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  1. Rubbed you the wrong way?
  2. I think I completed the main story before they showed up.
  3. To tag on The Sexy Brutale has a great soundtrack.
  4. Time for some SBFP Become Human Bingo


    1. A-Brawl3r


      Game overs are a failure of the game designer

    2. Redgrave


      The first hour apparently already got a full bingo. I feel like at this rate they are going to have to keep making new bingo cards.

  5. I have been able to grab most the games I am interested in off of ebay for a reasonable cost. You just have to be patient.
  6. Glad it is over. I was really feeling sorry for SRG there. Everything was going wrong for them. An f-ing train wreck.
  7. Grabbed a copy of Ruiner today. Woohoo.
  8. Seriously seriously. What the F. The Expanse is cancelled. 

  9. Really have fun with this one. Feels like a classic FF game.
  10. Yeah. It was the Neo Geo X or Gold or something like that. If I recall correctly this bit of video game history ended with SNK ordering the manufacture to cease production because of quality issues.
  11. Accounting Manager at a construction company for ten years now. Probably half of my day involves spreadsheets and the other half meetings. It's a good job, not exciting or anything, but good.
  12. I have a little trouble with my wrist, but none with my elbows. You can always purchase a Boppy Pillow, they are for nursing mothers, but should do the trick.
  13. It is my birthday so I splurged a bit.
  14. I am thinking hard about backing this one.
  15. Forgot the Mt. Dew.