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  1. Hello, I would also like to participate. This a great event to get back to playing some of my backlog games from Telltale and to play with my PS Vita and PS3 again. First 5 games are the following: Batman The Telltale Series (PS4) Tales from the Boarderlands (PS4) Game of Thrones [Telltale] (PS4) South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3) Adventures of MANA (PS Vita) They are curently not installed, but if needed i can load them up to my trophy set anytime (PSN ID: Geridian). Thank you in advance
  2. I would also like to participate. Have these seven games @100%/Platinum: .. this should get me Well played and Out of Time. In some time i should have 13 of these games completed (They are sitting in the backlog).
  3. Hello, please sign me up also. All seven games done since some time ago so rank should be "Chanpion of the gods"? Thank you very much PSN ID: Geridian
  4. The following fact I know first hand: If the Harddrive is faulty then the PS4 Pro will flash the blue light for some time and you will see the recovery menu on your TV which is telling you that the Harddrive is faulty. ==> I assume that your PS4 Pro goes off after blue light flashes one time? If so then the Harddrive is not the issue! I think that something in the power supply is faulty: Console goes on >> Registers internal failure >> shutdown to prevent other failures. Most electric devices do this the same way.
  5. Hello people, i am also in need of some hearting from you all 1) Need 13 hearts as creator: https://lbp.me/u/Geridian/levels?p=1&l=12 2) This level needs 41 hearts: https://lbp.me/v/q31xwjn/activity Thank you very much! /edit: Harted EVERYONES LEVEL and EVERY AUTHOR from page 54 and 55.
  6. South Park: The Stick of Truth (good game because it shows that round based RPGs still work. Doesn´t matter if Square Enix says otherwise!) or Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (Platinumed it myself just minutes ago)
  7. Since i have got some minutes to spare i will try to provide you guys with a quick overview of Talons, Saddles, Collars. Can´t provide exact location because i didn´t write them down. As i have written many times the Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Jobs and Items Guide (Version 1.10) - by Eleinia - April 9, 2009 which is avaiable on gamefaqs is accurate round about 75% (my personal opinion). Use this Guide and my notations for a complete overview. Can´t provide new exact item locations. For the Talons/Saddle/Collar trophies keep this in mind: Also you need to find the items in an appraised (identified) state to be counted for the trophies. Or you identify (appraise) the items after you pick them up. Loose the items before they are identifed (appraised) and you must collect them anew to identify (appraise) them. After items are appraised you can sell them. You don´t need to put them all into storage. Cursed Items also count (Text is purple but readable) Items which are purple but only show ?????? are not appraised and don´t count! Changes/additions are these.. Talons: Saddles: Collars:
  8. I just want to give a quick "Thank you!" to all who had anything to do with the solution which is shown here at side 1! ==> - Tried it today (EU Zone) and although version 1.29 was still online everything was working as shown in side 1. - Patchsize of 1.26 download was 30.014 GB - When Charles closed after 30 minutes my PS4 was still downlading, no drop of connection - When the download was finished the last 1% of installing took ~ 10 to 15 minutes but the result was FF XV with 1.26
  9. Mayhaps i will provide a quick but not complete trophy guide later the next week.
  10. @JaMPerhaps this helps you come to a conclusion: The last thing standing between me and Platinum is 1(!) fuckxxx BP from this assxxxx Omega. Yesterday I wrecked him and also OMG in Interdimensional Rift Dungeon without having problems. So I thought today: "Yeah, do Mystery Dungeon today then be done with it". But Omega must have thought this: "Today, my dear friend, I give you Stun+Stun+Stun+Slow+Laser Combo to kill you like you killed me yesterday". ==> So yeah, I got devastated. Had no No-Stun, so having this seems to be crucial. So yeah: If you only need the last 2 BP for him I would run 500F again and speed through it. Bookmark before Omega is key. --- Today (07/04/2019) at 09:11 (GMT+1) i got my platinum. Best part: I didn´t complete 500F again for getting this last BP from this shit type of boss, i went into Mystery Dungeon and defeated him there and accomplished this although not having any kind of No-Stun equipment again.
  11. Some spoilers inside! There was a change for Dark Saddle and Talons in this version: Instead of these items you get Gemsteel Talons and Saddle in these early floors of Guardian of Dark. In this version you can get Light and Dark Equipment either in last Floors of Postgame Dungeon Chocobo's Memories (after beating the Destroyer again) or while combating in Insatiable Hunger.
