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  1. Maybe.. but as far as it's written in the internet, D2R is based on patch 1.14 LoD. So in this case, the LoD 1.14 guides should be valid. Older ones not so.
  2. Could be true.. 2nd answer here: .... But.. as always .. much conflicting information on the internet: Here at least the player setting is explained fully:
  3. I am in the same boat as you: Played Blizzard Sorceress in NM but made contact with the first cold immunes in hell. This sucks. Fun fact: The first really bad cold immune was the zombie champion in the Den of Evil: Lightning Enchanted (So no Static Fields work, my friend coluld not damage the enemy with her Lightning Javazon this way) and cold immune. Also champion was "extra strong", so he crushed the mercenaries hard. Since I am not very much interested in farming speed I am thinking about respeccing into Meteorb, Blizzballer or another 2 elements build. Read a lot about these topics yesterday here, here and here.. For farming: The farming guides on this side provide the information how to farm a boss best and what the boss can drop: ==> Bottom of the top window. E.g. for Andariel: Sidenote: Read in some boards that using Telekinesis on enemies can stunlock them. Also when you need more info, look here:
  4. Thank you for the update. So: This can be fixed the same way like the waypoint achievement: Redo stuff. Nice!
  5. Thank you for your answer. Okay, online mode.. But still: 8 characters without dying is a hugh achievement. And in online mode with group play as well. I remember back again from D2 LoD that I where in constant fear of stupid HC PKs that ripped your character because they wanted to. You played in a premade group when you had to group up, yes? May I ask up to which level you played all classes before attempting Baal on hell? ++++++++ ==> Redoing Baal Kills with all classes once in hell difficulty seems to help.
  6. Hi all, I just did not want to create a new topic for this, but since somebody already wrote in here about level 99 and classic (mode in D2R): When going for the level 99 HC trophy with an offline Necromancer, does somebody in any way get any profit from playing D2 classic mode in D2R instead of playing D2LoD mode?
  7. Okay, then when someone has done all those "Complete the game on Hell difficulty with XYZ"-trophies solely on softcore, then the trophy "I like the heat." should unlock. My guess is that @Animosity_7 (Hope you don't mind the tagging) did all "complete hell difficulty trophies" with all characters on SC, since the HC progress is showing 30/99 right now.. I think that the level 30 HC character is solely started for the HC 99 trophy... but I may be wrong here. @v_SullyCongratulations to your achievement from my side! Do you like to share some tips with us how you pulled this off? All characters on HC while playing solo through to hell without dying.. nicely done! My guess is, that you played offline? Thank you in advance for sharing some information.
  8. Thank you, but that it only works with uniques is obvious . But this answer will help more inexperienced players. This is actually good to know and may help others. Thank you.
  9. Yes. Was reported here: Maybe has something to do with playing on different platforms? Normally, if every other hell character trophy popped for someone, then I like the heat should pop also. "They see me rollin’" can also bee bugged, as it seems. Maybe different rings in each slot are needed? >>
  10. Okay. PartyFinder should be working now. Not in a perfect, but usable way. See response from Rod at Twitter:
  11. Look here for a response from blizzard about this topic: Bit I also did some testing on my own and must say, that Rod simply does not want to admit that the Party Finder is just not working. I wrote about my test here: ==> The one time I got matched with a random player on PS4, I must have won in a lottery or something.
  12. True for PC and PlayStation. Wrong for PS4 and PS5, since it is cross buy for PlayStation Platform.
  13. Deleting without any kind of user information is no moderation at all, it is just using the delete button. And how should this work? Boosting session threads are bad for this, because you can not delete or edit your own comment in those topics. A place where players can open up a post in a dedicated topic for trading their items (Which the player can also edit to actualise the stock list) is needed. ==> Maybe this is just not wanted on PSNP? My guess is that the moderator which answered you is not playing D2R on console and only has knowledge from D2LoD or D2 vanilla. But anyways, thanks to the mod for dividing this into a new topic and letting us discuss about the topic!
  14. Sorry for derailing this topic, but what you wrote about will not only be true for those threads, also I can imagine that we will see some funny disputes for D2R.
  15. Hi all, stumbled upon this post at Icy-Veins about 28 Changes In D2: Resurrected (which was taken from reddit) and wanted to share the most important changes. Also I do this, because some of them are a big improvement from D2LoD on PC to D2R. Gamble Refresh Button [Comment from me: L3 on PS4/PS5 in gambling merchant window] + Item no longer disappears when buying multiple of the same type. Ladder-Only Unique Items Unlocked for Non-ladder + Single Player (anni/torch) Ladder-Only Runewords + Cube Recipes Unlocked for Single Player + Non-ladder!! "Endgame" Events Unlocked for Single Player. (Uber Diablo spawned with 1 soj, Bnet is ~75-120) ==> So, why did I point out those 4 changes? Especially the addition of Ladder-Only Runewords to Single Player and Non-ladder is a real game changer! As an example: I am playing a Blizzard Sorc and my friend as Playing a Javazon. I created a Polearm with the runeword "Insight" as a weapon for my nightmare act 2 mercenary and what can I say.. It is a real game changer. Mana regenerates nearly at in instant. Also refreshing the gambling window can be done without the need to leave town. Offline players can also enjoy all Runewords and endgame content. Other changes from the list in spoiler below: Also I wanted to use this topic to share some of my browser favorites for D2R with you people (Kudos to all people behind those sites I list!). Maybe you have other useful ones as well and like to share them also? IcyVeins - Character Guides and Diablo 2 Resurrected Home MaxRoll - Character Guides Runewizard Runewizard 2 MaxRoll - Tips & Tricks Resource Fextralife - Quests Guide - Runewords in Superior items? d2anya - Diablo 2 Act 2 Mercenary Auras - Diablo 2 Quest Drop Bug Guide IcyVeins - Farming Guides MaxRoll - Mercenary Guide Fextralife - Unique Rings & Amulets Fextralife - Weapons - Locations, Stats & Abilities Fextralife - Armor - Locations, Stats & Abilities Fextralife - Set Item List - Allgemeiner Levelguide [Sorry, sometimes as a German player I use German guides ;P I hope that this topic is helpful to somebody.