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  1. Could be better could be worse imo. Pretty simple stuff assuming you’ve got a guide on hand. I wouldn’t have disliked a more demanding list but at least there’s less of a chance of getting burned out playing 1 & 2 back to back this way. I’d also have to agree that the trophy icons are somewhat underwhelming.
  2. Excellent series, the sheer extent to which the series goes to replicate the real locations it’s based on is extremely impressive and something that most western, probably even many eastern players won’t be able to fully appreciate. I’m glad people are putting in the effort to document this as to me it’s one of the series greatest strengths and the reason why these games work so well as Japan simulators.
  3. I’m nort particularly worried about the game being very difficult. What does scare me is the fact that they decided to put this in: To me the overabundance of memes, all of which have aged like milk, is probably the worst thing about the original. I was hoping this would be a mistake they wouldn’t repeat.
  4. Think i’ll just sit this one out.
  5. Did it a couple of times, most notably AFK grinding for the original Injustice. Anything that isn’t cheating is fair game in my opinion, since the trophy rarity will generally reflect the difficulty of the easiest way to obtain the trophy anyway.
  6. Finally i get to buy all these games for the same prize as on Amazon, except digitally and for a limited time. What a deal.
  7. As a lot of people in this thread have previously stated this is something almost everyone already knows about. So i’d just like to set the record straight. The music-themed 5 monster hunts all have greatly increased chances of spawning gold crown monsters. Every other event quest has fixed sizes so you either get a gold the first time you do the quest or never.
  8. Still looking a little rough there but i’ve always been very enthusiastic about the idea of a KLK game. I’d have preferred it to be literally anything but another arena fighter though.
  9. Nothing spectacular, wasn't planning on buying much anyway so i guess i won't be feeling like i'm missing out now.
  10. That's the like the who invented the wheel saying it's insignificant because he also created fire the day earlier. It's still going to make stupid amounts of money.
  11. We do know that there'll be a stream showing off the Behemoth fight on the 15th of July. We don't have an exact date as for when he'll be out, people are generally expecting it to be around the middle to end of the summer festival, similar to Kulve.
  12. I’ll remain skeptical on this until we see anything more concrete. Would not mind a Bloodborne 2 at all though.
  13. There isn't really all that many reasons or options to get very creative with your builds in low rank, it's best to simply go for a full set that has a set bonus that you like. Full Rathalos is a great option. What charm works best for you kinda depends on your playstyle but generally speaking straightforward stuff such as attack up, defense up or guard up is never a bad idea. You can refer to this video to get an idea of how to make future builds but you won't be able to do all that much with it until you get to high rank.
  14. First things first, your build is a complete mess. You use a lightning weapon yet you also use a charm that increases fire damage. Just use a basic attack up or defense up charm, no need to go any crazier in low rank. Use the Legiana tree SnS. If that's not possible go with Girros tree. Sticking with the Rathalos set is fine, but make sure to upgrade it. It should be pretty obvious from looking at him but don't stand right in front of Diablos unless you use lance. He takes a fair amount of damage from behind. Watch out for the tells on his charge attack. Learn the timing on when he jumps out of the ground or use screamer pods. Don't heal while he's under the ground ever. You have a shield, use it.
  15. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out in October so a lot of publishers are releasing their games in February in an attempt to dodge it.