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  1. There isn't really all that many reasons or options to get very creative with your builds in low rank, it's best to simply go for a full set that has a set bonus that you like. Full Rathalos is a great option. What charm works best for you kinda depends on your playstyle but generally speaking straightforward stuff such as attack up, defense up or guard up is never a bad idea. You can refer to this video to get an idea of how to make future builds but you won't be able to do all that much with it until you get to high rank.
  2. First things first, your build is a complete mess. You use a lightning weapon yet you also use a charm that increases fire damage. Just use a basic attack up or defense up charm, no need to go any crazier in low rank. Use the Legiana tree SnS. If that's not possible go with Girros tree. Sticking with the Rathalos set is fine, but make sure to upgrade it. It should be pretty obvious from looking at him but don't stand right in front of Diablos unless you use lance. He takes a fair amount of damage from behind. Watch out for the tells on his charge attack. Learn the timing on when he jumps out of the ground or use screamer pods. Don't heal while he's under the ground ever. You have a shield, use it.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out in October so a lot of publishers are releasing their games in February in an attempt to dodge it.
  4. I wasn't expecting this game to get an english dub, i was worried it wasn't even going to be translated at all. Can't wait.
  5. Nothing terribly unexpected but i’m still glad we’re getting another Doom. Itching for a release date now.
  6. I got the platinum over three months ago, i’m just doing it to be a completionist. Thanks, i’ll try to look out for that. I’ll probably still do some mental gymnastics to fight every Jho i see anyway though lol.
  7. I’ve been attempting to get all the crowns on the DLC monsters lately. Lunastra has been going reasonably well, i’ve already gotten the large crown through just hunting her as i would normally and i’m sitting on a total of 4 3 attempt investigations. The pickle however has been a bit of a nightmare. I’ve attempted measuring him a lot but i haven’t really had any success in doing so, they all look the same size to me no matter what i use for reference. As a result i’ve been pretty much forced to hunt every Jho i can get a good investigation on. He’s now my second monster after Teostra to exceed over 100 hunts total.
  8. Not too many co-op trophies is quite a relief, that was my greatest worry watching the trailer.
  9. Really glad Unravel did well enough to get a sequel, i'll probably pick it up pretty soon.
  10. I’ll get XCOM for sure, doubt i’ll be starting it anytime soon though. PS3 games are pretty unappealing as i’ve come to expect at this point.
  11. The original Street Fighter is infamous for how tight the windows for directional inputs on special moves are. They’ve made them more lenient with every additional installment in the series.
  12. While the response to the woman on the cover is clearly an overreaction it’s also a provoked reaction. Dice was fully aware that their cover would lead to at least a small amount of backlash and i don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume they went with it specifically for that reason. They’ve gotten people to market their game for them by saying that people are only shitting on this game because they’re sexists which kinda reminds me of the Ghostbusters reboot and its marketing.
  13. To expand on my earlier post if you visit https://speedsouls.com/darksouls:Leaderboard#All_Achievements you will find that it’s even possible to do it in 3 hours.
  14. 10 hours is super doable, especially considering people have had 7 years of prep time to nail this run. Covenant items being easier to get thanks to the revitalized online also helps a lot. I don’t see any reason why one couldn’t shave a couple hours off that time either.
  15. First spot goes to Bloodborne/Demon’s Souls. I don’t think they should both have their own spot, i just feel like one should have played at least one of them. Second spot would be Shadow of the Colossus, don’t think this is a pick i really have to justify. Third spot is Final Fantasy 7. While i’m not too sure if its reputation as one of the best games ever made is truly deserved i think it’s a very interesting game to revisit from a modern perspective. Fourth spot is Yakuza 0 as a stand-in for the entire Yakuza franchise. People should at least give the franchise a shot so going for the best game in the series makes sense to me. Finally i’ve got to give it to the original Metal Gear Solid, hugely innovative and influential game that hasn’t suffered from its age as much as a lot of its contemporaries. Feel like my list ended up a little on the generic side as i tried to remove any personal bias.