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  1. Okay, I'll check those three out.Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Cool list. What three games do you think are worth playing for Kana's best performances?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Glorious lord of weebness is a good thing right? Thanks and would you recommend the vampire knight one more or the fruits baskets (I've only seen fruits basket), and try Amnesia I got it through psplus and I enjoyed it.
  5. Cool collection, I'm jealous of the Cathrine and DmC plat. Definitely DmC because I could probably do Cathrine but Dmc games are fun for but I have trouble even on the easiest difficulties.
  6. Thanks and I used my phone and on the phone they aren't sideways so I'll probably just take the pictures over again.
  7. Thanks and I'll definitely check out the Persona 5 artbook.
  8. Hi my name is Veritas my psn is theycallmedes(comes from a old xbox360 name) I try play any game that interest me.I also really like Illustration, character design, and anime so I tend to play Japanese games or games with cool art styles like Dishonored,Life is Strange,etc. My first systems were a gba/sp and a gamecube. I originally wanted a ps3 for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, but I had a 360 so I got Rise of the ninja instead.Some time later i played 999 on the Nintendo ds and liked the way Virtues Last Reward looked on the vita, so I brought my first playstation system the vita slim borderlands 2 bundle for vlr and so I could play more japanese games and hopefully learn the language.A little later i got a ps4 and then a used ps3.I want to learn enough japanese so I could play the games I imported without guides.I will probably write some thoughts about the games I platted or put pictures of the games art/characters that I liked. Overall goals 100 plats 70% completion-before new games 85% or higher completion overall I want to attempt plats on games I own, beat games in my backlog, and give other games a second chance(like conception2 and ni no kuni) before buying/playing any new games(minus sales/psplus) Games i want to plat: The Evil Within Nier The Last of Us Cathrine Final Fantasy 13 Dragon Age 2 Metal Gear Solid 5 A Suda51/grasshopper game (killer is dead,no more heores, shadows of the damned or lollipop chainsaw) If everything goes right there should be pictures of the imported games and artbooks to show what kind of designs and illustration I like if anyone knows any other games or artbooks I should check out let me know. Most of the pictures are sideways so I''l fix them soon. *Disclaimer: At first I didn't care about plats but after getting a couple I wanted to go for more so I have about twelve import plats and 2 100% that I used guides for I don't plan on getting any more plats until I learn enough japanese to do proper playthroughs of these games I'll take away the star after I complete them again. Plats numbers (5,6,7,8,12,13,23,25,38,40,42,56) 100% (1,2) Plats: 1-25 26-50 51-?? 100% 1.bittersmile* 2.matchkiss* 3.kingdom hearts 358/2 4.welcome park 5.doki doki 6.thomas was alone 7.kingdom hearts recoded Backlog: games I havent beat ps plus games final fantasy 3,6,7,8,10-2,13-2/3 corpse party 1 and 2 chrono trigger persona 3 portable castelvania x suicoden 2 mind zero saya no uta fate stay night kara no shojou school days cross channel clannad Games I dont own but intersted in: neptunia rebirth atelier sophie trails in the sky/cold steel valkyria chronicles odin sphere cosmic star herione shin megami tensei series parasite eve series touhou project games nights of azure xenogears caliguga phoenix wright series Clock tower/Haunting ground Random things: art books i want redjucie beatless yoshitaka amano books nier project gesalt drakengard 3 dragoon dragon shining blade arcs grasshopper manufacture my favorite illustartors are redjuice999(supercell), Ayami kojima(castelvania) Yoshitaka Amano, Tetsuya Nomura, Tsuji Santa (super sonico) Yusuke Kozaki (no more heros,fire emblem awakening) Shingero Soejima (persona), Yhoji Shinkawa (mgs)