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  1. It’s like a 3/10. You can save scum though all of it. Both games. And use passwords to beat all the bosses in Ghoul Patrol. Just look up a guide for the bonus levels and weapons. My game time says it took about 13 hours to platinum.
  2. Good question. I was quick, but not blazingly fast. I wasn’t rushing the course at all. Just moving both up together at a steady pace.
  3. Glad I read this. The game is fun, but upgrading the equipment is tedious. Don’t want to have to go through that again. And it keeps crashing every hour or so. Gonna back up my save now to prevent future heartbreak. Edit: Literally the next day I came back to the game and it wanted me to start a new game and I could not continue. Backing up the save is the way to go. Done it twice since then.
  4. 4-11 still eludes me. I’m just going forward and I’ll come back to it after I wrap up the other worlds. 5-3 took me a while, but I eventually got it. I had to position the slanted block closer to the candies on the far left bumpers and have the Furmin roll down to get them. All the other candies were luck and bouncing around haphazardly until I got them. 6-7 surprisingly gave me no trouble at all. The Dark_Secor guides are pretty great over all. My advice is when watching them pay attention to positioning through background objects instead of eyeballing it. Gives you a good point of reference for where everything goes. 6-12 is a good example. The middle bounce pad should be positioned in a way that you see the little squiggle part of the tower in the background.
  5. I don’t know if you’re still going for this trophy, but I did it on 1-3. I don’t think the trick is keeping the heart showing, but more moving forward with the connection line being as close to horizontal as possible. It took a few tries, but this is what eventually worked for me.
  6. I just picked this game back up again. I needed something hard to cleanse the pallet of the like 5 Sometimes You games I’ve completed recently. I made it to world 3 of Advanced after a day of playing again, and I’m sure once I beat all of Advanced I’ll be able to clean up the no continues run. I already knocked them out for Beginner and Normal as practice. When I get too frustrated I switch it up and go for all the bananas in levels on Practice. Makes the Advanced runs easier when you can get like 5 lives in the first world without dying. I’m guessing another week or two and I’ll have this down. I’d be happy to see a guide if it happens before I complete the game. Or for anyone who is thinking of tackling this beast.
  7. I remember reading somewhere the trick is to look at the ground the entire time? Or maybe the sky? It’s one of the two. It’s a common bug from what I’ve seen.
  8. 2Dark By the creator of the original Alone in the Dark. It’s a disturbing and challenging stealth horror game that I think is highly under rated. Around 2K owners when I just looked. Very atmospheric. For an added challenge while playing try to not kill anyone. If you’re just in it for the trophies be warned that the one for collecting all of the candy in every stage is a little bugged, but can be achieved. Just have to replay the levels until you get it.
  9. I feel fine. I only purchased things I really wanted and it’s all stuff I want to play and not trying to trophy hunt. Anything that was available on other consoles I skipped (except Trails in the Sky SC because I just prefer console to PC gaming). I may pick up some PSP digital games I already own physically to play on my PSTV, but I’m comfortable with what I spent and it’s given me some time to play some PS3 games I’ve been putting off.
  10. I’ve only played Twinkle Star so far, and besides needing to figure out what caused a perfect it’s been easy so far. Looking forward to trying the other games in this collection. Twinkle Star wasn’t the right kind of bullet hell for me, but the VS aspect was interesting. Nothing here seems un-doable. I think I’ll be able to get these by the end of the week depending on how much time I dedicate to it. Edit: Finally came back to finish it up. The fighting games are the toughest part of this 100%, but not terrible. The in game stuff being only in Japanese sucks, but looking up a guide on the special moves wasn’t bad. The Ninja Master’s game gave me the most trouble. Learning how desperation and finishers was a little rough, but completely doable.
  11. Do you know what level you unlocked it on? Same thing happened to me, but when I go into challenge mode it says I have all the candies on every level. Tested a few thing to see if I could get it to pop like getting all 5 stars in the first level and collecting all 5 candies in your house when starting a new game. Neither worked. This game does seem a little buggy though. Like, the files I collected aren’t all unlocked. And I’m not talking about missing 1 or 2, but all the files from the circus level weren’t in the database until after I ran the challenge level. Just trying to reduce the play time. I enjoyed the game, but I want my trophy. Edit: Got it on the second level when going for 5 stars. Also, I have to say that the game is even better when trying to not kill anyone in the levels. I wonder how the news broadcasts on TV play out when you don’t murder a building full of dude! I may play through the story again to find out. Forgetting about the candies of course! Haha!