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  1. Still feel kinda bad for Dauntless, they wanted to fill the Monster Hunter niche on home consoles and PC but now with Monster Hunter World there’s really no reason to play Dauntless. List seems really basic as others have pointed out already, no platinum is pretty wack. At least it doesn’t seem like the massive grindfest list that F2P games like to do.
  2. Melee. Tekken if you’re a purist.
  3. Absolute banger of a sale. Rain World for 2.99 is crazy.
  4. It’s hardly suffering, the game has been a massive success financially speaking. Personally i’m not on the front that thinks reading reviews is entirely pointless. I believe that the industry in its current state really needs customers to be as informed as they can be. This can be because a game might be broken at launch or includes business practices that you dislike. Reading reviews is as good of a way as any to inform yourself. Of course it’s hard to deny that critics often end up having opinions that might differ from your personal opinions or are even generally considered false in retrospect. Most people on this site should have been playing videogames for long enough to have an idea of what they’re personally looking for in a videogame. You should also probably be experienced enough to make educated purchases. The whole angle that reading others opinions beforehand might change the way you subjectively experience a game does have some truth to it. Somebody pointing out flaws or personal grievances to you might lead to you noticing things that you wouldn’t have otherwise, negatively impacting your experience. But the same can also be true the other way around. You might find yourself appreciating a mechanic more than if you’d gone in blind. tldr: Nobody’s opinion is worthless and being informed is super important but only you know what you like.
  5. Respectable decision, it must be hard to quit a hobby that so heavily relies on continued activity. I’ve recently been thinking about how in most competitive games you can maintain a legacy long after stopping competing whereas in trophy hunting once you’ve fallen off the leaderboard that’s kinda it.
  6. Pretty significant improvement over the last one.
  7. Here's my purchases chronologically (i've rounded up most prices for the sake of simplification): -Second Guacamelee 2 DLC: 2.50€ -Night in the Woods: 15€ -Yakuza Dead Souls: 13.50€ -Shadow Tactics: 18€ -Shenmue I + II HD: 20€ -Castlevania Requiem: 10€ Total: 79€ I was expecting the total to be around 50-60€ so this is a bit more than i'd expected. If we're also counting money spent on entrance fees for tournaments we're probably looking at an extra 50€ or so. Even so i'd say i did okay enough, though i feel i could be doing better. Maybe if i can convince myself to let go of the idea of getting physical copies whenever possible and wait for sales even on stuff that's cheap to begin with i can shave off another 30-40%. Seeing how i still want to buy Sekiro, both Judgement as well as MHW Iceborne are out later this year and i'll probably have to renew my PS+ sub if i like it or not i'm not sure if i'll be able to maintain an average of 20€ a month though.
  8. Capcom has just announced they would be holding another developer update on May 9th (or May 10th depending on your timezone). The previous update revealed both the Witcher collaboration as well as the Iceborne expansion along some additional minor content. Community manager Socks has implied that viewers should be expecting additional information on Iceborne. The stream is set to start one hour after the start of the also recently announced new State of Play (Playstation Direct).
  9. It’s already better than the last one.
  10. The key systems of Tekken 7 are a general improvement over previous games in the series. The game retains everything made the series stand out in the past and none of the new systems feel overly intrusive. The skill floor has been lowered while the skill ceiling is still the highest out of any contemporary fighting game. It's also likely the most balanced fighting game out right now. Tekken 7 is by far my favorite 3D fighter to both watch and play competitively, no recent releases even come close in my opinion. That being said, i would agree that post-launch support has been mostly underwhelming and there could be more returning/new characters instead of obviously paid inclusions. I don't much care for the story, never have never will in fighting games so i can't really say much about that.
  11. Thanks a lot Edmund.
  12. While the lack of deathless run trophies is somehwhat of a relief, the speedrun and even the sub 200 death run trophies (i'd imagine those two kinda go hand in hand) should ensure it's still a plenty difficult platinum. Edit: Just remembered that USB save is a thing so honestly it might be pretty doable with practice. Still UR obviously, but a tier below SMB.
  13. Hella tempting: Castelvania Requiem Metal Slug Anthology Metal Max Xeno Also looking great but i feel like they'll get even cheaper if i wait a bit more: Resident Evil 2 Remake Dragon Quest XI FotNS Lost Paradise Earth Defense Force 5 Taiko no Tatsujin
  14. The games on offer this month both seem pretty nice and i personally feel like the overall reaction on here has been a little unfair. that being said no way i’m renewing my sub for this lol
  15. I’d personally much rather have seen them do just about anything else with the Persona 5 brand. A musou game doesn’t seem like a great fit to me. Good for those who do like these games though.