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  1. Even though the complete lack of dots to mark the end of a sentence makes the text extremely illegible, it would still be good to know what the topic creator means here by "methods that are not legally approved by Sony".
  2. For each of the 3 games you should have: 1) Some Savedata with title Save-00XX for each game with the games logo 2) Launcher Profile 3) Auto Save 4) Gamer Profile 5) Chapter Save (got this for ME2 and ME3 only) 6) Saved Data with ME:LE Logo 7) Quick Save (when used) 8) Trilogy Gamer Profile with ME3 Logo 9) Local Profile with ME3 Logo Looks like that you or your console never backuped your character savegames or you did not restore them.
  3. The screen of my TV turns black for a really short time when I close a PS4 game which supports HDR. That a PS4 game uses HDR is easy to notice for me, because when I play a PS4 game which supports HDR and I hold down the PS button the home screen of the console is too bright. When I close the said PS4 game, the screen turns black for a short time and asap I am back at the PS5 home screen with normal brightness values. So, I would assume that your TV needs some time to change from VRR mode back to the normal resolution mode when you close a game. And while it needs some time, it shows a black screen for a short duration. Seems to be logical, yes?
  4. Would be best if you had posted this into Mass Effect Legendary Edition board instead of PS5 board. Simply because PS4 games on PS5 behave the same then on PS4 if they have no PS5 patch. 1) Legendary Edition of Mass Effect has savegames for every game, maybe also a profile savegame for overall progress in the game and savegames for every Shepard you play. 2) Also afaik the trilogy trophy pack has an own savegame for tracking romances and such for all playthroughs in all games. .. So: What was in the backup and what was restored?
  5. Finished Horizon Forbidden West today. Would give this game a 5/10. I liked Zero Dawn more, had a better playability and was more polished. I could go on like this. In conclusion, I can only say that in Zero Dawn I was still chasing every note postgame because I wanted to know everything about the world of the game. With Forbidden West, I don't even have the drive to uncover the entire map. Will see what I play next. Still have many unfinished games on my profile.
  6. Good morning. Finally reached my first PCG goal. While I write this comment, the PCG shows 96.09%, which is slim 0.09% over my first goal. But when I start a new game, it will drop again 😅. Stat Breakdown for 30. March 22, based on Feb 22 end stats: Original Starting PCG: 94.29% March Earned Trophies: 86Goal PCG: 96% March Earned Platinums: 2February Starting PCG: 95.11% March Games Started: 0Current PCG: 96.09% March Games Completed: 3Month Increase: 0.98%Total Increase: 1.80% Still need 2 trophies in Mass Effect: Andromeda (Insanity or 5 gold mp missions + Platinum) and 2 for Killzone Shadow Fall (50 Co-Op wins and Elite playthrough). Wish you all lots of fun with your games!
  7. I also added the trail version to my library and added the PS5 version to my library when it was free on PS+. But when I search for the game in the PS App, I am still allowed to buy the PS4 full version and can put the game to my cart. The PS4 version is actually on sale for 9,99€ until 31.03.22 12:59AM (This is how Sony writes it down in the app). So it is right to say, that the PS4 version of this game was not included for free, when the PS5 version got included into PS+.
