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  1. Unhiding flagged games means you’re no longer on the leaderboards so this is hardly an advantage at all.
  2. I find trophy speedruns to be quite compelling in theory but they often fall flat in practice. I think my main issue with the idea is that even when playing theoretically close to perfectly, quite a lot of games will still require time investments that go beyond what can be done in one playing session. This is where you run into a problem, as the clock doesn’t stop ticking when you turn the game off. The solution is obvious. Spend more time playing, less time sleeping, eating or relaxing your eyes. It quickly gets to a point where this behavior is detrimental to your health and i’d argue that this type of behavior is necessary to rank top 10 in games with decent playerbases. So in summary i’d say trophy speedrunning is great for some games but nothing i’d consider for most.
  3. I’d recommend getting 2-step security just to be safe. Having somebody try to get into your account isn’t that much of a rarity, there’s quite a lot of ways this can happen.
  4. At least now we’ll be 100% sure he’s bullshitting when he claims it sold well. Also low-key yikes out to the “this proves it, all rappers are egomaniacs and hip hop isn’t real music” types.
  5. That’s the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen dude. Honestly best of luck with your account, never heard of a hacker as persistent as yours, what a shitshow.
  6. If you managed to complete Otometal in Kiwami 1 i highly doubt you’ll have much trouble with anything in Kiwami 2. Karaoke is a lot less janky (for lack of a better word) than it was in previous entries.
  7. Seems like something that would require either a lot of prep work or a lot of super easy games. Don’t have the patience or money for either strat but respect to those who do.
  8. Personally i quite like the idea of Bloodborne being a one-and-done kinda situation, especially seeing how FromSofts best work has been original games rather than sequels. That being said it would still be an easy day one buy for me.
  9. Wouldn’t be upset about this if i still had PS+ but i’m also not crazy enough about these games to go renew my sub.
  10. I generally believe that this is a good idea. That being said, there’s situations in which two peoples experiences may vary significantly. For example, The Binding of Isaac is a pretty rough platinum on the current patch, somewhere around 8 or 9/10 imo. Meanwhile you could previously circumvent most of the difficult segments by playing on older patches. So another player might only have found the game to be a 4 or a 5/10. Now the average calculated by the system proposed here would end up around a 6 or 7/10, which doesn’t accurately reflect the experience of either player. The guide writer has the means to clarify this whereas someone merely voting on the difficulty does not. If there is some way to incorporate this new system into the comment section of the guide that allows users to explain the reasoning behind their votes if deemed necessary i would strongly be in favor of its inclusion. tldr: Difficulty is a complicated concept that can depend on a lot of outside factors so voting on the difficulty would be great as long as there’s an option to explain your reasoning.
  11. I’ve been looking forward to this thread for months and now it turns out i’ve missed it by like three weeks. Either way, here i go: Piece of Cake Award - Celeste To be honest, this wasn’t actually the easiest platinum i got this year. But the point is that it could have been if i’d wanted that. It’s like Dark Souls - Thumper I always find it really rewarding to beat something i’d previously thought to be utterly impossible. I think the reason i struggled with Thumper so much is because it’s so demanding in terms of player attention that i had trouble playing it for more than 1-2 hours per day. Bad Ass Award - Every second of playing Hollow Knight except when i’m failing miserably It’s a good thing that i haven’t been able to actually platinum this game thus far because it would have easily sweeped most of my awards this year. Easily one of my absolute favorites this generation, maybe even one of my all-time favorites. Grind of the Year - 100% in Borderlands 1 This was not the game that demanded the most of my time to complete this year, there’s actually a few significantly longer ones. It was, however, the only game i fell asleep during not once but a total of three times while trying to complete it. That has to count for something. King of the Internet- Monster Hunter World Such a massive amount of memorable moments playing both with friends and randoms. The Extreme Behemoth fight almost made the bad ass award. Worst Online Experience - GTA V (PS3) I recently made the horrible mistake of deciding to go back and finally complete the PS3 version of GTA V. The online is an utter mess at this point. Everything still takes ages to load and every second session you join has a hacker messing with the weather and teleporting players around. It’s the post-apocalyptic wasteland of videogames and there’s almost some horrible charm in its utter anarchy. Sleeper Hit of the Year - Deadly Premonition Games are generally quite a bit less subjective than most mediums. Opinions on a certain film for example might vary from “masterpiece” to “utterly unwatchable”. With games you have aspects that are generally not too debatable such as how well the game functions technically or how responsive the gameplay is. Deadly Premonition however, is a game so odd and so incredibly unique that it transcends all of this. My recommendation: Try the game. And while you do, assume that every single aspect of the game is completely intentional by the developers. I can’t promise you’ll like it but i can say for sure that i loved it. Biggest Bomb of the Year - Nothing tbh There was no shortage of letdowns and marketing shitshows this year but i was blessed with a complete disinterest in most of modern AAA gaming so i really wasn’t affected at all. Everything i played this year either met or exceeded my expectations. Best trophy image - Thumper Gotta be that Thumper platinum. I love the subtle synthwave aesthetic they’ve got going here. Worst trophy image - Cosmic Star Heroine Again, i seem to have gotten lucky here, all of my platinums have been rather pretty this year. CSH isn’t bad, it’s just kinda lazy i guess. Best female character - Madeleine from Celeste Madeleine is cute! Cute! Best male character - Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition Francis is cute! Cute! Best plat of the year - Monster Hunter World This game is the reason i missed all my platinum goals that i set for myself this year. I’m over 600 hours in and i still play it whenever there’s new events going on. Wurst plat ov teh year - Claire Not outright bad but just extremely unmemorable to me personally. Most anticipated platinum of 2019 I’m having trouble determining one specific game that i’m looking forward to the most next year. Of course i am pretty excited about Judge Eyes coming to the west. I’m not sure if Death Stranding will be any good at all but it should be very interesting either way. Very hopeful towards Samurai Spirits. This most likely won’t get a platinum but i’m extremely excited for the MonHun expansion coming in fall too.
  12. I’m always pretty excited for this sale, there’s always something in there due to just how much stuff there is. This year i’m not really seeing any must-buys but i’ll grab a few things if i have the money.
  13. This whole situation has been such a fascinating oddity. I’d love to know if the sales numbers Soulja Boy has been talking about are actually for real and, for the first time in my life, i’m pretty excited for when Nintendo actually enforces their copyright.
  14. Finally somebody else who feels this way. I despise Zote with a passion, to the point where i seriously struggled with Pantheon of the Sage. It’s so frustrating to lose from full health to what’s somewhat of a joke boss.
  15. I was hoping for this game to eventually end up on consoles, glad to see it’s finally happening. How about this: Add the 5 year achievement but secretly make it unobtainable. Have people wait 5 years for the ultimate anticlimax.