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  1. Heya, saw you started Anima: Gate of Memories recently on the recent players list, how do you like it so far? the bundle for both games are kinda on sale right now. Deciding if I should grab it up.

    1. SaltyCat


      It is all right, not played it much of it at the moment, heard it is made by 3 people so I am giving it some slack.
      Voice acting is a bit eh, kinda silly with one character.

      Gameplay feels a bit like a ps2 hack and slash, still quite fun.

      I love the music though!

      It has skills to unlock and gear for stats, you also have to equip skills that you unlock onto the button of your choosing when you get them.

      Can't say much about the story or anything because I'm not that far in yet.


      Overall I do like it and will go back to playing it at some point.

      Well, late ps2 or early ps3 hack and slash-