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  1. Because it is released from THQ Nordic I like to advice people to only play it after the first 3 to 4 patches have arrived. THQ Nordic is infamous for releasing games in unstable conditions (Look at Titan Quest Re-release which is still a shithole after almost 2 years of patching). Also I have a question: Can someone explain where the love for this game comes from? I played the demo many years ago for the Mass Effect 3 special weapon but literally fell asleep playing the demo because it was just not interesting in any way.
  2. The "hard mode" of this game is nothing to be afraid of in any way. The biggest difficulties are usually caused by yourself: The Hard Mode is definitely meant to be played with 50s characters and materia at maximum level ==> Why else would a programmer team advertise so massively that you get a big bonus for EXP and AP by unlocking the "Chapter Select"? 2 HP and MP Materia on all characters is definitely a waste of slots. Barret for example already has a very high pool without a HP materia and also I only used 1 HP Materia for each character. Aerith herself is best equipped with everything that increases her magic damage and chance of critical hits (= luck materia) and I gave her only 1 HP materia, but 2 MP materia. With Cloud and Tifa for example I hardly ever used spells (except maybe one time Resurrect or Vita) so I didn't give them MP materia. Running around the whole "hard mode" with "Vita and Amplify" is also a waste of the possibilities of the Amplify materia. A fast cast haste or barrier spell on the whole team is more helpful and using Prayer does not cost any MP. Okay, Prayer costs 2 ATB bars but haste and Steadfast Block (see below) makes ATB no problem. And in some places where you are on the road with one or two characters and are confronted with 2-3 enemies, "Amplify and Lightning" will make short work of those same enemies. Three quarters of the trash mobs can be killed in a few seconds even in "Hard Mode" with 2x Tripple Slash (Cloud), 2x Starfall (Tifa) or "Amplify and Spell Materia like Lightning or Fire". When equipping weapons, pay attention to how the stats change! For example, many sites proclaim that the best weapon for Cloud is the one that increases his offensive value the most. However, you'll soon notice that all other stats (including HP) are lowered (compared to the bonuses of other weapons). Therefore my tip at this point is that you should firstly consider the number of available materia slots when equipping weapons (especially at the beginning of the "Hard Mode"!) and then make sure that all stats do not suffer too much by equipping a weapon. "Reprieve" is all well and good, but weapons with this bonus are usually not really great. If you don't want to go out the door without this weapon skill and 9999 HP you should rather work on your skill first (which makes everything easier in the long run!). To equip every character with "Steadfast Block" definitely makes sense since the CPU characters block very often. For example, since I had equipped Barret with a Prayer Materia I could activate it almost always because of "Steadfast Block". The same rule applies to this materia and to barrier: Negating damage is always better than eating damage! But I don't know if there is a real damage reduction on the counterattack of Cloud with this materia or not. "Götterdämmerung" and instant limit attacks are cool, but an instant "Vision" Limit for 1 character with 3 ATB bars also has its advantages in the long run during a longer fight. Speaking of "Götterdämmerung": Three quarters of the Hard Mode can be done without this accessory. I only really needed it when fighting Rufus. The combat system is definitely designed to micromanage between longer animations of characters and enemies or during certain actions of the enemies! For example with the "Arsenal": If you see that he has decided to roll over the other character that you are not actively playing, you just have to switch to that character and quickly get him into a safe position. Aerith's field for "double spells" is not to be despised either, because every elementary attack spell (no matter which level and whether reinforced or not) is cast twice for a one-time cost.
  3. It is always a good idea to backup savegames on USB and PS+ regularly when you play a LEGO game. One time backup on USB and next time on PS+ or another stick and so on.. after every level or two just in case. And yes, you can share play them BUT still all you get is split screen so it does not matter. Also all newer LEGO games (at least after "Jurassic World" on PS4) realise which player/account is player one. Because of this many trophies do unlock for player 1 and not for player 2. This trick helped with those "old LEGO games" on PS4: General on topic: In every LEGO game featuring "Speedsters" use them and do not use vehicles because they are just inferior in comparison.
