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  1. The boosting session system also has an option for just playing games casually. That seems like a better fit for what you’re looking for than this topic imo.
  2. It appears that your hand is lacking any yaku. Yaku are the center of the scoring system in Mahjong. They can be a lot of things, such as only having triplets for melds, having a dragon meld or only using tiles from one set. While this advice probably comes a little late, here’s what you could have done in your example: Discard the green 1. If you were to now pull a green 4 you should be able to get the win as your hand now has the “All Simples” yaku for not including any terminals or honor tiles.
  3. Seen one or two people bring up the Y0 Mahjong guide so i’ve been wondering. Do you feel like this game needs its own Mahjong guide?
  4. Update for June -Second Guacamelee 2 DLC: 2.50€ -Night in the Woods: 15€ -Yakuza Dead Souls: 13.50€ -Shadow Tactics: 18€ -Shenmue I + II HD: 20€ -Castlevania Requiem: 10€ -Risk of Rain: 3€ -Rain World: 3€ -PS+ Renewal: 42€ Total: 127€ My month average of 20€ has come crumbling down thanks to PS+. And Judgement is still looking mighty fine. 😩
  5. This is what i get for resubscribing.
  6. Bumping this thread in the hopes that someone can let me know how the game is doing these days. Are most of the issues fixed by now or should i still hold off on buying the game?
  7. I was initially pretty optimistic about this game when it was originally announced, as i was expecting to see a highly engaging action game like Titanfall 2 or a game that allows for a lot of customization like KOTOR. Sadly the gameplay shown so far doesn’t really support either of these expectations.
  8. I really don’t mind the DLC trophies seeing how they’re free and easy to get. I just wish they didn’t come with a 10GB patch every time.
  9. Still works. Path of least resistance baby.
  10. PS+ discounts have been a thing for many years now. I don't like how much they're forcing the service either but this is an unreasonable complaint in my opinion.
  11. Threeway tie between Yakuza 0/Bloodborne/Hollow Knight.
  12. That's not too bad then i guess. Again, the 1 and 3 month memberships were already so overprized i wasn't going to get either anytime soon.
  13. 1 and 3 month memberships were already ridiculously overprized, guess they really want people to pay for the whole year
  14. Guiness would most likely require direct evidence (full unedited video footage of you getting every trophy from start to finish). If we're going by the Wikipedia definition of what a world record is that would be the best global performance that is ever recorded and officially verified in a specific skill. A world record is not a world record if there's nobody there to see it. Therefore i'd disagree with the argument that the rankings on here don't matter as there might be undocumented cases of people doing it faster. If we were to assume that 1. PSNP is the only website that tracks its users trophy completion times (i don't know if this is the case) and 2. your profile not being flagged for cheating is enough for your record to be considered verified, then my personal opinion is that this would be enough for you to reasonably claim that you hold the world record for the shortest timespan inbetween earning the first and final trophy of the PS4 version of Furi.
  15. Have you tried earning a trophy and then updating your profile? That seems to fix a lot of cases like yours.