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  1. check your progress in the Tasks menu, is it 100%? It’s highly likely, that Zog’s storyline is not complete (you must kill him several times), you have to select the next task in that storyline menu manually to make it appear on the map
  2. the answer is YES, you have to play to the end starting from this chapter if you want the shadow ranger trophy
  3. The bottles are positioned randomly every time, but you can see them in advance if you turn left during conversation with Dolfo so you can prepare. Then when you press triangle and just start mini-game (before your gun appears) try to guess where the crosshair will appear and ajust the gun to the left bottle. Start shooting from left to right. Use manual reloading after you shot 6-7 bottles. While the guni s reloading use the monent to ajust the crosshair to the next bottle you want to shoot. You can start shooting a moment before the gun is fully reloaded. Shoot remaining bottles more quickly, you can even miss a couple of times.
  4. That's a cool profile picture. <3 Amiga

    1. slavawish


      thank you! Amiga is best ever :)

  5. it didn't help yep, it worked! Thank you, guys!
  6. Hi! Old version of my trophy card (lesser one) doesn't update. New (big) one updated. Here is the screenshot. Check the number of trophies. Is it a bug or what? The problem is I like the old one more and use it on forums.
  7. the same here... and my trophy card doesn't update new trophies