  4. I really hope that the game will not get such things like arena DLCs and such nonsense. They should for real just concentrate on episode 2. But I am always open for "Compilation of FFVII" tie-ins like more Zack and Turks related content. Give me "Before Crisis" as DLC and I will go nuts.
  5. PS4 Pro user here (Newer version which was in the GoW bundle). Supersampling is deactivated as default when one of the 4k resolution types is used. This has nothing to do with the resolution! Also in FHD the Fan goes nuts. This also has nothing to do with thermal paste. Only game the fan makes such noise like the PS4 Pro will go airborne is when I play this game. Even FF7R was running silent. Also the console is silent when I play FFXIV. Fan is also loud when playing it on another PS4 Pro I have. Will try standard PS4 tomorrow but I do not have much hope. The problem is that this game is just not optimised. Many others on gamefaqs have the same issues even with new PS4 slim models: and . But at least this game is running stable and no BSOD shitshow like the SoM remake was.
  6. Check pause menu where you can see the collectibles. Can not be this hard to find.. Or search a video to check how others accessed this feature. It really is self explanatory. You can also use this guide as reference:嘘つき姫と盲目王子-trophy-guide for finding the option.
  7. The game has chapter select (Stage Select): https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/the-liar-princess-and-the-blind-prince-trophy-guide/ Finished the game on Vita myself and used this feature for trophy clean up.
  8. Part of the flag reason is given, BUT since it is not in English not everyone of us understands it. Roughly translated: @CRT and Mods: Maybe Dispute threads should only be accepted when written in English and ignored when written in another language? It is not that hard to use a translation site like or Google Translate.
  9. The issue is that you did not sync your trophies from your old PS4 with your PSN account WHEN you uploaded the saves on your old PS4, downloaded the saves onto your new PS4 and started those old saves on your new PS4. When you started up Darksiders Genesis on 8th May 2020 on your new PS4 all trophies listed for 8th May 2020 (~ 75% of games trophies) popped up in 43 seconds ==> This is "Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies" and is flag able as two users (including one from Cheater Removal Team) already wrote. This would not have happened if your trophies where synced with your PSN account on your old PS4 when you had earned them or before you deleted your data and your PSN account profile from your old console. Only way to get the real timestamps from your old console is to start up the old console with your old Profile on that console (Which should also be bound to your PSN account) and sync the stamps from your old console with your PSN account. ==> If your data is no longer available on your old PS4 just hide this game and other games where trophies auto-popped after starting them for the first time on your new PS4 and move on.
  10. >> Then just click on "PS Now Games List". Fun fact: They list "Dark Souls 2" for "US PS NOW" but not for German PS NOW ( .. Then again Wikipedia does not list Dark Souls 2 on PS NOW (
  11. This where my planned parties BEFORE I did some research (Main = bold): Kevin, Riesz, Hawkeye Duran, Charlotte, Angela Riesz, Angela.. and i really don`t know which 3rd characters I selected for this playthrough in the demo.. I think I had chosen Duran as third and Riesz as main [This was also my party from the first time I played the demo and did 0 research in SNES guides and such). But since I realized this "pair thing" with the 3 pairs and 1 common enemy.. Crimson Wizard ==> Duran + Angela Goremand ==> Kevin + Charlotte Belladonna ==> Hawkeye + Riesz .. I am not so sure anymore. I think that party 1 and 3 will generate some fun, but I don`t know if i will like to main Duran or Angela for party 2 and I havent`t made up my mind about the evolution of the characters in all 3 parties. Btw this website from SE is actually helpful because you can see the 3 character pairs and can see a showcase of the class skins. Okay, and they also added a quick explanation for the class capabilities:
  12. When I played this game I realized that some things wouldn`t make any sense for people not knowing some things about the whole "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII". I remembered that the "Advent Children" Blu-ray disc had some nice films included to help people which are not "Compilation savvy" to understand the story. .. So I am happy to link some info material which I just found on the web.. but with one mayor takedown: I cant find an English subbed version of the "REMINISCENCE OF FINAL FANTASY VII COMPILATION" Part 2.. only part 1 with English sub and no English sub version of part 2. This is actually sad because this "REMINISCENCE OF FINAL FANTASY VII COMPILATION" movie brings all "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" titles together in a logical way. ..Maybe I will do an complete upload myself in the next days if I find the time. What is the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII"? ==> + "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" timeline ==> Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII Compilation (only Japanese dub, no sub) ==> REMINISCENCE OF FINAL FANTASY VII COMPILATION SUB ENGLISH PART 1 ==> Maybe someone finds those things interesting :).
