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  1. #220 Saints Row The Third Remastered Another title from the PS Plus Premium catalog, this one sits somewhat uncomfortably in the series. It's not as serious as 2, or as goofy as 4, so it gets stuck in that awkward middle ground where it's trying to serve 2 masters, and not doing great at either. The humor is hit or miss, even for someone like me who enjoys crude jokes, and the "Serious" side is never done well enough to truly be, well, serious. I also thought Steelport was a significant downgrade from Stilwater in 2. Fortunately, the gameplay is still fun, and if you're so inclined, you can completely remove the difficulty once you get to max rank by being immune to everything other than being physically smacked in the face. For my money, it's not as good as SR 2 or SR 4, but it's still a fun time sink, especially when it's included in a sub, as opposed to a separate purchase.
  2. Without getting too far into the weeds on QC vs QA, I am going to chime in on the "this wouldn't have happened years ago" front. Branding means something, and there was a time when it meant you stood behind your product, despite the occasional clunker getting through anyway. Someone upthread said as long as a game works, it's passed QC/QA. Let's compare that to cars for a minute. If you got a Bugatti with plastic door handles, plastic cupholders, and the exact same gear shifter from a Toyota Yaris, it all technically works and would have passed that definition of QC. However, I don't think anyone can argue with a straight face that it meets the quality standards you expect from Bugatti. Every system has always had bad games, but it's the seeming willful acceptance of a torrent of truly inferior products that has a lot of people (myself included) annoyed. For the record, I mainly mean the breakthrough gaming/jumping x line. Rata and the like have ridiculously easy plats, but at least they are actual games, where you can get something out of it other than the plat if you're so inclined. I think we need to distinguish between shit trophy lists, like Rata, and actual shit games, like breakthrough/zippy/jumping etc.
  3. I haven't played titan souls, but I did plat this game (ps4 version). I would compare it to an old school zelda mainly. It's harder than that, but not unreasonable. Fun title, could be plat in 1 playthrough, but do 2 if you are interested in actually enjoying the game, as the one trophy really restricts your play options. I enjoyed it for what it's worth.
  4. #219 Nobody Saves the World I was a major fan of Drinkbox Studios Guacamelee games, so buying this was a no brainer. Thankfully, it largely lived up to my expectations. It's a decently deep hack and slash, with a large number of abilities to mix and match across the memorable classes such as Zombie, Monk, Ranger, and...Horse? Yes that's right, Horse is a class in this game. The graphics are crisp and expressive, and the audio is solid, if unspectacular. The ability to set abilities from multiple classes and multiple passives on any class allows for tremendous flexibility, while character specific challenges ensure you'll try them all, and get to grips with possible playstyles. It has one unfortunate similarity with my last plat, a new game plus trophy. It's slightly less egregious in this one, as the dungeons all get new modifiers, such as increased enemy health, or decreased mana cost, or the ever interesting all damage x9999, essentially turning everything (including you) into ultra glass cannons. Despite this, it's still not different enough to make a second playthrough feel really compelling. All in all though, highly recommended, and a lot of fun.
  5. I was always something of a completionist, mainly 100% on RPGs back in the day, but then I started chieve hunting on the 360, and that carried over to the Playstation.
  6. #218 Marvel's Spider Man: Miles Morales This was a great fun-sized Spidey experience. If you liked the original, this is more of the same, and that's a good thing. It removed the annoying sneaking parts from the first one, and kept the satisfying gameplay. I thought it did a good job of introducing Miles's circle of friends and family for people who don't really know him, and didn't overstay it's welcome. The one complaint I have is with the trophy list, one in particular. The new game plus trophy is utterly worthless. There's nothing different in NG+, and including it in a base game list is annoying. When games add NG+ with extra difficulties post launch, you can sort of understand, but unless there are significant gameplay or story changes in NG+, it serves no useful purpose other than padding plat length.
  7. That started happening with patch 1.10. It wasn't an issue for me on 1.09. Anytime I noticed it, I reloaded my last checkpoint. It may just be a visual glitch, but I didn't want to take the chance.
