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  1. Ya I ran level select on the ones I had avoidable kills on; managed to drop Blimp, Necrum, Mines, Escape, and Depot all down to 0. Dropped the Yard down to 3, and Eye of the Storm down to 6. I'm not even gonna bother with Brewery, that level is atrocious. Trophy still didn't pop. All I need is Trigger Finger, Gameplay master platinum, and this. I was avoiding the Brewnade badges but have all the rest.
  2. So I'm coming into this a bit later than everyone but I didn't get the trophy either after getting the good ending with under 100 Slig kills. I got the no deaths trophy and the good ending trophy but this one just didn't pop. I made sure to write down the number of Slig kills at the end of each chapter. Raid on Monsaic - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Ruins - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Blimp - 1 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Funicular - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaSorrow Valley - 9 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaPhat Station - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Hijack - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaReunion at the Old Trellis - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaSlig Barracks - 2 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaNecrum - 5 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Mines - 6 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Sanctum - 0 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaEscape - 3 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaFeeco Depot - 2 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaThe Yards - 6 kills - 0 deaths - 100% QuarmaBrewery - 30 kills - 0 deaths - 100% Quarma (Screw those Tear X-tractor sections)Eye of the Storm - 12 kills - 0 deaths - 100% Quarma Total Slig Kills - 76 Now, can I somehow get the trophy using level select; and if so, how have people been going about doing so? Running levels to get fewer kills and then running Eye of the Storm again or just completing any level with fewer kills and it pops?
  3. My girlfriend (now fiance) managed to nab one from Walmart when they restocked the website two days before Thanksgiving. She'd been trying to get one for weeks using an app that alerted her on restocks and had all her info saved on the sites for quick purchase. She'd failed time and time again and was getting really depressed about it because it was her biggest hope to surprise me with it for Christmas. She managed to keep the entire thing a secret from me and even had me fooled on Christmas day by giving me all my other gifts, excluding any of the games I got for it, and wrapping the whole day up and making me think I'd already opened all my gifts. She was hiding it in an enormous gift bag with all the games she'd gotten me for it in a separate room in the closet. She kept the ruse up even after I'd proposed to her! But when she walked into the room with that bag and had me start opening it, I nearly shit myself at how she'd managed to nab one of the damn things with all the stock problems. Ended up getting Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Godfall, The Pathless, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, and Crash 4: It's About Time for the starting games with it as well.
  4. Do Slig kills on level select count towards the total count? Or is it only kills during the regular playthrough of the levels that count? I'd like to know this before I go after some of the badges.
  5. I put the points into Intelligence and grabbed the Hacker Overlord perk in order to craft Detonate Grenade. Unfortunately, getting Hacker Overlord didn't actually unlock any quickhack crafting specs. Is this a bug? The only quickhack specs I can craft are the ones I've found the plans for off enemies or in chests. I went and grabbed the other crafting perks to see if it unlocked any Legendary, Rare, or Uncommon specs and they didn't unlock anything either.
  6. I'm on my 5th live chat agent and they all want to forward my issue to a manager or a specialist and get back to me in a couple of days.
  7. I know it's been a while since anything was posted in this thread but I'm having an issue getting the secret fight to show up. It's the MK II tower this week and I've cleared the thing 3 times now while ending every fight with a Brutality the first two clears and every fight with a Fatality on the third clear; yet, the secret fight isn't triggering after the 8th opponent. Is the trophy bugged currently or is the tower?
  8. I am having this same trophy glitch and I've been wondering just what the hell is going on. Glad I found this thread. I had the Rune in my Skull Scraper daggers. I suppose this time I'll pop it in a staff and see how things go.
  9. Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International- Arms Addict Collect 100% of all weapon data. 1.75% Ultra Rare
  10. Playing Skyrim for the first time and coming across a giant to the west of Whiterun after killing that first Dragon. My friend is standing behind me watching me play. "You can take him" "Ya, I can take him. Let's do this." ....*thwack*! And as I'm sailing over Whiterun, my friend amidst his laughter just starts singing "I believe I can flyyyyyyy". Neither of us knew it was coming, this was release day playing so the timing and the moment were just too perfect. We got a damn good laugh out of the situation.