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  1. Welps, guess it's time to throw the PS4 in the bin 🤣🤣 I played all NFS on PS2 and PSP, missed on PS3 (bought NFS TheRun for PC) and played Payback, Heat and NFS 2015. My favourite was NFS 2015, payback sits lowwww Payback is the least favorite in the PS4 gen, even though it's fun to play. I hate offroads with arcade physics. Offroad with proper physics is fun!
  2. I managed to finish the races after sooo many tries, but thanks! I'm about to finish the career and time to tackle drift zones and the rest of the collectibles 😋 I think I made a bad choice in terms of offroad car, I bought a Subaru Impreza WRX thinking it would act like a true Impreza WRX but it doesn't 😅 Also, I turned the difficult down to easy exclusively for offroad races and the AI still managed to catch me!
  3. I know, it's simply an arcade-styled game. I've played NFS and all the type of racing games for years and I'm aware of that. But the handling on offroad races on NFS Payback is simply awful. Races are so frustrating, it's so hard to mantain the car on the road as the handling is so unpredictable. Plus, the rubber-band effect is sooo strong in this type of races. Sometimes your leading the race for 70% of its lenght and a random guy just shows up in a fcked up car and overtakes you... No matter how upgraded your car is. Bleh.
  4. Oh, ok! I asked because in WRC games I keep seeing some weird white things like the ones you see if you look directly into the sun. And that's WRC thing, because I already changed TVs and it doesn't show on any other game, other than WRC 8,9 and 10😅
  5. Weird pattern like those white things you see when you look at the sun directly IRL?
  6. It's a bit time consuming, for the rank #1 grind mostly. But I think in 30/40 hours you can get it done easily
  7. The problem with that 917K was the number that the car in GT7 has. The Porsche that won LeMans 1970 was #20, whereas the GT7 one is #2
  8. Was it a GranTurismo7 update or a Remote Play update? My remote play session crashed 1h ago due to an update, but after I updated it still worked. Didn't update a thing on PS5, though
  9. Still struggling with IA-10 and S-10. IA-10 I can get like 0.100 adrift from gold, whereas in S-10 I'm always like 1/2 seconds off. I manage to keep with the Porsche 917K for almost half of the lap and suddently he goes awayyy
  10. With v0.55 it gets stuck on the final times screen. With v0.601 it keeps looping replay. I've just unlocked pan am, so it's the one on the right. Do you know why is this happening/what can i do? EDIT: Nevermind, it simply started working with v6.601 this time around! 😂
  11. solved
  12. It's totally worth it in my opinion, and as the other guys said, it's just another pound!
  13. I really think they should keep the trophy as it is right now, even though I know I don't have the skill for it. Yeah it sucks to not be able to 100% the game, but who cares? The game is fun and it what really matters to me. There are plenty of easy platinuns if you're main goal is not having fun and having easily doable platinum
  14. Hey! When I go to my old profile, it's says No trophies, when I go to my new one, it tells me to wait 24 hours! What's wrong, will they sync?