparing to save everyone. But most of all, don't worry about doing it as it's actually quite fun and scary
  10. So I've made some more progress on Resident Evil today. I have gotten about half way through my Jill/Real Survivor playthrough which isn't as bad as I thought it would be but I really wish there was some more healing items. I also got the Starsenal trophy thanks to Richard as his Assault Shotgun was the only one I was missing. Also causally burned up a zombie or two on my travels as well so that's a good day in my book So I just need to finish my Jill/Real Survivor playthrough tomorrow and then do my Chris/Invisible Enemies/ No Save playthrough and I will have the Platinum ready to pop! Resident Evil - 73% Resident Evil 0 - Waiting to Start Kona - Waiting to Start Alien: Isolation - Waiting to Start The Escapists - Waiting to Start The Escapists 2 - Waiting to Start
  11. @SyIaris and @MarkusT1992, yeah Broken Age looks pretty good to me if the Wikipedia says they are 15-17 and when I played it Shay and Vella seemed to be quite young to me, so I'd agree with this @SyIaris, don't worry with the LEGO Harry Potter games in regards to bugs and such as when I played, it ran quite smoothly and I didn't run into any bugs on the PS4 version. As Markus says though, the 100% trophy takes a couple of seconds to pop so don't panic if it doesn't pop straight away. What platform are you planning on playing them on? Sounds like your really enjoying the Switch which is nice to hear! Yeah I understand with that but don't worry as you can always use your Switch games for the themes. Thanks for letting me know! No, I haven't gotten round to buying them yet but I probably will at Christmas or something like that. Both good games your starting there! I hope you both have fun with them 100% accurate! I haven't touched my Xbox One since Christmas due to the amount of games I have still got to play on the PS4 and they are not small games either (looking at you Persona 5, Uncharted, The Witcher 3 and Skyrim )
  12. I would have loved to have done that but I already have The Escapists: Walking Dead on the Xbox One and I've already 100%ed it as well. Shame though as I would have loved to do it again. Thank you, I was looking at my (too big) backlog and I thought they'd go well as prison is pretty scary. Haha that's a pretty good idea! That would make some funny screenshots as well
  13. Good luck in your interviews @GlennRhee and @xMissFantasy! I hope it goes well for you! Not again Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see then.
  14. Update from me I've had two days solid free time to play Resident Evil and it has been brilliant and I've managed to do so much! I have now finished my Jill/Normal/Speedrun/Killing Everyone playthrough which netted me those trophies and also, thanks to some clever saving at the Stairway, I managed to reload and get the Saving Everyone and the Every Nook and Cranny trophy as well! So that saved me another playthrough later on which is good! Now all I need to do is play the Real Survivor and Invisible Enemy modes and a quick game where I don't save but these should only take me a couple of days! Resident Evil - 68% Resident Evil 0 - Waiting to Start Kona - Waiting to Start Alien: Isolation - Waiting to Start The Escapists - Waiting to Start The Escapists 2 - Waiting to Start Can't wait for the new sale tomorrow over on the PS Store tomorrow for the UK! I'm hoping there will be some good cheap Halloween games. I really want to get How To Survive 2.
  15. (Resident Evil HD) - So for the Starsenal trophy, can all of my playthroughs be on the same save file or do they have to be on separate ones? I've cleared Chris on Very Easy and I'm now attempting to do the same with Jill on Normal. I've saved my progress in Jill's story on the same file as my clear data with Chris, was this wrong of me to do and have I just messed it up big time? 

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      Pretty sure it is a system save so the files themselves don't matter. I like to separate the clear saves though because the colors look really cool. lol

    2. RizzleAbbey12


      Oh right thank you, that's a big relief! :D I agree with you there, the colours are cool :)