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  1. Finding it hard to make a generalized statement on this. If NG+ is well implemented with noticeable changes that actually have an impact on the gameplay experience, I see no reason not to have trophies for it.
  2. I recall having a similar situation with No Straight Roads, couldn't find it via the Extra catalogue and had to find it through the normal search (which is also terrible but that's beside the point).
  3. Very unfortunate to learn, think I'm just not going to bother with the game at all then.
  4. To add to this thread, based on my experience the only missables are side quests and certain people journal entries. I have found no way to get the journal entries linked to time specific conversations on the final chapter, so I'd strongly suggest talking to everyone at the Dandelion whenever the story takes you back there as the guide suggests or to keep a journal entry guide on hand.
  5. I enjoyed it. The presentation is definitely the main star moreso than the gameplay. But they do a great job at masking the somewhat minimal gameplay by mixing things up between exploration, puzzles and action. It also doesn't overstay its welcome at all. Stray should definitely be looked at as an example of great pacing in videogames.
  6. That's great to hear, thoroughly enjoyed the base game so I'll def be back for this eventually.
  7. I've noticed this as well, these trends line up with my own observations comparing EU and US stacks. There's three possible explanations that I can think of: 1. Cultural differences - Europeans are generally more likely to complete games for complex cultural reasons that are hard to specify. 2. Socioeconomic circumstances - Games are generally a bit cheaper in the US compared to the EU. (Idk to what extent if at all this correlates to Americans actually being poorer as well) Therefore Europeans might be incentivized to complete their games to get more value out of them. 3. Stackers The largest gaming market is in the US as evidenced by the numbers in OP. Stackers who play multiple region versions of a game very likely do so in order to multiplat it and can therefore be expected to have high completion rates. Since the US would have the largest number of stackers, these people would logically affect other region's lists more than the other way around.
  8. Don't expect to see it on Sony consoles at launch. It's not unlikely that it will be on those systems eventually, kinda like what happened with Hollow Knight 1. We can point fingers at Sony and their mediocre indie support for being to blame for this and it probably wouldn't be too far off the mark, but it's also worth keeping in mind that Team Cherry is a very small studio. Launching on 3 systems simultaneously is already extremely unusual for a team their size.
  9. I'm most excited for Tunic tbh.
  10. I was kinda hoping for something like a discount for the new service to attract early adopters, Sony really subverted my expectations by somehow doing the exact opposite of that.
  11. I only buy games that I think look interesting and are probably decent value. I don't really let platinum difficulty affect that decision, although the "decent value" part generally filters out >1h games. Kinda just have to repeat the sentiment, don't just buy games blindly.
  12. I like how meta this list is but I wish they could have done without the idle trophy. Not down for that one with the current energy prices.
  13. In my opinion the tradeoff of having a wider range of games available by making development more accessible on PS4 is still worth the flood of shovelware and the 5 minute platinum singularity that came with it. There should probably be efforts to counteract this on Sony's end by policing what games can and can't have a platinum more. Though admittedly, that might be harder in practice than in theory. For example, imposing a 10 hour minimum time to platting a game would likely just lead to a lot of "accumulate 10 hours of gametime" trophies, which I don't think would be to anybody's benefit. Going with something like difficulty instead would also be rough considering how difficulty is highly subjective. A good metric to use would be platinum rarity, but that's not available to us prior to release. One could go back to having platinums be exclusive to larger profile games but I don't think that would be entirely fair to indie developers who are making quality work. So instead of setting standards for what does and doesn't get a platinum trophy, maybe the real solution is just more quality control and closing the shovelware gates.
  14. This is pretty important and has imo been one of Sony’s biggest failings in recent memory. The Switch has completely outclassed both the PS4 and 5 in terms of indie library and it didn’t use to be this way. Sony has been sleeping on the indie market extremely hard and the result is that games widely anticipated even by a more casual audience like Hollow Knight 2 are launching on PC and Switch, not on Playstation.
  15. I’d say it’s harder than a 3, probably like a 6 or 7. You can make things a lot easier for yourself by abusing ranbow runs and save backups, overall the grind is probably keeping more people from completing it than the difficulty.