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  1. These kind of reports pop up around the launch of most if not all consoles. Early shipments are bound to have more defective models and will get more attention because everyone was already talking about the launch of the system beforehand. One should keep in mind however, that these kinds of issues are still quite rare even at launch. There are a lot of good arguments against buying at launch but fear of getting a defective model isn’t one of them.
  2. A lot of great stuff this sale, probably gonna grab Return of the Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds, Darkwood and maybe Blasphemous.
  3. I did the game “legit” and I’d put it around a 7-8/10. Hard, but not unreasonably so. I think there’s an exploit now but I don’t know anything about it. I’d imagine it takes away a lot from the experience but it’s good to keep in mind that you could theoretically fall back on it if needed.
  4. I feel like the answer to your question strongly depends on context. From a consumers perspective, a game being on multiple systems means you have more options available to you, which should generally be a good thing. At the same time, there is realistically little reason for a company like Sony to assist in funding a game if they cannot expect it to help move their system. As an example, Bloodborne would greatly benefit from a PC port, if only to iron out its technical issues. However, if Bloodborne wasn’t an exclusive, it’s likely that it wouldn’t exist at all. In cases like Horizon, where the game is only ported years after its initial release, I really don’t see the harm. The game now being on PC doesn’t really take anything away from how much you enjoyed it on PS4.
  5. I had no idea city builders had falled out of favor this badly, the reaction to this month feels overly negative to me. Cities is honestly pretty great, even if it has loads of DLC.
  6. You have to keep in mind that Sony has an insane amount of patents, many of which are far more questionable, that they have never used. I am certain that arrogant Sony will make a grand return, but we shouldn’t make assumptions about what technology they will and will not implement just yet.
  7. Yakuza 5 is the most time consuming platinum in the series in my experience. It has been over 3 years since I got it so I don’t remember everything too clearly, but arena mode in particular still sticks out in my mind.
  8. I think a lot of people already had a feeling who would win guide of the year, absolutely deserved though. Thanks for picking my guide as #3 in the niche game category and congratulations to all the other winners as well.
  9. Massive fan of both the books and the movies and this just seems like such a weird concept to me. Karma systems aren't really very interesting anymore and I just don't see how playing as Gollum could lead to any interesting moment to moment gameplay. Expecting this to turn out bad but you never know.
  10. It’s hard to say with absolute certainty which investigations specifically have the highest crown spawn rates. There is a lot of confirmation bias going on here since people will spend the most time grinding the investigations that they are expecting to get the best results, thus also getting the most results from those quests. I mostly based my procedure on what we’ve known to be true in the base game, that being that there’s effectively four tiers: Those with 4+ gold/purple, 3+ gold/purple, 1 gold+3 silver or better and finally everything else. I saw some minor success with 2B+2S+1G but i mostly avoided them. One thing to keep in mind is that higher crown spawn rates always apply to other monsters in the quest. I struggled to find anything good for Yian Garuga so for him i mostly used 4G quests that had different target monsters. I personally also chose not to use 1 faint quests when grinding to avoid finally getting a crown only to fail the quest due to a stupid mistake.
  11. Great news, Vanquish deserves the attention and Bayonetta deserves a proper port on a Sony console.
  12. Guide of the Year - Crypt of the Necrodancer Trophy Guide I personally believe that, in most cases, anyone can write a guide about almost any game and the quality of that guide mostly depends on how much effort the writer was willing to put in. I think that this is the purpose of these awards, to award those who put in an exceptional amount of effort into their guides one way or another. This guide right here is somewhat of an exception to that rule though. I don’t think just anyone could have written this guide no matter how hard they tried, it’s a guide distinctively shaped by the absolute madman who made it. This is a very rare quality and i think it should be recognized. Gameplay guide - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Ultimate Boss Guide Everything i wrote on the main guide still applies here. I feel like this is more of an expansion on the main guide than a standalone one so I’m not sure if it’s okay to nominate them both, please let me know if it isn’t. Exceptional Use of Original Content - Hollow Knight Trophy Walkthrough While i strongly disagree with the idea of using a guide such as this for a game like Hollow Knight where there is such a focus on exploration and essentially nothing missable it would be incredibly unfair to not acknowledge both the sheer quality and quantity of the original content on display here. It’s asthetically nice and very easy to understand. Imported Game Guide - Bullet Girls Phantasia Trophy Guide This is honestly already a pretty great guide without taking the translation efforts into account. Respect to the mental feat of assembling that giant underwear chart without questioning how your life got to that point.
