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  1. It is okay, but in the ghetto. Used to it really. Good news is I am moving in three days.
  2. Hello from reddit.
  3. Only two more weeks until I close on my house.

  4. BBQ and slaw sandwich.
  5. Not even summer yet and I am already hating it.
  6. I googled "cigarette lighter" and got 150,000 matches.
  7. The week is almost over, but I have to waste my time going to a Diaper Party tomorrow night.
  8. Pork belly sandwich.
  9. Yeah. The goal really wasn't as much about being mean or whatever, but more about me not wanting to have to explain to my family why we had just broken up. Plus I wanted to burn the final bridge so to speak. It had probably been going on for a while, and that is the thing, this person can just lie to you for so long with no guilt. I think that realization was the worst part. But, hey things get better and worse. After that I had three years of dating multiple girls with no real attachment. It changed who I was as a man, made me better really, which led me to my wife.