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  1. How do you enjoy a game if you aren't willing to play through it and use a save for trophies? Just curious on that.
  2. Grinding for Batman's legendary gear on Injustice 2.

  3. Master Of All Trades Reach max level with all characters Super fun.
  4. Thanks Lego Worlds.


    1. hpknight


      I downloaded like 60 updates and patches for this game and it's still glitchy af. What a joke.

    2. SaltyCatRemi


      My savefile corrupted twice .
      Once 20 minutes in and another like 3 hours but it always has a backup save from like a second before the corruption.

  5. 20 isn't much considering it is a tag game, 10 of them are Blazblue characters. You can't compare tag fighting games to normal fighting games, the moment you add tag you need more. Also announcing 20 dlc characters and showing that one of the dlc characters is ready 4-5 months before launch is one of the things that pissed people off.
  6. They have most likely lost so many sales because of the dlc plan.
  7. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle was a must buy at first but 20 dlc characters and only Ruby and Weiss in the game, I'll pass on it, a shame, arc system being quite greedy.

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    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Yeah really sucks, I was looking forward to this game too dood

    3. Lorajet


      Another game off the list.  Sheesh. 

    4. ExHaseo


      Yeah, I was planning on picking it up until this nonsense too. What makes it worse, is the launch roster is only 20 characters too, which is pretty weak for a tag-team style game. Especially when 90% of the characters are ported from other games. The only original ones are the RWBY ones, otherwise all the assets already existed. The whole thing just reeks of lazy cash-in unfortunately. :/

  8. Bought Lego Worlds with monster pack dlc, Resident evil 4 and 5 and Hands of Fate (deluxe edition)

    1. IntroPhenom


      On the PSN sale, or somewhere else?

    2. SaltyCatRemi


      Psn sale, the January one. £35,85 all together.

  9. Bandai namco confuses me, my email apparently isn't in their database BUT they keep sending me stuff on the email that isn't in their database.

    1. Edunstar84


      That sounds weird!

    2. AlchemistWer


      🤔 be careful, that is very strange

  10. I don't like sci-fi much.
  11. £4.49 for 1 Overwatch League skin, a simple recolor.

    Alright Blizzard.

  12. Almost at 50 plats.

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    2. MetalGarurumon


      Congrats on the P4DAN Plat!

    3. SaltyCatRemi



      Na, I did the air raider on hard and the trophy didn't pop, I'll pass on the trophies for this game.

    4. nenugalimas


      Did you do it in split screen? You have to beat the last mission using the character on the primary controller. Try beating any mission with Air raider as player 1.

  13. Got an email from sony saying more games added to the January sale.

    1. bezdomnekoty


      R.I.P wallet again

  14. I need to put more effort into the about me section-

  15. The Junes special hasn't popped for me, I cleared all the songs the guide says on Persona 4 dancing with the requirements but nothing.
    I refuse to play the garbage song Like a dream come true again.

    1. Lucas


      But Like a dream come true is a great song :awesome:...



      Seriously though, if you do exactly like the guide here on PSNP says, you should get it without any problems. Are you sure you played the songs on the correct difficulty?

    2. SaltyCatRemi


      I played Backside of the TV on hard with Teddie and the trophy unlocked, I guess despite getting Brilliant on normal I didn't get bond fever