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  1. It’s not necessarily harder, it’s just different. What you find harder or easier really depends on your personal playstyle. Let me say that the game absolutely *will* be harder if you just try to play it like Bloodborne.
  2. These scores are more or less what i’d expected. Does any site go into detail on the technical performance on different platforms?
  3. Game looks fun, i also really dig the setting. Probably won’t be a day one purchase from me though, i’ve kinda got other stuff on my plate right now and i’d prefer to be careful considering who the publisher is.
  4. What i’m saying is that the demand exists and it’s going to happen anyway, thus it’s preferable if it happens in a regulated fashion with nobody getting scammed.
  5. I personally don’t plan on ever paying for anything like this or getting paid for doing anything like this for somebody else. I suppose it isn’t too bad that the people that do want this for whatever reason have an option that probably won’t try to scam them out of their money or account though.
  6. The game is easily worth the price of the collectors edition just on its own. I hope this does well and Silk Song gets a physical release at launch.
  7. Good question actually. I’m leaning towards no personally, i feel that the differences in gameplay, progression system and overall presentation are big enough to consider Sekiro its own thing. I do see how one could make a point for the opposite being the case though. I’d appreciate hearing others opinions.
  8. Cloudsave exploit is a thing, you can easily prepare with practice mode and the overall ranking is extremely forgiving.
  9. You probably won’t have to do everything 4 times. I do think it’s a positive sign that the team decided to add incentives to play through the game multiple times thought, as a lack of replayability was my initial fear due to the removal of many RPG elements.
  10. Dope, at least 4 endings.
  11. I find that to be a quite rude response to me only wanting to help you find the information you needed. A variation of veterans day and memorial day is celebrated in close to all western nations. I’m sorry you feel under appreciated (i’m assuming you fought in the military, please correct me if i’m wrong) and i’d be glad to help you find out your local version of veterans day if you were to tell me your nationality. If you’re uncomfortable with doing so a quick Google should also do the trick. I’d suggest settling this via personal message or status update though, as i fear this thread has gotten quite a bit off-topic.
  12. Veterans day is on November 11th. Edit: Oh, and Memorial Day is on May 27th.
  13. I suppose i can’t imagine it getting a sequel so that’s about right. Gravity Rush 2 sadly underperformed quite a bit.
  14. Dope that they acknowledged Kat even if her chance of ever getting another game is basically zero.
  15. Platinum for Slime Rancher Hardly anything overly ambitious or exceptionally good artwork but i have this one on my milestones list so i see it pretty often and it puts a smile on my face 100% of the time.