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  1. 32 minutes ago, thefourfoldroot said:

    Didn’t they give UC4, temporarily, in PS Now? If so they really need to combine these two services as it’s getting messy.


    A few games have been on both now, it isn't really getting messy at all, two different services.


  2. 3 hours ago, wackt1 said:

    what i am thinking of what the devs did here is that his AI might scale with difficulty level or something but ya I agree, the Nemesis in the original RE3 would like run all over the place just to get to jill. Though what was the thinking in swapping his rocket launcher with a flamethrouger

    They didn't swap it, he uses both at parts, just not in the demo I suppose.



  3. 7 minutes ago, dzstrpc said:


    *Users need to have a registered PSN account in their region, be age 18 years or over, have played games on a PS4 console for at least 10 hours between January 1, 2019 and December 10, 2019, and have allowed us to collect “additional data.” Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data].
    ** Users need to have opted in to receive marketing emails via the Notifications Settings on their PSN account.


    You need to allow Sony to collect ''additional data''. Otherwise only PS3 and PSVita gametime is collected.

    I have the exact same thing. 37 games played for 407 hours. But 102 Plats unlocked.


    I played Bloodstained on ps4 and that is the 2nd game on the list though and this worked fine last year and I haven't changed anything


  4. 6 minutes ago, starcrunch061 said:


    It's definitely glitchy at times, although yours seems VERY glitchy. Like I said, it claims 145 hours on Disgaea 4. While I know that my numbers in game are wrong (due to restarts and the like), I am currently at 75 hours total. Even for some of the heavy restarting I've done, 70 hours seems excessive.  


    Also, my days played are definitely wrong, as I played every day last year, with a trophy sync to prove it. It's possible I didn't play online, and then went online to sync the trophy, I guess?


    But yeah - yours seems really weird.

    Sony: You've cloaked in 110 hours of gameplay
    Also Sony: Throughout the year you played 1 days


  5. Is mine bugged or something? 
    Top 2 games is all it is showing and it is the Wake up Club thing even though I'm logged out on vita for 107 hours and Bloodstained for 1 hour.
    We just gonna ignore the like 900+ hours I spent on FFXIV this year Sony--?

    Or the countless hours I put in DMC5 and all that-


  6. 54 minutes ago, madbuk said:

    A lot of the online saves you can find online have been done legitimately, so is it okay to use them? :rolleyes:

    Because someone did them legitimately and then uploaded their save to the internet for people to download doesn't mean those who downloaded the saves did it legit as they probably had to edit them to make them work for their profile.

    I don't know how it works.


  7. 3 hours ago, J-Ray-G-Rox said:

    The main reason is because sexual stuff is a bad influence on children and they will act on it.


    Murder, on the other  hand, cannot be taught. It requires a special type of individual who is capable of it.

    Murder and rape can both be taught and both require a special type of individual who is capable of it.
    That reason is daft because sexual stuff is in M rated games, if one is to buy an M rated game or film or whatever for a child, it is on the parent and not at the fault of anyone else and so censoring adult target audience media because of children is plain idiotic.


  8. They will be in another characters mission, you can sometimes see them in the background doing their thing, very few missions from what I can tell actually have you working together in the same part, only seen one mission do it so far though which I believe was mission 13?


  9. Epics store is iffy, I mean no user reviews at all is bad on itself.
    Metro will probably lose sales at least for the first year as I have heard it is only a year exclusive. 
    Only a minority of Steams users will probably bother to get Epics store.
    Also Steam is the best PC store due to their summer sales alone.
    I have seen a lot of people saying they will most likely torrent Metro Exodus now.
    But there is the added thing that anyone who pre-ordered on Steam will get the game and future dlc on steam.

    1 hour ago, soultaker655 said:

    Outside of Steam, Epic, Battlenet, and Origin what other launchers are you talking about to make the fifty million launchers hyperbole? 

    Like I said Exclusivity on the PC don't exist, buying a digital pc game from one store over the other doesn't matter. Even when it comes to sales it doesn't matter since the game developer/company decides what the sale price is not the store. 

    Discord has games now, Twitch does too, also UPlay.


  10. 14 minutes ago, darkjjda said:

    is this still working? how is it done?

    Needs psplus, you add the ps3 version to cart and get it while it is free for plus and then you'll be able to get the ps4 version


  11. 55 minutes ago, rolltideroll157 said:

    You used a downloaded save which is against the rules regardless if it actually was your save or not. There is no way you can prove it so it should be flagged.

    If it is from the PSN cloud thing it is fine as everyone with psplus has that, don't know anything about this dude though.
    If he did mean the psn cloud.


  12. 41 minutes ago, wackt1 said:

    Is the game already out? I already see people with trophies. I thought the game comes out on the 25th, tomorrow. 

    probably, I know with valkyria chronicles 4 and L.A. Noire had dlc that came with pre orders, which later became purchasable/downloadable post release. 

    I got it a day early for some reason, didn't question it just playing it.


  13. 2 hours ago, kdogg_gamer_ said:


    Well for starters it costs less money to put games on digital storefronts rather than a physical game, which in turn means we can have better sales on the games in the digital storefronts. Not to mention the trend is going to digital games. Gamestop/EB games is going out of business because of digital games. Best Buy likely will only carry new releases in the next few years. You can buy the game from the comfort of your own home rather than have to go to a store to get it. It makes perfect sense.

    Digital is only part of it, there is also the competition of the usual cheaper prices online on sites like Amazon and TheGameCollection.
    Gamestop is going out of business because a lot of people don't like them much due to many reason and shop at other places.

    Buying on the store will always be the same amount, just for convenience and that the company store like Sony take a part of the money. 

    It will be less money in making the console because no disc thing but the company will see no competition and become potentially greedier, digital only will be quite bad in the long run.

    People love physical and would rather be safe with a collection then trusting a digital store, plus internet and size of harddrives, consoles will possibly cost more because you need more space and all that, it will most likely drive more people away then anything.

    Apologies on the kinda long-ish thing but yeah. Catering to one section of your playerbase and ignoring the other will probably make them lose customers.