  8. #217 Mark of the Ninja Remastered This was one of my favorite indies back on the X360, so I jumped at the chance to play it again with a plat. The graphics are crisp 2D, the audio does a great job of complementing the stealth gameplay, and the game itself requires some effort, but also has a forgiving checkpoint system, so you won't get too frustrated. Definitely recommended.
  9. #216 Shadow Warrior 3 This was disappointing. I loved SW 1, and 2 still had some fun moments despite being an overblown mess. This one was just trying too hard. Graphically, it's decent, but that's the high point for me. They replaced two of the main voice actors for cultural reasons, but the new guys didn't feel as good, plus the game had audio synch issues in cutscenes for me. Mouth movement was not that close to the vocals in most of the cutscenes, and the cutscenes lagged in general. Gameplay wise, it's really pared down, excessively so. All the levels are 90+% linear, with the only diversion being for upgrade orbs, which makes that feel cheap and unnecessary too. The combat is almost all combat arenas, with clear influence from Doom Eternal. You have very little ammo, and you mainly regain ammo/health by using melee or ranged weapons on the enemies, and finishers are even reminiscent of Doom. The combat never really has that visceral feel though, so you're sorta just there, but not that in to it. Story has never been a strong point of the series, and that trend continues here. Game is plattable in under 10 hrs with a single playthrough. If you have PS Plus Premium and really want to check this out, go for it, but I wouldn't recommend it. Very mediocre entry and I'm just happy I didn't pay for it.
  10. # 215 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Good god this was a slog. You know what kind of experience you're getting with an Ubisoft title, unless you've been living under a rock for a decade. However, this is not only the least Assassin-y game of the lot, but the most bloated. The sheer size of the map is ridiculous, and completely unnecessary. If the game had been reduced in size by about 30%, it would have been a much tighter, better paced experience. The fact that I played it years after launch, so all the DLC content was immediately available didn't help either. You can ignore the DLC, either until after the main story, or entirely if you want, but if you do, that just makes the DLC abilities that much more pointless, as you'll barely have a chance to use them. The game is pretty looking, and Kassandra was actually quite a fun character, Legacy of the First Blade bullshit aside, but if you aren't tired of it well before you're done, you are a more patient gamer than I. Bigger is not always better, and this game is pretty much the definitive argument for that.
  11. I get where you're coming from, but there are so many short easy games that are actually games(and decent ones at that), not trophy purchasing simulators, that the 99 cent trophy grabs rub me the wrong way. Just looking at my recent games, Newt One, Dragon Audit, Donut County, and Burly Men at Sea are all probably 3-5 hours of gameplay and 1/10 difficulty. It's not the same as 50 stacks of jumping whatever, but if you're looking for quick plats to break up the long grinds, not just trying to keep up with the leaderboards, there are such better (IMO) options.
  12. Godzilla. I have the physical ps4 disc.
  13. # 214 Guacamelee 2 I went back to this after several yeas to clean it up. This game sat for a long time, because I had been playing it co-op with a friend, and then...COVID. It's an incredibly fun game, with occasionally frustratingly precise platforming segments. Having played the first one will improve your enjoyment quite a bit. Overall, highly recommended. The DLC trials can prove somewhat challenging if you want the full 100% though, so be forewarned.
  14. As I get older and gaming peripherals get more expensive, I pretty much just go off verbally now. The last thing I broke was a headset. It was one of those cheap pack in headsets with the X360 controllers. I was in party with RL friends while trying to do "Mile High Club" in COD MW1, and I missed the time by about .3 seconds. I try not to scream in friends ears, so I ripped the headset off, and I pulled it so hard I snapped the plastic headpiece in half. Once I found enough tape to jury rig it, my friends had a good laugh at me.
  15. I do this as well. At a certain point, it gets large enough that you admit you have no realistic chance of emptying it, and go back to playing whatever catches your attention in the moment. At least, that's how it worked for me, and now I don't stress about it nearly as much.