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  1. It's weird, you're spot on with the gameplay, but it's also incredibly tense when you're an hour into a level, and could lose all that time to one stupid mistake. It harder and simpler at the same time I guess?🤔
  2. Glad to see you back! You've been an enjoyable read since the beginning, and even inspired me to try some difficult games, so I'm looking forward to your updates again!
  3. I may get this eventually through daily play, but if you're a 100% profile hunter, stay far away. The game is fun in short bursts, but prepare to either hate your life, or accept that this is a long term 100%. I'm doing the latter. If it takes me a year plus to full clear, I'm ok with that. If you're not, play on a secondary profile, because the game is legit old-school fps fun, but a terrible 100%.
  4. #170 Master of Kamurocho Now all I have left to finish the US available RGG Studios games are (Checks list) Dead Souls, Y5, Y6, Judgement, Like a Dragon (Cries softly)
  5. Is this really the series to worry about that though? Unless they have nuked everything that made it saint's row, you're not playing as a good person. You'll probably be a mass murderer just to start, and that's not counting how you act in non story content. I'm not looking to play as someone dropping slurs left and right, but I don't exactly think a gang leader is going to be a paragon of virtue.
  6. Mine is between Shadow Warrior and Binding of Isaac. SW is rarer, and harder, but Isaac was a real grind, and just so good to have done. Don't ask me when I'm doing the DLC for it though😅
  7. My first plat was my 40th trophy, Katamari Forever. I was mainly a X360 player that gen, so I'd been a chieve hunter for years and knew plats would be a thing for me early on. Granted, I didn't expect I'd end up plat hunting like I have🤣 Side note, 11 years on, maybe I should go back and finish Cross Edge. My first trophy being from a game I didn't plat is bugging me now.😅
  8. Just sent a crew request as well. Appreciate the help!
  9. 2 reasons: Inertia, and the fact that a good list will encourage me to do more than just beat the game, which I wouldn't necessarily do on my own. That being said, I don't 100% every game, and tedious online trophies frequently just kill my interest in platting a game. I'm 1 trophy away from the BF5 plat, but I'd need a boosting session for the plane kills. That's just not fun. But give me something difficult yet skill based, and I'm likely to put an equal amount of time in to get it done. That's just me though. Everyone needs to find their own reason and how far they're willing to go.
  10. I don't know if it's technically feasible, but I would be in favor of this as well. It's my own fault, but I don't love looking at a sound shapes autopop as my fastest.
  11. It's doable. I completed it last October, using the multiple NG+ Mindtrash talked about for Elite Player. I didn't enjoy the game very much though. It was extremely repetitive and combat wasn't much fun. Hope you feel differently if you go for it, but it was definitely one of my less fun platinums. Good luck!
  12. Assault Android Cactus 5 years 2 months, and a little bit of my soul💀
  13. I voted Hollow Knight. It's a great game in its own right, regardless of if you go for the plat or use the glitch.
  14. Can you not earn trophies with a password server? At least 1 guide I read suggested it just disabled XP progression. I don't want to waste time boosting DFA in a server that won't work.
  15. I feel the same. I'm in the end game for the plat now, and my runs consist of getting to the item room on the first floor and rerolling for the Book of Revelations (for Super Meat Boy) or Pyromaniac (Infinite reroll method for the other 5 items I need), and restarting if I don't get it. It's tremendously repetitive and not much fun. I absolutely still like the game, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good game to play normally, but the plat hunt has definitively made the game worse for me. Unfortunately, I'm too stubborn to quit, so it's back to banging my head against a wall!