  13. Hi all, hope you all have a good time and are feeling well . My thumbs are pressed and I hope that this year will end in a better state as it is now in! At least we all have still the fun in gaming so we will be busy for this year . For me today is a special day: I am 37 years old now.. and sometimes I think that I am just too old for gaming but then I just enjoy gaming too much for stopping it. I think that anybody is never too old to enjoy the things he/she likes. Maybe people who checked my profile where noticing that I am sidetracked with many other games and I also where in some kind of EZPZ phase. My side projects atm are: Final Fantasy XIV (The MMORPG) >> Girlfriend and I decided starting it again since we played it for the first time some years ago (She on PS4, me on PC but now playing it on PS4 also because of trophies) and finished the ARR (A Ream Reborn) mainstory yesterday. We both thought that the current situation was a good time to start again because we both had more time to spare then normally. Funny thing is that the expansion packs have 0 trophies. If anybody likes to join me and my girlfriend just contact me . Final Fantasy VII Remake >> Like 90% of other Sony gamers did I started playing this game also and finished it on easy mode because girlfriend and I wanted to see the new story first without too much hassle. Okay.. I did 75% of the chapters in normal mode but then I switched on easy. Currently I am prepping the team for hard mode playthrough. Every time when I play this game I am thinking that this game must be much better for a person which did not play the original FF7.. but then again I think that for a person with decent knowledge of the whole "Compilation of FF VII" some things just make more sense. Trials of Mana >> Currently staying at 0% but I will start playing it today since I bought it for myself as a birthday present for today. Have some partys prepped in the ToM Demo which are ready for importing. ==> But still: Even with all the sideload (FF XIV is a timesink I am enjoying very much) I managed to get some competition games done. Letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z B1 B2 B3 Some challenge games I like to share my thoughts about: Y Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA = Finished my first playthrough on 24.03.2020 in normal mode and only need to complete/start the bonus dungeon and then go for getting the true ending on nightmare mode.. but I enjoyed this game so much that I don`t want to replay everything now with 100% of the story still in my mind. I had a great time with this game and had 0 things to complain. Characters, story, music, combat system.. everything right with this game. This is an JRPG masterpiece. H HELLBLADE SENUA'S SACRIFICE = This game was something special. Dark, twisted, great actress. Since girlfriend and I are watching "The Last Kingdom" on Netflix and where watching "Vikings" also I also enjoy playing games with Nordic mythology elements very much. O Onrush = This game was pure fun from start to finish although I needed my tries for some of the last challenges (It took me ~ 3 hours to get the 12 Titan takedowns done in one Superstar challenge. I just got better with every try and nailed the 12 takedowns in 2 rounds on my last try). I am really not your average racing game guy but basically this game felt like playing Overwatch with cars 😀. You have 4 different "classes" (From speedy and squishy damage dealer to big cars acting as tanks), you have Ultimates, Lootboxes, different skins and stuff to unlock. See spoiler for list of my challenge games: That is all for now. Have fun people, until next time!
  14. Should be in the inventory if code is redeemed on PSN: If not: Maybe ask @ gamefaqs?
  15. The squat minigame was piss easy compared to pull-ups: - In the squat minigame you could wait in all three difficulties for Cloud to end the animation of one movement >> Just press the button for next movement >> Repeat ==> Rhythms or pressing button for next movement instantly when the last animation ended was not needed. - In the pull-ups minigame you have no room for error and you must time your next button press to get the needed speed to catch up with Jules ==> This minigame is not forgiving any issues like squat minigame did. Also the sequence of the buttons to press is always the same for squat minigame while in the pull-ups the sequence changes every try/round. So my conclusion is: Anyone who had a hard time with squats should not try pull-ups.