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  1. Cat cat cat, and here is my baby. With my other baby down the way.
  2. I found my old copy of the Brady Strategy Guide the other day. I had a lot of fun with this game back in the day. But, I always enjoyed part 2 a little more. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest would be my pick. Really just not a good game, but for whatever reason I just loved it when I was a kid.
  3. A new tire at Sam's Club.
  4. So I just preordered the physical release of Secret of Mana for PS4. I think this is the first preorder I have made since Chrono Cross.



      My god. Secret of Mana; the great period of rpgs.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      Such a great game :D...but that horrible voice acting is making me pause at getting it...hopefully there is a way to turn it to Text box only.

    3. hugglebunn-e


      You are right about the voice acting. But, hopefully it will not detract from the game too much. 

  5. Watched it twice this weekend. So, very good.
  6. If I am playing a game. usually standing up while playing does the trick. Otherwise I walk around a bit.
  7. Afrika
  8. Apples and cabbage, but not together.
  9. Love your user name. Probably 85 or 86 for me with the release of the NES. So, a little over 30 years now. I wonder what the age spread is here on psnprofiles. Someone should do a survey or something.
  10. Some new pins. Some DVDs/BluRays And some trades.
  11. Leftover stuffing I made for Thanksgiving.
  12. No worries life goes on. I used to love catalogs when I was a kid. I would just look at those things over and over again.