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  1. That's good to hear! Good luck with getting the platinum in it and we look forward to hearing all about it soon!
  2. Mine would be all of the story in The Last of Us as that just really got to me. I still can't play it without crying. Another for me would be when I replay one of my old games so for example, Alias, Harvest Moon, The Sims, as they make me feel happy/nostalgic and they always remind me of when I used to play them when I was younger (and absolutely fail at them )
  3. Well done on finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn! I'll look forward to hearing from you soon then! Okay that's no problem and I hope everything is okay for you
  4. This is a brilliant idea for a thread!I've already done Final Fantasy XV: A Kings Tale but I shall check back next month to see what the choices are, but I'll definitely be participating in this at one point.
  5. Okay thank you for letting us know and that's no problem I'm glad to hear that you enjoying the sunshine and have gotten yourself into a good book! Hope you enjoy KYC and your summer!
  6. Your welcome! I think I will do soon although, I remember when I played it a few years ago that I was utterly terrible at playing it. I don't know if it was that my gaming skill was pants or I just wasn't trying very hard. But I will go back to it soon as it looks really good
  7. Congrats on finishing your game for July's theme and on finishing your first game of the event! I've updated you stats! Any plans on what your going to do next, apart from Steins; Gate? Congrats on finishing your game for July's theme! I've updated your stats! Have fun with KYC! That's lovely to hear that your enjoying Remember Me Good luck with the rest of the game! I really should play my copy soon as your all making me want to play it haha I've updated your stats to reflect your new challenges! Well done for finishing your July game as well!
  8. PSN ID: RizzleAbbey12 PS Systems: PS4, PS3 and PSVITA. I also have an Xbox One which my username for is - RizzleAbbey Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No. If you could, could you put where you found me please so for example, PSNP. I do play multiplayer games occasionally, but I do prefer more story orientated games as I love diving into a good story. The multiplayer games I play are: The Elder Scrolls Online 7 Days to Die Borderlands: Handsome Collection The Division (Xbox One)
  9. Another new house to add to my collection! I love these new modular houses that LEGO are making!
  10. Platinum #69 Plague Inc: Evolved Fully Evolved Unlock all other trophies. This game has fond memories for me as it always takes me back to when I used to sit in the common room at school at break and dinner times and play this . This is soooo addicting to play as you always want to try out new combos or new ways of infecting and then killing the humans before they discover you and make the cure. I loved getting all the trophies on this as they provide a decent enough challenge without making you want to throw your controller out the window and I found some really interesting ways to win games and it never seemed repetitive at all. I'd recommend this game to everyone who loves building a strategy and also a good challenge
  11. Platinum #69: Plague Inc: Evolved! :D It's been a while since I've unlocked a platinum so this felt good to unlock this afternoon!

    I'm also the 12 fastest achiever of the platinum too which is unusual for me as it normally takes me ages to finish a game which means that I never get on the fastest achievers list :P 


  12. Hey @Hemiak, sorry for the late reply Congrats on finishing Titan Souls! I've updated your stats for this month and counted Titan Souls for the theme for this month, as it sounds quite future based. Update for me: So this month seems to be a little bit slow for me on the gaming front and now we maybe moving house as well, which is amazing , so I think this will probably be my only entry this month. But we shall see so here we go: I finished Plague Inc: Evolved this afternoon. This fits this months theme as it starts from the day you play so and then progresses on from there into the future dates. It also features some advanced official scenarios such as Teleporation, Artifical Organs and Frozen Viruses. Also the viruses themselves are quite advanced too as you can evolve all sorts of deadly and stealthy plagues onto the world. The game also features little story snippets of what is going on in the world so for example, an app called iCure that cures people of the plague.
  13. Hey there! I hope you had a lovely holiday! I've updated your stats. Good luck with Horizon and I hope you enjoy playing it!
  14. @SyIaris, thank you for adding @starcrunch061 into the event and sorry for not replying sooner as I've only just got back from the doctors and dentist @starcrunch061, welcome to the event! We hope you enjoy being in it and playing all the different themes! That's certainly an impressive profile you've got there! Well done on finishing your game for July! I currently have No Mans Sky in my backlog but I hope it's not as bad as everyone says it is.
  15. We will be sorry to see you go but I hope you enjoy doing all the nice things you are doing! We hope to see you on here again in the future! I'm sorry to hear about your save being lost and it's pretty horrible that you couldn't back it up either due it not allowing you. I remember playing Remember Me ( ) and I thought it was really fun but also incredibly difficult. But that could just be due to me being about 13 and not very good at games then haha Hey there! Your more than welcome to join the event if you want to and we'd be happy to have you on board! Just post your beginning stats like this: Stats before the event: Platinum trophies: XX 100% completed: XX Completion: XX.XX% And then I can add you into the event!