  8. Hi all, hope you have still fun with your games. Since some days I put some time into Killzone Shadow Fall. Multiplayer trophies are nearly done, only Co-op Captain - Win 50 co-op games left. Will boost the wins with my girlfriend. I do not know why, but normally she is not into shooters, but she likes helping me with the Co-op stuff. /edit Had some time today to play chapter 2 and 3 on hard mode. Actually, I begin to like the campaign. Funny, since normally I am really not the shooter player. Also, Killzone Shadow Fall finally has locked 60 FPS on PS5 in 1080p (Single Player) and 1080t (960x1080) (Multiplayer). The Singe Player campaign has nice graphics while playing on PS5. Makes me forget that this game was a PS4 launch title. Still trying to achieve my first goal with 96% completion. At the moment PSNP shows 95.86%, so I am making some progress towards this goal. After I achieve the 96% completion, I like to start a new game. I am not sure yet what to play after that. Candidates for a new game would be: CyberPunk 2077 Horizon: Forbidden West Elden Ring Also I have got all the other FromSoftware games in the backlog, and I would like to play the Sword Art Online games I have not played until now. My girlfriend is playing Persona 5 Royal most of the time, which I also find very interesting. I am open for suggestions.😅 How did you like the Comrades DLC? I personally enjoyed this more then the other DLCs. The pen & paper RPG version of the Dark Eye has its origins in Germany and is well known. There are even 2 more classic RPG games available which play in the world of the Dark Eye, which are published under the name Realms of Arkania. But since the second game has 9 unobtainable trophies, it is not suited for trophy hunters 😒
  9. Since every week at least 2 players ask me the same question in a PSN message (Which is very annoying to me, because you just have to think a little bit while reading my trophy history for this game), I answer here how I managed to achieve the Up to the Task trophy on January 16th 2022. And that although on October 31st 2020, the servers for the two Scrap Screw challenges where shut downed. I started playing this game on October 3rd and played it until Oct 8th 2020. On Oct 8th 2020 I had already visited all outposts and had built the Scrap Crews in each outpost. Then all I had to das was to start the game each day and collect the scraps the Scrap Crews had already gathered, then close the game. Besides this I did nothing with this game afterwards. I only started the game for some days, collected scraps and closed the game. When the two challenges (A Penny Saved - Earn 500 scrap from Scrap Crews AND Dividend - Earn 2000 scrap from Scrap Crews) where done, I backuped my savegame many times and kept it safe. Then I played this game for one day on Dec 27th 2021, paused playing this game and continued playing this game again from Jan 12th 2022 to Jan 16th 2022. --> In 2021 and 2022 I used my savegame where the two Scrap Crew challenges where completed from 2020, so achieving the Up to the Task trophy on January 16th 2022 was possible without issues.
  10. Hello all 👋, little heads up from me. Mass Effect: Andromeda Progress is going well so far. 3 main missions, Romance trophy (Matchmaker) and Insanity playthrough (Or 5 gold MP missions) away from the platinum. This game would also be better, if it was not overshadowed by the problems while this game was in development, starting with pre-production. If anybody is interested, I advise you to watch this video: Mass Effect: Andromeda... 1 Year Later .. you will realize, why this game was destined to fail. Mega Man Legacy Collection I don't know what got me into this, but I am trying to go for the "Gold x50 - Earn 50 gold metals by completing Challenges." trophy. /edit Got the "Silver x50 - Earn 50 silver metals by completing Challenges" trophy already 😎 /edit2 Just some minutes ago I finally completed this game. Yeah. Took me the rest of yesterday and some hours today.
  11. This is why an external harddrive or SSD should be used for PS4 games on PS5. Using the internal storage of a PS5 for PS4 games is a waste of space and performance on the internal storage. Eurogamer published an article where they compared loading times on PS4 internal HDD, external SSD on PS5 and internal storage on PS5, while playing the same PS4 games. Result: The external SSD was either slightly faster then the internal storage on PS5, or loading times where the same. And yes: This Digimon game is loading fine from external SSD on PS5.
  12. Maybe then edit the subject of your topic or delete it?
  13. I think you will have more fun with Avengers then you had with Super Heroes. Avengers has no open world. You can do almost every race with Quicksilver, so a car is not needed. Also I found the episodic style of the missions in Avengers more enjoyable, since every mission is tied to one of the movies. Hope, you will at least find some joy while playing this game. Imo all LEGO games with a large open world are just a terrible grindfest.
  14. @stuthesheepFound the guide you mentioned. Yes, this one is definitively helpful. Thank you for mentioning it. Decided to continue my started playthrough and if I miss something, then I play NG+. Thought about it and feels like a waste of the time I spent in 2021 when I start fresh now. Also after the current main mission I am on (Hunting the Archon) only 5 or 6 main missions are left.. and all the sidequests I already completed.. I just continue and hopefully I will get the platinum in 2 weeks or something like this 🤔.
  15. I also have this game sitting on my profile, with 38% trophy progression. Played it for the last time end of August 21 and as far as I understand, I arrived at Kadara's Outcast headquarters for the first time. Will try to complete it as my next game.. but returning to games you stopped playing after more then 1 month has passed is hard, at least for me. I remember what happened so far, regarding the storyline, side missions and stuff. But still, I think that I should just restart the whole game because playing this game now from my last savegames feels .. odd. Also I reorganized my browser favorites for this game .. man, I really overdid it with finding information about this game. What was your starting point from your playthrough for this event? How did you handle returning to this game after some time has passed, since you played it for the last time?