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  1. While I would love a Oblivion/Morrowind remake/remaster, they basically already said it ain’t happening. They said they were considering it, but that it would’ve taken away too many resources from people working on other games because they would basically have to rebuild them from the ground up, while with Skyrim, they just had to make it a little shinier.
  2. Starting back up school on Monday... Thank god I finally made a good decision as a teenager lmao 

  3. Of course Overkill releases Payday 2 DLC right when I get back into school... smh. Oh well, I guess that’s something for future me to enjoy. 

  4. Why are people so bad at playing video games? I just had a game with 77 kills on Battlefront 2 and like 20ish assists and we still fucking lost. Why? Hell I went on a 60 killstreak with Vader Saturday night and we still lost. It’s fucking incredible. 

    1. Spaz


      Poor internet connection

      First time playing

      Bad at first person shooters

      Little kids on the controller


      Could be a lot of things. I suck royally at multiplayer first person shooters. Sounds like you're pretty good at them. We each have our own strengths.


      Speaking of which I could probably beat you in Super Meat Boy.

    2. Jigglypuff


      They think they're experts even if they aren't?

    3. Kubanga


      @Spaz Yeah, probably. Hence why I don’t play it. Maybe other people just do the same as me... 

  5. Absolutely. With how much of a train wreck I’ve been this year emotionally, I’ve thought a few times about just selling everything and moving on to something else completely.
  6. The micro transactions are definitely annoying and it definitely gives people a advantage, but people need to stop with the “40 hours to unlock one hero shit” the heroes cost 5k, 10k and 15k respectively to unlock now. It does deserve the scores though. The game is a heaping pile of glitchy garbage, micro transactions withstanding.
  7. So, since I’ve had a fair amount of time to play it, let’s grade Battlefront 2 AKA the most disappointing game of the year in a few major categories compared to the past installments, on a scale from 1-4. 1. Gameplay, Grade: 4th. 2. Content, Grade: 3rd . 3. Graphics, Grade: 1st. 4. Story, Grade: 3rd . 5 Servers, Grade: 4th. Amazing work by DICE to shit on the Battlefront name yet again. I didn’t think it would even be possible. 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Well I wouldn't say it is DICE'S fault since they only develop the game. All of the other business related things such as marketing, the business model( I.e how will the company make money) comes from EA.

    2. Kubanga


      Well, EA can do whatever they want with their business model/micro transactions but DICE didn’t make a good game at all in terms of gameplay and everything. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      oh I see. I did not know you were complaining about the gameplay as well but I thought you were only complaining about the microtransactions. 


      I am not a fan of Star Wars in general so I am not really affected by this thankfully because I am not going to get it either way lol.


      Hope you find something good in it at least if you do happen to get it :)

  8. How is it that every beta from a game that DICE makes is better than the actual game itself? Absolutely fucking incredible. 

  9. No. I haven’t really been in a relationship so I haven’t been cheated on. That’s all by design though. I don’t let people get close to me, exactly because of bullshit like this. Most of the time whenever I ask a girl out anyways I get rejected, so what’s even the point? Not really worth the hassle. Most people are dickheads which is why I try not to interact with them very often. People are wired to lie, cheat, and fuck each other over.
  10. Lmaaaao so, Martellus Bennett faked a shoulder injury, said he was retiring so the Packers would release him, then signed back to the pats after he said he was retiring because he had a career ending shoulder injury, but he’s practicing with the pats. What a piece of shit I guess he’s a Bennett after all.
  11. One of my favorite Eminem songs. Only good song off that god awful Encore album IMO
  12. Thank god I got to prestige 1 in WW2 for the trophy now I don’t have to ever touch this trash ass MP ever again. 

  13. Lol the cod community is so fucking useless. Went 33-8 in a tdm and accounted for roughly 40% of my teams kills and we still lost. 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Kubanga


      Like I said though, the multiplayer is straight up trash anyways. I’ve played the mp of every cod since 2006 and this is easily the buggiest MPs of all the cods. Insanely glitchy and it’s not really even that good when it works right. Sledgehammer should probably be banned from making the MP for any future cod game. 

    3. Lucas


      This is why you play Free-for-all or play with S&D with a group of friends :lol:.

    4. Superbuu3


      I only play CoD every 3 years, so i'll play next years effort, Black Ops 3 to me ws a brilliant game in terms of content, I really liked the zombie mode on that one and 4 player coop campaign was badass.