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  1. Just to clarify, 中 is a kanji character that’s used in a variety of situations across both chinese and japanese. Also the game is alright. Total pain to 100% though, even compared to other Yakuza games.
  2. I’ve been wanting to get Dead Cells for a bit now, this sale isn’t really good enough to not get the physical version instead though.
  3. Better safe than sorry i suppose.
  4. While it’s nice to finally have this feature it sucks to have it attached to such a huge asterisk. A sizeable portion of the games i play came out before last April and i don’t really want to risk any incompatibility business. I’ll just wait and see how well it works for now.
  5. Backwards compatibility would obviously be a nice thing to have. It doesn’t really matter to me all that much since i still own my PS3/4 and don’t really intend on throwing them away either way. On top of that i don’t see the industry just giving up on another generation of easy remasterbucks.
  6. I completely missed the news that this game was coming to PS4 at all, it’s always a nice surprise to see a game i didn’t even know of pop up on the home page. Looks tough, probably a sub 4% plat but i’m about it.
  7. Would be sick but PS+ leaks have kind of a bad track record so i’ll stay doubtful for now.
  8. I can only really form an opinion on a case by case basis here. Generally speaking i’m not opposed to the idea of a season-based DLC model. It would be unreasonable to assume that you can fund unlimited amounts of content with the money made from just a single pass so when devs do decide to support the game for longer than they originally planned i think it’s okay to ask for money even from people who bought a previous pass. This should be the case especially with games with long lifespans such as fighting games. Obviously they should be as transparent as possible about what exactly is covered by the pass and what isn’t when selling it to avoid misconceptions. Then there’s shady stuff beyond that like how legacy characters in Tekken 7 were previously announced to be free only for that statement to be revoked when season 2 rolled around. That’s an entirely different discussion though imo.
  9. Just here to say that while i can’t physically stop any of you from purchasing Mr. Massagy because you’re all beautiful individuals who can make your own decisions i would at least like to ask of you to think about what you’re doing. Thank you
  10. Destiny 2 seemed like a pretty big deal until i remembered that i saw it in a 5€ bin just yesterday and this is mostly a move to sell DLC. Still a solid month imo.
  11. The 100% trophy being back is the most important thing by far. Based on the rarity on the JP version it looks to be about as demanding as Kiwami 1, which is good enough for me. Secretly hoping that Shin Yakuza brings back the Y5 or at least Ishin levels of tedium though.
  12. Could be better could be worse imo. Pretty simple stuff assuming you’ve got a guide on hand. I wouldn’t have disliked a more demanding list but at least there’s less of a chance of getting burned out playing 1 & 2 back to back this way. I’d also have to agree that the trophy icons are somewhat underwhelming.
  13. Excellent series, the sheer extent to which the series goes to replicate the real locations it’s based on is extremely impressive and something that most western, probably even many eastern players won’t be able to fully appreciate. I’m glad people are putting in the effort to document this as to me it’s one of the series greatest strengths and the reason why these games work so well as Japan simulators.
  14. I’m nort particularly worried about the game being very difficult. What does scare me is the fact that they decided to put this in: To me the overabundance of memes, all of which have aged like milk, is probably the worst thing about the original. I was hoping this would be a mistake they wouldn’t repeat.
  15. Think i’ll just sit this one out.