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  1. Exact opposite situation over here, got a mini silver rathalos the first time i fought it in the guiding lands but can't seem to find a mini gold rathian for the life of me.
  2. I think the general complaint that event quests have been somewhat lacking is pretty fair. There’s only been two quests with any really interesting rewards in over a month which is quite far behind what the base game was like at the beginning. The complaint of it being too easy to make a meta set isn’t as fair if you ask me. Making an optimized set was even easier in the base game, they didn’t start adding Kulve, ATs and Behemoth to shake up the meta until a lot later into the games lifespan. I’m not sure i want event quests to play as big of a role in Iceborne as in base MHW. The best ways to grind being locked behind timed barriers wasn’t something i was as big of a fan of. Still, i would like to see them try and make event quests more interesting.
  3. It is really hard to make an accurate statement on whether these event quest have increased spawn rates or not since we have such a small focus group. It would require like 10 people minimum both tracking their results from optionals as well as events to get any kind of reasonable data out of this.
  4. Happened really early, i think we got the first one by the third week or so.
  5. Been stuck on small Ruiner Nerg for 3 days, just leaving my venting post here so i’ll get it first run next time i try.
  6. As of right now no. There is a possibility that we’ll eventually see a crown quest for the hoarfrost reach but there’s no official information indicating this.
  7. Knack HD
  8. I was completely unaware that this was coming to PS4 at all, this is a pleasant surprise.
  9. Probably best to start a boosting session for that. I’d recommend simply searching for MR6 investigation SOS every now and then, you’ll run into them sooner or later that way.
  10. I asked about this previously and it seems that rare molys either only spawn at level 5 or higher or at least have significantly higher spawn rates. I’d suggest not trying to catch anything before you’ve got at least one area at level 5.
  11. Wow that’s actually pretty damn fast, did you savescum at all or did you get by on the investigations the game gives you? I feel like my progress started out pretty nicely but then slowed down a good bit.
  12. Traps don’t work but you can still inflict status so maybe use a bowgun, spam sleep ammo on him and see if there’s anything you can use for measuring while he takes a nap?
  13. I apologize in advance if this has been brought up before but i remember reading a post asking if all subspecies/variants are the exact same sizes as their regular counterparts. Based on my findings so far this seems to be the case with only a few exceptions. Shrieking Legiana is a little bit bigger than regular Legiana and Acidic Glavenus is a good bit smaller than regular Glavenus. Granted there’s the possibility that this is just a result of the ice crystals on S. Legiana and the different tail on A. Glavenus impacting the sizes noted in-game so it might still be possible to measure them the same way.
  14. I did manage to get a large gold Scarred Yian Garuga through savescumming. It did take a pretty long time but since his investigations are somewhat rare it’s probably still better to scum him.
  15. Good to see that you’re bringing these back for Iceborne. Not sure if getting all crowns is easier or harder than in base MHW. Investigations are better and you can get crowns from optionals here and there but there’s no word on any possible new crown event quests so far. I think due to monsters being a good bit tankier in master rank being methodical and measuring whenever possible is going to make a big difference in overall time investment.