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  1. I’d say it’s harder than a 3, probably like a 6 or 7. You can make things a lot easier for yourself by abusing ranbow runs and save backups, overall the grind is probably keeping more people from completing it than the difficulty.
  2. This one is pretty good actually.
  3. Nothing I’ve really been on the lookout for, mostly just the same stuff that seems to go on sale every month or so. Shame since I have no games right now, might just pick up Bayonetta or something.
  4. I don’t really have many self imposed rules. 1. Don’t buy games/DLC for trophies 2. Don’t decide you won’t complete a game unless you’ve already made an active unsuccessful effort to complete it.
  5. Finally got it so I’m sharing my experience for those struggling. Tried for 40-60 minutes in the evening for four days in a row, then finally got it around noon on the fifth day. Hard to say whether me being more awake/attentive at that time of day really helped but I feel like it did. I used the spider dance method, same as OP. When I messed up, I’d generally be able to tell what my exact mistake was about 80-90% of the time. The rest felt like they may have been controller problems but I have no proof of this lil. I’d generally start getting adrenaline rushes around the 600 mark, which threw me off two times. It also kinda helps though since it stops you ftom overthinking.
  6. Interesting, so time commitment for the plat gas gone up while the skill requirement has gone down. Seems more in line with the spirit of the game. Anybody got a time estimate with the new patch?
  7. I feel like this thread leans a little more into overlooked games than actually underrated ones, but that’s fine by me. Consider checking these out: Darkwood This game markets itself as a horror game that doesn’t rely on jumpscares. That’s not necessarily inaccurate, but I’d instead call it a survival horror game that leans a little more towards the survival side of that name but is elevated by excellent art direction and sound design as well as great writing. It’s more unsettling than outright scary and has an atmosphere that’s quite unique, at least on console. The Sexy Brutale A puzzle game centered around preventing increasingly elaborate death scenarios within a time loop. I’ve seen it compared to Ghost Trick, though the comparison mostly lies in the premise. It executes its concept really well considering its budget on top of having an exceptional soundtrack. It is a little on the easy side unfortunately, the game could have really used 1-2 more late game scenarios making use of all its mechanics.
  8. Sony seems to be really bad to work with on stuff like this, I remember when it took ages for Binding of Isaac to get updated on the EU store.
  9. These kind of reports pop up around the launch of most if not all consoles. Early shipments are bound to have more defective models and will get more attention because everyone was already talking about the launch of the system beforehand. One should keep in mind however, that these kinds of issues are still quite rare even at launch. There are a lot of good arguments against buying at launch but fear of getting a defective model isn’t one of them.
  10. A lot of great stuff this sale, probably gonna grab Return of the Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds, Darkwood and maybe Blasphemous.
  11. I did the game “legit” and I’d put it around a 7-8/10. Hard, but not unreasonably so. I think there’s an exploit now but I don’t know anything about it. I’d imagine it takes away a lot from the experience but it’s good to keep in mind that you could theoretically fall back on it if needed.
  12. I feel like the answer to your question strongly depends on context. From a consumers perspective, a game being on multiple systems means you have more options available to you, which should generally be a good thing. At the same time, there is realistically little reason for a company like Sony to assist in funding a game if they cannot expect it to help move their system. As an example, Bloodborne would greatly benefit from a PC port, if only to iron out its technical issues. However, if Bloodborne wasn’t an exclusive, it’s likely that it wouldn’t exist at all. In cases like Horizon, where the game is only ported years after its initial release, I really don’t see the harm. The game now being on PC doesn’t really take anything away from how much you enjoyed it on PS4.
  13. I had no idea city builders had falled out of favor this badly, the reaction to this month feels overly negative to me. Cities is honestly pretty great, even if it has loads of DLC.
  14. You have to keep in mind that Sony has an insane amount of patents, many of which are far more questionable, that they have never used. I am certain that arrogant Sony will make a grand return, but we shouldn’t make assumptions about what technology they will and will not implement just yet.
  15. Yakuza 5 is the most time consuming platinum in the series in my experience. It has been over 3 years since I got it so I don’t remember everything too clearly, but arena mode in particular still sticks out in my mind.