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  1. Try using the form up command, after a few tries I did that and they stayed very close to me for the most part
  2. Honestly it’d probably be a reboot, considering the games technically aren’t canon but Delta Squad is because they appeared in a episode of The Clone Wars. I doubt a new TFU or Jedi Knight game will ever release though
  3. It’s a pretty straightforward plat. Itll probably take a little bit to figure out how to do some of the misc trophies, hard difficulty isn’t really that difficult though if you just take it slow and smart. Just remember to change your difficulty to hard in the options section of the main menu before you start the game
  4. Yeah Bethesda has fallen mightily. I used to like Bethesda games, but as time has gone on I’ve noticed how they are trash at their core. Now Bethesda wants to sell out to a company like Microsoft, they can keep their games for all I care they won’t be getting money from me that’s for damn sure, regardless if it comes out on PS or not
  5. I don’t know what causes this bug but it might have something to do with the transfer system. Long story short, I was mastery level 17 on Dubai and completed a few challenges. When I got done with the mission I noticed the game said my mastery level was -6 and I went up to level 2 mastery. So I basically got my progress wiped but it didn’t reset the challenges and now I have no way to get to mastery level 20 for that particular trophy and am probably locked out from getting platinum. Its also tied to the server side of the game so deleting your save file does nothing. Just a heads up to anyone out there who’s trying to play the game right now with all of the issues it has
  6. Yeah I did them all multiple times. I got lucky and the trophy popped randomly a while after.
  7. Just found out that my Mendoza mission stories are glitched and it won’t give me the trophy. I’m definitely waiting for a patch smh
  8. Yeah my biggest problem is on Dubai I’ll keep it in mind if it glitches on that too though. I found a method on a Dubai contract called “simple xp grind” I get 225 xp every 45 seconds if I do it right. It will still take me a few hours but it’s not nearly as bad as it could’ve been.
  9. Try this one I have the option to delete everything from it but it’s definitely a last resort for me. What’s your method? I might try doing that for a bit tonight https://personal.hitman.io/Profile
  10. That’s definitely an option if they don’t patch it, thanks for the heads up! I’d have to do everything over again which would be a shame but I love the game regardless.
  11. There’s not nearly enough challenges left. There’s a few that give out xp but all of the ones that I haven’t done basically give out items and no xp. Only way for me to get xp is by grinding things inside the mission (silent takedowns and the such) my only choice is to spend days grinding the game for small increments of xp. Honestly that’s a last resort for me and who’s to say this issue doesn’t happen to me on other maps too?
  12. Yeah I believe that’s what caused mine as well. I thought mine was already imported because I had my levels and other stuff on the game already. Maybe it glitched and did it twice or something idk.
  13. At least I’m not the only one with this problem. I’ve been looking around and haven’t seen a mention of this anywhere. Hopefully they know it’s an issue though and will fix it eventually. I sent them a email a little bit ago, hoping for the best.
  14. Hi, I was thinking of starting this game but I wanted to know if the servers are still up and if the plat is still otainable, but I can't really find anything online. Help would be appreciated.
  15. Yep I’ve killed multiple. Try doing SSDD that’s the one that I guess I missed.
  16. I have a code for PUBG on the Xbox One. I bought a X and it came with a free code for it but I already have the game so I don’t need it. Looking to trade it for a 20$ Xbox Gift Card.
  17. She is everything to me The unrequited dream The song that no one sings The unattainable
  18. I dedicate this song to the person that lied to me telling me all of the things that I wanted to hear, then left me all broken and alone when I needed her the most.