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  1. I know this is probably early game footage, but Kratos shouldn’t be taking so long to defeat a single grunt-type enemy. Feels like they’re trying to emulate Dark Souls in a game that doesn’t need it.
  2. Yeah i had that happen to me one time. As far as i know it’s stayed fixed after i corrected it though.
  3. Somewhat of a letdown to someone who’s come to like the 100h+ platinums from the previous games.
  4. Vaal fangs have a reputation of being really rare. Make sure you break his face every time and do investigations rather than optional quests.
  5. I’m having trouble figuring out the point of these kinds of bans. You’re just making things slightly more annoying for people who are just going to import it instead.
  6. Got patched a long time ago.
  7. I can only second what has been repeatedly said before. R&C 2016 is the peak of the series from a gameplay perspective while also setting the standard for the quality of cartoonish 3D animation for years to come. It is easily the closest we’ve gotten to a playable Pixar movie. It’s just that the writing has taken a massive nosedive. Jokes fall flat more often and are generally more lazily written. The narrative is painfully by the numbers. The changes made to the characters of Ratchet and Clank have no positive impact compared to the original, in fact it completely destroys their character dynamic. I’m positive that the team can do a better job in any potential sequel that doesn’t have to adapt any god awful movies.
  8. Doesn’t look like anything terribly difficult, which is a relief with a game like this one.
  9. While i agree with the general sentiment that you shouldn’t be doing SOS stuff if you can’t carry your own weight, the people that keep getting carted are failing due to a lack of experience or skill, not poor set building. On top of that, the idea of imposing what you perceive to be the optimal builds onto others demonstrates pretty poor game knowledge or at least a narrowminded approach. Most weapons can bypass the need for max earplugs rather easily, Vitality should always take priority over raw defense, elemental damage up barely applies to any weapon since raw is far superior on most weapons.
  10. They can spawn with or without the questline. Going back to Astera is not required to reset spawns, it’s the fastest to switch between two maps that have good chances of spawning them. Best to look up the best routes online, this stuff was still pretty unoptimized when i did it.
  11. Neither matter objectively. Any value is self-projected and thus entirely subjective.
  12. Don’t think it took me more than a couple of hours.
  13. I just did the most straightforward merhod of reloading the area til they spawned. Can be a bit tedious but compared to crown grinding it’s essentially nothing.
  14. This is a pretty amusing move but i can’t help but wonder if all that many people are willing to blow almost 400 bucks on a box they don’t know the contents of.