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  1. I have started Rocksmith 2014 while ago. Never even kept quitar in my hands, now it's broken and without that... . There are also some hard trophies for me like "get 10,000,000 points in something" or "get perfect game on something". I have a bad feeling about this game
  2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  3. Now it's done, yay!
  4. Even though I have not yet got that platinum (VERY close, just 10 5th weapons to Weapon Collector trophy and after that it's instant platinum!) I have to say Dynasty Warriors 8. When you're playing those "not so laid back games" for a long time you need something beside you can go just "BRAINS OUT!" So... hack and slash or beat 'em up games. You can just destroy everything. Then everything is fine again and you can continue your main goal. That works for me
  5. Oh dear, this has been some serious grinding but I'm getting really close now! Weapon Collector is only trophy I need before platinum. And for that I only lack 14 5th weapons. Awesome!