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  1. Murdered Soul Suspect question-
    Curious on this, is the museum collectables the only ones that can be missed before Judgement House?

    1. Redgrave


      Pretty sure most areas have missable collectibles. I remember restarting a playthrough because I missed one.

    2. SkyesUnholy


      Museum indeed has the only missable collectibles before Judgment House. I played the game earlier this month so it is still pretty fresh in my memory.

  2. Oh, Earth Defense Force 5 comes out soon, now I have something to look forward to, yay

  3. Bethesda made games have never been good tbh, just addicting.
    Glitchy mess.
    Well, except Morrowind, that was fun, still have the goty edition in the house somewhere.

    Btw, my companion on New Vegas just walked into the floor.

    1. Crazy


      Exactly. They're not great, but they're 'enjoyable'? I've never really gotten into Fallout until 4, even then I wasn't crazy about it, but 76 has drawn me in and I'm liking it quite a bit? These games are hexed I say.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      I wouldn't even say they are addicting. They are glitchy games that are only glitchy because the fans keep demanding bigger and bigger worlds (not more interesting worlds...just bigger) and Bethesda has never learned how to develop those worlds they just keep making them bigger to hide the fact that they don't really know what they are doing.


      I enjoyed my time in Skyrim/fallout 3 and Fallout NV but I have no real desire to play any more of their games.

  4. Final Fantasy XVs comrades thing is kinda more frustrating then anything else.

    1. fabmorais_2011


      Idk, I'm having fun. Just found a nice build for beginners and it is starting to click for me.

    2. Elvick_


      I find it really dumb... why are they even making a stand alone? Who will bother when they pulled the plug on it already? lol they should’ve just did what Killzone Shadow Fall did with its stand alone coop. You played with people in the base game as far as I know, they didn’t just disable the main games coop. Makes no sense to me.

    3. AlchemistWer


      it's a bad DLC... with online stuff to do.

  5. Yo, how is Binding of Isaac on switch to the people that might have it on there?

  6. Shout out to Dead Island for auto closing a door but also breaking it so I couldn't leave the house, gg.



      I dont know if this will work for your door, but there is a way to glitch into buildings even without doors openable. If you kneel at the door and look down while pushing forward you can glitch into most buildings.

  7. Fucking Piranha plant, omfg, gg Nintendo

  8. Whoever thought platforming was a good idea in Dark Souls should be forced to platform their way to work on the worse platforms ever.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Lol xD You're right though. Some sections of the game that do require good timing to nail some platforms can be infuriatingly hard due to bad platforming controls :awesome: 

  9. Well, if one is not okay, none of them are. Remove Apu and they should remove all of their characters.
  10. Bought two namco games, brand new and neither of the codes in the boxes work.
    Thanks Namco.

  11. Calm down, mate, you seem to be overreacting a bit. Games not trash and it isn't made just for easy trophies. It was made to be a fun game, don't compare it to Mayo and the other two. With how you wrote it, you are saying this game is worse than Mayo but this game actually had some love and care put into it. Plus you don't really seem to mind the easy trophy games as much as you make it seem as you love supporting that practice by buying them.
  12. The voice acting and writing in Dragon Quest Xl is just so silly.
    I can't take this game serious at all.
    GET 'EM

    1. starcrunch061


      I liked both the voice acting and the writing, precisely because it kept things fun. 

    2. SaltyCat


      Oh, I love it, don't get me wrong.



      I havent played DQXI yet but the other ones like DQH1+2 and builders are all quite silly.

  13. People that say "DLC no one asked for" and stuff are strange, like do they go around to the communities and ask "Did you want more content for the game you enjoyed?"
  14. Been playing Dark Souls 2 more, giving it another shot, it isn't bad because I decided to play in the mindset of its own game instead of a dark souls game, tried a new build of tanky shield instead of light armour dodger.
    Its fun, I like it now, dark spirit forlorn is trash and should disappear though. 

    1. Lorajet


      Funny.  There are games I absolutely hated and couldn't get my brain around them.  Now I've started playing them and I'm either better (doubt it) or just find my niche in the game.

    2. LuciaRosethorn


      It's more of a Dark Souls game then Dark Souls 3.

  15. I set my real life name as Rollo TheCat so I don't care. The name is based on Tales of Xillia 2 cat Rollo.