  13. Piece of Cake Award - Shenmue I can't really name anything i've played this year that i found to be offensively easy, but I can't name anything i found easier than Shenmue 1 either. Don't really have many interesting things to say about this one so I'll just move on. It's like Dark Souls - Rain World Again, I do not think that this was any harder than it needed to be but it was still very clearly the hardest platinum i got this year. The somewhat higher difficulty should not deter people from trying it by any means, i'll get deeper into this later. Bad Ass Award - First successful run of Risk of Rain This one is more a result of great presentation than of any real display of skill on my end. It's one of these games that has you accumulating powerups throughout the course of a run until you reach a point of utter ridiculousness. There's enough runs that go badly for the ones that go well to really feel meaningful and the fantastic soundtrack just enhances this feeling. Grind of the Year - Cities: Skylines It's the old adage of having to leave your console turned on over long periods of time to accumulate gametime. I'd imagine that everyone has had at least one relatable experience. King of the Internet - Monster Hunter World Iceborne I think I already gave this award to the base version of Monster Hunter World last year. Netcode is still pretty great, allowing for a very smooth experience even on rather shit connections. Worst Online Experience - Nothing tbh Monster Hunter is really the only online game I've played this year. Sleeper Hit of the Year - Shadow Tactics I didn't play many games this year but i still had a lot of games that I considered for this award. Other candidates were Yakuza Dead Souls (really overhated imo), Night in the Woods (super stylish) and Slime Rancher (really cozy). Ultimately, i came to the conclusion that out of all the games that i did play, Shadow Tactics deserves the most extra attention. Fantastically unique in the current gaming environment, challenging but still relaxing and a story that, while nothing incredible, still did more than it had to do. Biggest Bomb of the Year - Judgement It's not you, it's me. Honestly, this is not the worst game I played this year by any means. In fact, I really enjoyed it. It's just that this was my 10th Yakuza platinum and the formula has really started to wear on me. The mostly lackluster gameplay additions and the setting being limited to just Kamurocho again just strengthened this slight burnout that prevented me from enjoying the game as much as I should have. This may be a controversial opinion but I really welcome Yakuza 7 deciding to make such drastic changes to the gameplay for this reason. Best Trophy Image - Night in the Woods Platinum Honestly it's kinda hard to put my finger on why I like this one so much. Just represents the overall vibe of the game very nicely. Worst Trophy Image - The entirety of Shenmue 1 & 2s trophy lists These trophy images are so painfully lame they really have to be seen to be believed. -Note: Not doing best male or female character since I really didn't play any narrative focused games outside of Night in the Woods- Best Plat of the Year - Rain World I think this might just be one of my favorite games in general. Fantastic atmosphere, incredible visuals, great lore, suprisingly deep gameplay and an incredibly unique overall experience add up to an absolutely fantastic game. Really cannot recommend this one enough. Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer - Sonic Mania I'm cheating for this one because this game actually doesn't have a platinum. Anyway, had to spend most of the time completing a cool Sonic game doing the lame bonus minigame. Pretty cool game that could have used a more interesting trophy list. Most Anticipated Platinum of the Year - I don't even know anymore at this point To be fully honest, I'm really not looking forward to anything specific in modern video games anymore. It's probably rather obvious looking at my profile, but I have not really been playing that many games this year. Out of the 4 games I named as my most anticipated ones last year I have only actually played 2 and one of them ended up as my biggest bomb. This is a result of both me becoming a much busier person in general as well as redirecting most of my ambition towards competitive Melee, which has been much more fulfilling experience than trophy hunting has been for at least two years. I am planning to take a 6+ month break from trophy hunting once I am done with Monster Hunter, which currently feels more like something I am doing out of obligation than anything despite being a game I absolutely adore. Not quitting video games anytime soon, games like Rain World easily make it all worth it. Anyway, games I am looking forward to. As I said, I'm kinda optimistic about Yakuza 7. Don't know if Hollow Knight 2 is coming out in 2020 (probably not) but that's the one I am the most excited for overall. If the past years are anything to go by, my favorite game of 2020 will likely be something that isn't even on my radar right now. Sorry about the blog post, have a nice holiday season.
  14. It’s a bit harder than base World i’d say. There’s a little more side content to do now but crowns are still where you’ll spend most of your time. Overall RNG is a but nicer but hunts also take longer so it evens out. It helps that we have a much better understanding of how crown spawns work than we did in early MHW.
  15. To essentially repeat what everyone else has already said, Titanfall is great but i already played it.