  12. Self answering question: Since Mystery Dungeon is available through Mirror of Training there is no option for bookmarking and that is not even possible in the others available through Mirror of Training. --- About Buddys: - Since Omega appears in this form only in Mystery Dungeon and Infinite 500F so there are no other farm spots. And both cost amounts of time. - The last buddy could be "Another Omega" from last Dungeon in Mirror of Training.
  13. Use Scholar Job (Since you get Appraise, Heal and Meal combination and Sight per Spell). Only leave a floor when Reaper is about to appear (I mean at first "You feel XXX" warning!). Good buddys for Omega in my opinion are: BM (since it can heal you), Mini Cactuar (His abilitie does the same damage as those damage and explosive drinks) or Dry Cactuar (He can despell Omega´s Haste and other buffs). Also you need luck with the loot in Mystery Dungeon, but since you are scholar and you are able to appraise everything you won´t put on any cursed items when itis not needed. It would be good to have high stock on explosion and damage potions, also some angel items to get Manaward are helpfull. Use invent every floor! ------ @JaMGot Dungeon Hero X myself some days ago. Just used Thief and abused Hero X´s weakness to abnormal status. Also Thief´s haste and Warp Wings helped me a lot
  14. Hey @xanith02100, you were right with the assumption: I was missing the Gemsteel Saddle and got this after Temple of Dark 30F. Curious is that i marked that as received on my list and this was true for the Gemsteel Talons.. But done is done and a mistake is a mistake . But know i know that having the Trophies... Collar Collector (Collect one of every type of collar.) Talon-ted Explorer (Collect one of every type of talons.) Saddle Up! (Collect one of every type of saddle.) ... is enough to get the Treasure Hunter (Collected one of every type of item.) Trophy. ==> My initial guess was that every item must at least had to be found once and that you need 100% of the key items to get this but that seems to be false.
  15. **Spoiler inside.. can't hide content on Smartphone with Firefox** Omega Saddle: - I only got Omega Saddle from bosses in Insatiable Hunger Infinite around 449 and 499. Also with low brand slots but since I cleared postgame content already with using Irma/Volg stuff and trophy only cares about maximum hone I can hone one of the bad Omega Saddles or bad Talons I recieved to maximum and trophy will be achieved. Fine for me . Shinryu's Talons: - Someone at gamefaqs wrote that he got Shinryu's Talons at Chocobo's Memories from Shinryu as last boss in last floor. - I for myself can't confirm this because I got either no items from Shinryu or Light Saddle, even with increased droprate. - As written above you will encounter Shinryu in Insatiable Hunger Infinite as boss anyways and since droprate looked to be higher this way I would place a bookmark savegame right before the fight and would just end and reload the savegame when no Talon is dropped. Alpha Talon: - You encounter Omega only in normal game modes where you can take equipment with you or where you receive items for keeping in Insatiable Hunger Infinite Dungeon at 499F and not in other Dungeons. ==> So yeah: You can only get Alpha Talon in Insatiable Hunger Infinite 499F normally. - Also work with bookmark savegame here! - Maybe the Alpha Talon drops also in the last two Dungeons which are available through the Mirror of Training but can't say for sure and would not count on it. Dungeon of Heroes: - Saw this mentioned nowhere at the internet and found this basically out myself or other people know and don't care about sharing.. Gemsteel Equipment: - Where the Wii Item list I used told me to get the Dark stuff I got these Gemstone stuff. Later the Dark stuff dropped, too. - So, yeah: I would say Gemstone stuff is an addition in the loot set. For Equipment Trophys in general because of the saddle trophy I missed: - I guess my issue is that during gameplay I got a saddle in inventory without appraising it, marked it as found and kicked it away or sold it ==> Without being appraised when picking up or after picking up an item doesn't count as found (I know this for sure because last talon or collar did only count for trophy while I picked it up with Appraisers Collat equipped. - Thought that maybe Shinryu has ab exclusive talon I would miss out an exclusive saddle but guess that this is wrong now.. - Did pick up and appraise No-Stun (Use this as brand on saddle) and the Genji Stuff, Volg is used as saddle actively so yeah.. if their is no Shinryu's Saddle I missed an old one. Glad that Mirrors exist.