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  1. I voted I'll play it and not worry about account percentage or the game's rank on PSNP. I was lucky as of now, but in no game that I ever bought or played I was not able to get the platinum. Maybe this happened, because most games others call hard are not interesting me because of the games story, genre or such things. The other games that are uncompleted as of now I can finish (minus the games with server shutdown), but not interested much in them since varying time periods. But my guess is, that I can platinum any game I play will change when I start some games that I already bought but had put aside. Like: Dark Souls 2 on PS3 and PS4, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, Returnal, Ace Combat 7
  2. Then just use a second USB stick from a different brand as your first one, so that you can better identify the 1. and 2. USB stick? Topic: Also encountered this error today, while trying to upload a PS4 savegame from PS5 to PS+ cloud. Was wondering why this happened, because an hour before I was able to upload savegames to PS+ cloud and next upload some hours later I got this error. But, okay: Sony issue.
  3. While I encountered 0 issues with game sharing from downloaded titles which are part in PS+ Extra and Premium, I think that game sharing streamed games in not possible. 1. If you try to play PS+ Extra and Premium games via streaming with an account which is also registered in PSN but has no active PS+ subscription (No Essential, Extra or Premium), the error message should be: CE-118414-9 - This game is no longer available for streaming (= Which is 100% false, because I can stream this game on my main account) 2. Or if you use a pure local account on your PS5 to play games via streaming, you are told to login with this account into PSN. But I think that even if you do that, you will not be able to play games via streaming. 3, What I cannot test is what happens if you try to play games via streaming and shared from your main account, when the account you want to play the games with has any kind of active PS+ subscription, but maybe someone else can try this? But still, even while sharing streamed games is or may not be available, sharing downloaded PS+ Premium and Extra games in possible. All it needs is that the account you want to access the games from, 1. has an active and working PS+ Extra or Premium subscription, 2. is enabled for Console Sharing and Offline Play 3. and that the Licences are correctly recognised by the console (To achieve this, maybe use the Restore Licenses option for the account you want to access the games from).
  4. Please just do not only talk about a cheater. Just report that game if you own it. Maybe also take a look here: ==> Keep in mind that clever cheaters can read what you write and hide games people talk about before a report can be written. Also this person has one more cheated game, which I also played and reported this game.
  5. You can definitely play PS+ Extra and Premium games on a console, where account A has a working, paid and active PS+ Extra or Premium subscription, but you want to play the PS+ Extra and Premium games with account B which has a lower PS+ subscription or no PS+ subscription at all. Just respect the basics: 1) Login with the PSN account you want to play the games from 2) Settings -> User and Accounts -> Other -> Console Sharing and Offline Play -> Make sure that the buttons say Don't Disable / Disable and not Don't Enable / Enable. - If the buttons say Don't Disable / Disable, then the account which is currently logged in is definitely activated for Console Sharing and Offline Play. 3) (When needed: Login with the PSN account you want to play the games from ->) Settings -> User and Accounts -> Other -> Restore Licenses -> Restore -> Wait, until finished. 4) Logout the account you logged in to set as primary or restored the licenses from. 5) Log in with the other PSN account -> PS+ Extra and/or Premium games should be available to play now for the other account. Tested it myself (Account A has PS+ Premium subscription, Account B was just a new created local account) and I could play a PS+ Premium game with account B.
