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  1. You only get the trophy for completing the game if you choose to save Timmy. If you choose the other option where you can continue after, you won't get the trophy. The sprinkler trophy is single player only, I threw a molotov at the ceiling where the vending machines are and got it.
  2. The Masters of Dungeons (Complete twenty five crawls as a Dungeon Master) took both me and my friend about 50 attempts for the trophy to pop. Veteran Dungeoneer (Complete fifty Dungeon Crawls) popped for me at 50-ish, but took my friend about 65 attempts. We both had a couple blue screen game crashes as well along the way.
  3. I purchased the game today (June 28) from the North American store and got an error message, so the online is not functional. Hopefully it is fixed, if so I'll post here.
  4. I haven't played the game in awhile, so don't have any help to offer right now. I might go back to it someday.
  5. I noticed the Vita version is now available, it's cross-buy with the PS4 version. No idea if the 100% completion glitch is fixed on the Vita version, the PS4 version hasn't been patched afaik and is still version 1.01. The patch to fix the PS4 version was supposed to drop when the Vita version was released.
  6. I've put some progress into it and know someone who has platinumed it. I wouldn't recommend it. It's frustrating and buggy. You die repeatedly, and when you come back to life you have a sliver of health. There is no information online about collectables so you have to scour the levels looking for secret areas which require a specific weapon or powerup to open. There are only five levels, but you have to play them multiple times. You get upgrade points for finishing levels and for gathering collectables. You also need to do a speed run on every level, but that is best saved until you have full upgrades. You also have to do an entire playthrough with no upgrades at all. I plan on posting what I've found out so far for the trophies I've managed to get at least.
  7. I tried this method with a friend doing a Scrapyard Scramble and it did not work. We tried again doing the "Sky Terror" DLC mission and it worked. I did see his name in the leaderboard after I died during my first attempt and retried the challenge.
  8. Thanks, I edited the Hard solution to include the moves I mistyped.
  9. The solutions are for each type, so if you do an Easy puzzle use the Easy solution. It shuffles it the exact same way each time. I tested them a few times and got the same shuffle every time I tried, if it differs for anyone let me know. I also carefully checked for typos so it should be correct, but people verifying would help.
  10. You can record the game scrambling the pieces and watch the video in reverse to see how to unscramble the puzzles. However, the game uses the same scramble on each type of puzzle every time, so you don't even need to do that, you just need a move guide for each type of puzzle. Easy U U L L D R D L U R U R D D L U R U L L D D R R U L U L D R D L U U R R Medium R R U R U L U L L D R D D R R U L U L U L D D D R R U L U L D R D L U U U R R R Hard U L U L U L U L D D R D D R R U L U L U L D D D R R U L U L D R D L U U U U R R R R Don't do your first puzzle too quickly or you will have trouble beating your best time to get one of the trophies.
  11. It breaks down something like this: Combo - You want to get as high a combo as possible in every fight you can. Nose - Collecting noses dropped by the clowns you defeated. Probably the ones in the hidden chest too. Heroism - Try not to die on the level. I am unsure if damage taken or potions drank matter, I just did each level without dying. Chest - Set bonus for finding the chest, 5000 points. Worth going for. Baubles - 100 points for each hidden bauble in the level. 1000 points if you get them all. Not worth worrying about. I played each level on Easy, and cleared them without dying. It took several tries of each level to get a better score, I found the most important thing is getting your combo as high as you can every time you can. I still have my rough notes, here's the scores I got for each and my max combo, if it helps you. You may be able to get away with lower scores, these are what worked for me. 1 - 86570 points, x21 combo 2 - 59700 points, x15 combo 3 - 66280 points, x14 combo 4 - 52360 points, x20 combo 5 - 84280 points, x23 combo 6 - 121180 points, x25 combo 7 - 80730 points, x27 combo 8 - 80820 points, x35 combo Hope that helps!