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  1. Well, I loved Route A and B of Nier Automata but I hate what I have played of Route C, just feels unfun to play and that is not what I like so I'm just gonna stop playing it.
    Still recommend it to those who haven't tried it, Route A and B are fantastic, B is pretty much the same as A but with some more lore and from 9S pov.

    Route C is just unfun to play me.
    I get what Yoko was trying to do but it killed my mood for more story.

  2. The getting a weapon of every type in *Insert number* Rank trophies on God Eater are annoying and longish.

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      A cool guy name @Dragon-Archon help me get a little headstart on GE1 and 2 but I just can't focus on them. xD but GE3 is pretty awesome. Heard he is making a fuide for it. Gonna be great.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      @SaltyCat If you want my avatars to speed up the grind in GE1 or 2, let me know and you can use my avatars.


      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY yeah, I'm working on a guide for GE3.

    4. SaltyCat


      I'm almost done with GE3, like 20 missions and 5 melee types and shotgun left.

  3. Turn off online feature for mission 13, if a player joins and gets ahead of you, it can glitch the game for you making it impossible to progress till you restart and you don't wanna keep restarting because someone gets ahead.

    1. MMDE


      Great game design.

  4. They will be in another characters mission, you can sometimes see them in the background doing their thing, very few missions from what I can tell actually have you working together in the same part, only seen one mission do it so far though which I believe was mission 13?
  5. Devil May Cry 5 glitched on me, can I have one game where I don't run into a glitch.
    This glitch is also stopping me from progressing, thanks.

    1. SaltyCat


      I have to restart the whole mission.
      Mood for DMC has gone for today now.



      Can there be 1 game that doesn't have a glitch. haha. Games these days, pfftt!😂

    3. SaltyCat


      Supposed to go down the hole but it is solid and acts like something is there, looked all over and everything.


  6. Got Valkyria Chronicles on switch.
    Kinda want more friends on the switch, so add me if you want.
    Friend Code is SW-0457-4221-8427

    Comment added if you do so, maybe your username too.
    Anyway, have a nice week everyone. Sunday was rough for me and today is worrisome.

    1. DaisyVilla102


      Hope things get better for you!

    2. mecharobot


      I got Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Switch myself, though I'd warn there were two levels that were pretty prone to crashing. Not sure about the first game. Anyway, sent one.Same username.

  7. I find the tutorial the worse, longest and most annoying part in dead or alive games.

    1. SaltyCat


      Legit have more trouble with the AI in the tutorial and find the hardest difficulty AI easy.

  8. Saw a Beat Saber thread and remembered I haven't played it for a long time because I was 400 points away from an SS rank on expert.
    Can easily S but SS is torture

  9. That is one characters combo challenge done, Marie Rose~
    Last one was a bit annoying for a bit.
    Time to go do another because I enjoy doing these.

    1. SaltyCat


      Dead or alive 6 btw

  10. I've played more on the Nintendo switch than the ps4 in February mostly because of Fire Emblem Warriors being super fun to play and also Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +, 160 hours on BoI and 35 hours of FEW

  11. Devil May Cry 1 is bad, 2 is worse, 3 is when it got good imo.

  12. I love God Eater 3 a lot but the craft menu bloody sucks, instead of the weapons being in rank order, they are weapon types?
    Like instead of all Rank 6 weapons being together all Ammit weapons are together, so to find Rank weapons you have to keep scrolling and looking for them.

  13. Getting tired of BR, now Tetris is joining in, I'll pass on this, I love Tetris a lot but fuck BR, had enough of them.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Tetris Battle Royale? What the...?

    2. SaltyCat


      It's called Tetris 99 but it is just Tetris BR.

    3. ResoluteRock


      It's confirmed -- you can make a Battle Royale mode on ANY game if you can make a Battle Royale for Tetris :giggle:

  14. God Eater 3 arrived today, I now have something to do today

    1. AlchemistWer


      Oh dude I know that feeling when you finally have something to do and "that" is just play a new game 😄

    2. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, have fun :D 

  15. You will not earn Street Fighter IV's trophies, only Super Street Fighter IVs Street Fighter IV has some modes that were not in Super or Ultra Street Fighter IV.