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  1. Spent a good amount of time in the beta over the last couple of days and killed Great Jaggras, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Anjanath, Rathalos and Diablos solo. I’ve still not run into the ever elusive Pukei Pukei that some people have reported finding in the beta just yet sadly. I wish we didn’t have to deal with the 20 minute time limit as it turns a lot of these hunts into DPS races which hurts some of the more movement centered weapons a bit unless you apply damage buffs like crazy. Heavy Bowgun feels somewhat overpowered in the beta due to how much high damage ammo you’re provided. I’ve also gotten lost in the ancient forest a couple times. Nothing too bad but i’ve seen online teammates get lost for up to 10 minutes when fighting monsters that weren’t the quest target. Luckily this shouldn’t be an issue thanks to scoutflies in the full game. Those beta-specific complaints aside i’ve been enjoying it a lot. Every single weapon in the game feels substantially better than in the last games and all the monsters in the demo were a joy to fight. Really looking forward to playing the game.
  2. I wasn’t really implying that this was good writing in the book. However i do feel that we should hold a book that one guy wrote by himself to different standards than a multi million dollar movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
  3. Why go to the lengths of actually writing a movie that can stand on its own when you can just put in a bunch of shit people will recognize.
  4. Given how they’ve previously already confirmed that they are in fact working on something i have to wonder what the point of this trailer was.
  5. I still have absolutely no idea what this game is about which is great. I also have no idea what it’s going to play like which isn’t quite as great.
  6. It’s fun. Whole game is very charming and there’s impressive variety for a 3D platformer. Only criticism i have as of now would be that it’s kind of short.
  7. Ah yes, i was just wondering where i’d get my yearly dose of second hand embarrassment. Can’t wait for my favorite games to not win anything and yet another Death Stranding trailer without any gameplay.
  8. Piece of Cake Award It's Like Dark Souls Bad Ass Award Grind of the Year King of the Internet Worst Online Experience Sleeper of the Year Biggest Bomb of the Year Best Plat of the Year Most Anticipated Platinum of 2018
  9. The artstyle kinda gives off the feeling that they had a vision for how they wanted the game to look but couldn't quite get there. I disagree with the notion that the transition to the use of 3D models is necessary for the the game to reach any kind of audience in the current age as i fail to see any trend among the sales figures of the genre that would back that up. On the contrary, games such as Shovel Knight and Owlboy have received universal acclaim for the quality of their spritework. Sticking to the look of the original games/ the X games or going for a more cartoonish artstyle would have worked best in my opinion. All that being said i'm quite positive about this game. Capcom games are usually quite polished if anything and i respect that they're calling this Megaman 11 rather than something along the lines of Megaman Resurgence/Revival. The team also has the odd advantage of being able to look at Mighty No. 9 and avoid the mistakes that game made.
  10. What a shame. Good thing fans of the series are tested in the art of patience by now.
  11. Glad to see we're back to the series tradition of having to do literally everything rather than the watered down trophy requirements present in Yakuza 6. Now i'll just have to cross my fingers to see a western release date at PSX this week.
  12. Properly breaking down every single game i’ve ever completed in this fashion would probably be a bit overkill, so i think the general trend would be the less collectible shenanigans there are the better my chances would be. If the “solution” to completing a game is entirely gameplay based i’m positive that i should be able to get it 90% of the time. As for collectibles it’s quite hard to say. I feel like devs are actually designing collectibles with the prospect of players looking them up online these days anyways.
  13. My vote would go the Yakuza Ishin Guide. I was debating between whether to vote for this or the Yakuza 0 that’s already gotten a few well deserved nominations. Writing a guide for a Yakuza game is what i can only describe as a hellish task due to the sheer amount of information required. The Ishin guide has the flaw of relying on khhsubs.com as a source of information a lot but i find that forgiveable considering that the game itself is all in japanese. Writing a guide for a non-english game like this is a different beast entirely. Rather than simply breaking down the best way to get each trophy the writer also has to act as a translator and a general source of information on the game in general in order to accurately guide the player. This is where the guide really shines in my opinion, as its roadmap is extremely helpful in letting the player know what they should be working towards right now. It relieves a lot of the stress that otherwise comes with completing a game such as Yakuza Ishin, where it’s very easy to lose track of one of the fifty checklists you’re supposed to be completing right now. It also essentially gave me the courage to start playing the game in the first place which is probably the best thing a guide could hope to accomplish.
  14. I always like seeing stories like these turn out nicely. Based on my own experiences the people working in customer support will often genuinely want to help you but Sony has had a long lasting issue with automated systems swinging the banhammer around like it’s nothing. There should probably be some additional systems in place to prevent this from happening to long-time players. Maybe manually check all bans issued on accounts older than a year or something like that.
  15. I don’t think i’ve ever seen any of those deals that are actually worth it. Thank god the January sales are coming soon enough.