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  1. Would the autopop work the other way too? From ps5 to ps4?
  2. Didn't have any issue on ps5 and finished it months ago.
  3. Hi, Was looking into this game but saw that 0% has obtained the platinum trophy. Is the game broken or just really hard? Nvm just read on the US version it's a MEGA grind!
  4. That's great! Thanks for sharing this 😀
  5. Ah I see! Kind of weird though. The game already feels a bit limited in options.
  6. Hi! I was enjoying the new 8 vs 8 Mayhem but it's gone already for a few days. Couldn't find anything about it. Anyone knows why it's removed?
  7. Loves GTA5 online and Klaus and is very good at basketball!
  8. I was thinking of buying this but with all these crashes I'll pass if it's still present.
  9. Had the same thing with the Unfinished swan! The only game that made me sick.
  10. You're actually critizing a developer who keeps adding new stuff long after the game was released. I think they should be praised instead 🙄
  11. Thanks for letting me know MisterGibraltar! I didn't play again but this makes me hope It's only on the 3rd day. I'll start again! Thanks alot!
  12. Hi Peffsi, Thanks for your comment. My character never passed and went to sleep normally. I'll check if I can make different save slots though. Didn't realise that!
  13. Hi! I've been enjoying My time at Portia for about 1 hour as I can't load my save game when I hit continue. It keeps loading forever. I read on the internet that many other people have the same problem. I can't find anything though that it can be fixed so far. Anyone knows a solution for this? Many thanks!
  14. I really enjoyed it haha. Finished the game on pc, ps2 and ps3.
  15. Without any doubt Black Desert Online. The game looks horrible on a normal ps4.