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  1. Blackjack on Judgement is great, it is rigged like in a real life casino, so rigged that the dealer had two ten of clubs, the cheeky twat.

    1. Mike13858


      Real life casinos use multiple decks at the same time so it's probably just like that in Judgment too.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Is it as annoying as the blackjack challenges in RDR 2?

    3. PooPooBlast


      @MidnightDragon reading your post made me have this Vietnam flashback when I was trying to win in blackjack with 5 hits in RDR 2 ... Oh my god and I had to do this 3 times... 


      Let's just say RNG was brutal. Other than that, the blackjack challenges were pretty easy


      Sorry not 5 hits I think 5 cards or 3 hits

      Shit I don't remember but you get the idea hahaha

  2. Been playing Bloodstained ROTN lately and it has been lots of fun. Also got Judgement and loving that too.

    Been addict to Fate Grand Order, now if I could get Mordred servant, that would be grand.


    How has everyone been?

  3. It is almost 8am and I can't sleep.
    I somehow found a conspiracy theory video and I remembered how much I hate conspiracy.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SaltyCat


      @LegacyJKO09 It is 9am now, just gonna power through the day.

      The conspiracy is done by someone who seems to have a small cult.
      Conspiracy that Etika is alive because of some letters and numbers, something something satanist. Just a petty clickbaity money whoring conspiracy that should be removed. I didn't watch it all. 

    3. LegacyJKO09


      @SaltyCat good on ya to power through. but if you need to crash, dont fight it lol.


      oh geez. already they have conspiracies on him. people are sick. you put it best, its a moneywhoring clickbait. im sure lots can be said about the situation but people really need to keep opinions to themselves. 

    4. MidnightDragon


      Seriously? Let the poor guy Rest In Peace :(

  4. I see an immature child is still having a tantrum on Status Updates section, lmao

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    2. Sushi-San777


      Nah im sweet today :) And im not your mate lol

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      @SaltyCat it was more than 8. Lol. I was hiding as he was posting them. Gave him a warning, did it for another 5 minutes, he sent me a message, and I said, "okay, I've had enough."

    4. TheLakota


      Well poo, I'm not the subject of this thread so I'm leaving to go pout in my corner while I wait with bated breath for the next gem to reveal itself in Mango's thread.

  5. Heya, saw you started Anima: Gate of Memories recently on the recent players list, how do you like it so far? the bundle for both games are kinda on sale right now. Deciding if I should grab it up.

    1. SaltyCat


      It is all right, not played it much of it at the moment, heard it is made by 3 people so I am giving it some slack.
      Voice acting is a bit eh, kinda silly with one character.

      Gameplay feels a bit like a ps2 hack and slash, still quite fun.

      I love the music though!

      It has skills to unlock and gear for stats, you also have to equip skills that you unlock onto the button of your choosing when you get them.

      Can't say much about the story or anything because I'm not that far in yet.


      Overall I do like it and will go back to playing it at some point.

      Well, late ps2 or early ps3 hack and slash-

  6. Anyone know where to get good posters and merch for stuff in general?

    1. Blood-Stalker1


      That depends what country are you in ? 


      you have  the one I use 



    2. Fen


      Amiami was good for newly released anime merch some years back. 

    3. Nitroman65


      Amiami, playasia, cjapan, Tokyo Otaku mode are the webs I use the most. 

  7. Done with playing Black Out with friends maybe forever or till they grow up because it turned into a lets blame me for everything THEY do wrong.

    It was amusing first time but 20+ times on the same day is just annoying and with how rough life is being to me atm it is making me extremely upsetting and kinda got me close to crying as stupid as it sounds. 

    Like a joke with them two without care for my happiness is childish. 
    Some people just need to learn when to stop, I told them to stop blaming me but then they just said I was blaming others and made me feel like shit.


    Sorry, had to vent a bit.

    1. Dreggit


      Maybe taking a break is best? Close to where my home is we have a pier that I'll walk to and look out into the sea. It's always a nice feeling, do you have a place like that that makes you feel calm and collected?

  8. Love playing online with friends and internet randomly resets itself for no reason.

    1. Masamune


      Mine seems to like doing that too. 😅 I think I lost out on some Orichalcum yesterday in AC Odyssey because I lost my connection right around the time I finished a mission. 😑

  9. Wonder what drama will be here tomorrow.

    People take trophy hunting way too serious then it should be taken.

    Anyway, this week has been tough for me so gonna relax for the weekend. Continue Spider man, surprisingly enjoying it a lot.



    1. MidnightDragon


      We can always hope nothing. Someone tried a new one, but got killed before it got off the ground.

    2. Temmie


      Everywhere has drama.  Only thing that makes it awesome is friends :) 

  10. 60122573_1268800986602464_18864379795855


    Trying to spend reward points on Namco site and it tells me to finish creating my account and keeps hitting me with this.

  11. Just bored.
  12. PSNProfile should just be renamed to PSNWhiners at this point, jeez, just grow up people, if you don't like the stuff, ignore the games and the threads instead of whining at any chance you get. Coming from me, who gets salty easily.
  13. I got the platinum trophy for Horizon Zero Dawn  but seems I won't be getting Castlevania RondoXSymphony plat because no matter what I do, it won't fill the blank spots and so it seems unachievable for me because I can't be bother to go around and try to fill the map again.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Congrats on Horizon

    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the Horizon Plat! Sorry to hear about the other.. Glitches suck.

  14. Horizon Zero Dawn question
    After beating the last mission can I continue the expansion and other content?

    1. xZoneHunter


      Yes there is free roam after you beat the game.

  15. Because it is EA and we all know that EA just doesn't care.