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  1. Hi! 😀 37 year old gamer here. Enjoy so many games! I have a ps3,ps vita,ps4 and a subscription to ps now. I enjoy liking/commenting on your activities and checking your progress on games. Looking forward to meet you! My psn: Outcast2014 Let me know you found me here 😀
  2. Hi, A few days ago my ps4 downloaded an update 1.01 for King Odball. The game is known to have glitched trophies. I had two trophies that didn't pop after fulfilling the conditions but after the update i got them after doing them. In the past i tried it many times so I think the latest patch resolved those issues. Wanted to share this and hope it helps.
  3. Nvm got it after several reruns of the dungeon.
  4. Hi, I'm very confused on how to acquire the dragon heart phylactory from Belevros for the ultimate weapon. I have killed him somwhere but don't remember where. I did a rerun of the Iron outpost trying to find him again following a guide on the internet but now I read somewhere else in a forum that he won't spawn again if you've killed him before. I really hope someone can help me with advice! I just don't know what to do! Many thanks!
  5. That's too bad! Anyone knows if they renew the licenses and games come back to ps now again?
  6. Great list! Much appreciated.
  7. Thanks I'll try that. Any advice which level is best for that?
  8. Hi thanks for your reply. You completed just a random level or finished a random level with the conditions for the trophy?
  9. I'm having the same issue and found your post after searsching the web. Did you have a solution for popping the trophy? I have the ingame trophy bug no psn trophy
  10. Confirmed. Worked for me as [email protected] Thanks for sharing
  11. Hi! I hope I put this in the right forum but I'm looking to buy a new monitor for my ps4. I'm very tempted to buy a BenQ EW277HDR but I have one concern. I have a TN panel now but It seems that a VA panel (4ms in this case) can give motion blur. Does anybody know how bad this is? Is it still there with the newer VA panels or is it something from the past? Many thanks in advance for your help!
  12. It's available in select countries in Europe. (and expanding) If it shows up on your store page you can probably use it.
  13. Hi Evertonian, Really appreciate your help but I'm actually looking for a small club I can join and play the game and building something together. Thanks again but this is not whag I'm looking for
  14. Hi all, I know the game is getting older but I'm looking for a small starting club which I can join. I played a little bit in the past but I want to play this game again and would be great if there's a club I can help build up. Cheers, Outcast2014