  6. Yes, Ys 9 PS5 is scheduled for a Spring 2023 release. The Limited Edition can be pre-ordered here, if anybody is interested. US: UK: EU: --> EU store shipps the articles from Hungary, instead of UK. So using the EU store is better for EU customers because of the Brexit, customs and so on. I hope that the Ys 8 limited edition you and I pre-ordered arrive in a good condition. 😀
  7. Sure, I get what you mean: Somebody else would have asked this question at some point. But keep in mind that what I wrote has nothing to do with antagonism. Using a search engine for a question like this is just basic. And that is all my post was all about. Looks like we have some things in common: - You completed the Ys 8 PS4 EU stack and the Ys 8 PS4 NA. Also, you completed the Ys 8 VITA EU stack. - I completed the Ys 8 PS4 EU stack in 2020, finished Ys 8 PS4 NA stack today but never played one of the Ys 8 VITA stacks. Are you really going for the platinum when you get your copy of the PS5 version, although you platinumed the VITA version in October? - I pre-ordered a copy of the limited edition which is now on it's way from England to Germany, but since I just finished the PS4 NA stack today I do not feel like starting it when the game arrives. - Think I will play the PS5 version when the limited edition of Ys 9 PS5 version is on it's way
  8. According to a quick web search (which really anybody should do, before writing down a question) no save data transfer: Source: Source: If you want to search further, use this as a starting point: /edit Trophies for the PS5 version are the same as the PS4 version, so no need for a trophy thoughts post, people. 👍😄
  9. I interpret the question like this: OP does not see the trophies earned from played streamed PS3 games in the account's PSN trophy list. Solution in this case would be: Sync them. See the top comment from this link:
  10. The setting which can be changed to full or limited only exists on PS5. Even the account settings page you can access when logging into your account in the normal PS store page (should be the same as the Account Management section of the PlayStation website) -> then clicking on account settings -> clicking on privacy settings, only lists this as a PS5 only setting. What also worked best for many people was the thing I linked in my /edit2. Maybe you need to change other privacy settings on PS4 or older to get this to work, or Sony simply has not checked that the challenge can be completed on PS4. Who knows?
  11. This possible solution is only working for PS5 users, sorry people. Was able to fix the issue with the Remote Play challenge not registering progress (Play Wherever challenge). Solution: PS5 settings -> User and Accounts -> Privacy -> Data You Provide -> Make sure, that this setting is set to Full and not to Limited. /edit Sometimes challenge progress is only registered when you actively end the Remote Play connection and wait 10 to 15 minutes. It's all about telemetry and patience. 😄 Source: /edit2 Also use this as a guide if you still encounter issues with this challenge: My guess is that Sony depends very much on telemetry for PS stars.
  12. For anybody who notices that the game crashes while doing the glitch: My game also crashed the first time I did the glitch, but I was able to find the issue: I simply did something wrong (PS5 version). --> Do not let the upgrade progress bar fill to its maximum while a skill is marked that is already fully upgraded. - If between all the skills you still need to upgrade a single skill is already fully upgraded, just press D-Pad down or up again, so that you are upgrading a skill that needs it. - If you let the upgrade progress bar fill to its maximum while a skill is marked that is already fully upgraded, the game crashes. Really helpful glitch, my thanks to anybody finding and writing about such stuff.
  13. /edit: Was able to fix the issue with the Remote Play challenge not registering progress. Solution: PS5 settings -> User and Accounts -> Privacy -> Data You Provide -> Make sure, that this setting is set to Full and not to Limited. Source: +++++++++++ Original post: In my case neither Remote Play app on PC or Android was registered for the challenge (Was using Remote Play to connect to my PS5), while a person on Reddit wrote that the Remote Play app on IOS devices was registered for the challenge progress. Just look at other reddit topics for this challenge. Many people have problems with this challenge and nothing works:
  14. Finished the campaign Hit Play/1994 minutes ago. Since my account is a German PSN account, my PSN zone for the shop is also EU/Germany. Also, it was enough to just boot up each game, until the game's main window or first settings window was shown. Had not to really "play" any game. Only used a PS5 for the challenge. Console language: English (United Kingdom)
  15. Did you try basic things like: 1. Completely scrolling down the main window, where you see the overviews of all challenges? 2. Closing the PS-app completely by swiping away the app window and then restart the PS-app? 3. Logging in and out of the PS-app? 4. Logging out of the PS-app, uninstall the PS-app, reinstall the PS-app, and log in? If you tried all this and nothing helps, maybe ask Sony support (Yes, I know that sometimes they are not able to help, but what else can you do?).