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  1. Just picked this up from Target.
  2. How is Organ Trail? Worth the purchase?
  3. Agreed speading out content only works when the viewer is connected to the characters. But, I will say this I think this episode was a shift in the right direction. The trash people were taken off the board, good thing in my opinion, while implying some sort of significance with the helipad/solar panels. Probably a setup for next season. Simon is always fun and he received some slight development, yeah he was only developed to make Negan look less like a baddie. Maybe prepping the viewers for Negan becoming a good guy. At this point, for me at least, anything that reduces characters is a good move. Clear the playing field and give us some character development.
  4. Just not feeling it today.
  5. Preach. The SNES days of Squaresoft were the golden age of jrpgs. The DS version is truly the superior version of Chrono Trigger, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  6. I am with you. I wish they would at least shorten the seasons and reduce the cast. There are so many characters that I do not care about.
  7. Looks interesting.



  8. My wife and I, back when we were dating, would get drunk and play We ♥️ Katamari.
  9. Anyone going to the PlayThrough convention in Raleigh NC this weekend?

    1. PermaFox


      I was thinking of it - looks good - but think I'll wait for the 2018 PSX Convention.  Hopefully it will be back in Anaheim again this year.

  10. I really wanted to like Little Big Planet. The controls just seemed a little off to me, kinda floaty.
  11. You can play local couch co-op on Tokyo Jungle. It is just little harder unless one player uses the robot dogo.
  12. Grits
  13. Thx also for your follow Mister hugglebunn; wish you a nice and day!


  14. Thxs for the follow bro!😊 Wish you a great Vday! 😂