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  1. I don't know if it's technically feasible, but I would be in favor of this as well. It's my own fault, but I don't love looking at a sound shapes autopop as my fastest.
  2. It's doable. I completed it last October, using the multiple NG+ Mindtrash talked about for Elite Player. I didn't enjoy the game very much though. It was extremely repetitive and combat wasn't much fun. Hope you feel differently if you go for it, but it was definitely one of my less fun platinums. Good luck!
  3. Assault Android Cactus 5 years 2 months, and a little bit of my soul💀
  4. I voted Hollow Knight. It's a great game in its own right, regardless of if you go for the plat or use the glitch.
  5. Can you not earn trophies with a password server? At least 1 guide I read suggested it just disabled XP progression. I don't want to waste time boosting DFA in a server that won't work.
  6. I feel the same. I'm in the end game for the plat now, and my runs consist of getting to the item room on the first floor and rerolling for the Book of Revelations (for Super Meat Boy) or Pyromaniac (Infinite reroll method for the other 5 items I need), and restarting if I don't get it. It's tremendously repetitive and not much fun. I absolutely still like the game, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good game to play normally, but the plat hunt has definitively made the game worse for me. Unfortunately, I'm too stubborn to quit, so it's back to banging my head against a wall!
  7. Have fun with that door. It's "special" isn't it? 😅 By the way, have you found any items you keep picking up, but almost always regret? Every time I grab Bob's brain I'm mad at myself within 3 rooms.
  8. Nice update! That Satan fight with your health hidden must have been nerve wracking. I started BoI about a week and a half ago, and am unapologetically save scumming through the later stages. Even with that, it's crazy how much RNGesus can change your run with one or two good items. My successful Blue Baby Chest run took less time than many of my 8 floor runs when the game blessed me with the holy mantle, mom's knife, and super bandage girl, but I've also had runs where I got to stage 7 or 8 without a single damage up item, and gave up because my DPS made it near impossible to do the last levels. Looking forward to update 3!
  9. Maybe this has been answered and I missed it, but do I have to have downloaded purchased games to be able to redownload them after the store closes or just bought them? I have a ton of purchased content, so if I have to actually download and delete, I need to start soon. Not to mention games to install and check for dlc😭
  10. I mean, I don't do ratalaika games or anything, but stuff like SMB or Splasher just seem incredibly daunting to me. I'm a grinder, so that gets me through games you can brute force with repetition, but the skill on these no death runs is just super intimidating. I get frustrated with failure that can kill a solid hour plus like missing the time for a speedrun. Bite sized frustrations are fine, I can re-do pool in Yakuza for hours(and have repeatedly) since it's 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes a try, but the time commitment for a speedrun or no death playthrough is not something I've ever really been able to push myself towards.
  11. I have been lurking this topic since near the start, and I just want to thank you for one of the most engaging experiences on psnp. I don't have the tolerance for hard games like you do, but this has been one of the most enjoyable topics I've seen. I can't wait for the first BoI update, and you may finally inspire me to try and plat something truly difficult. 😁
  12. I turned the sound off while doing this. I found the biggest thing messing me up was swinging based on the sound. If you turn the sound off, just wait for the windup, then watch for Kiryu to stop moving. That's when it's time to swing.
  13. Necroing this thread for a minute. Remote play on the vita actually really helped me. Screen is smaller, so not as much distance to look, and you can turn the whole system to check your angle. The right stick seemed to do less spin as well.
  14. Absolutely hoping for more Katamari. Bought this one twice (Switch physical and PS4 digital) and would gladly re-buy more Katamari titles if they put them out. These games are just so much fun! No bullshit, just simple, satisfying gameplay and a massively enjoyable soundtrack to go with it.
  15. I'm not going to say it wasn't grindy (It was). But comparing it to games like Heroic Legend of Arslan, which I'm in the middle of, or other musou style games, I don't really think it's fair to call it the most tedious platinum ever. I've definitely got plats on my profile that required a lot more tedium.