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  1. Why are playstation move controllers sooo much aaaaaah.

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Thinking the same thing lately lol. I need 2 of them to plat a game and I'm just going to buy 2 and return them. $60-$80  can buy a lot of games. :P

    2. Leenewbe


      because they decided to use them with psvr :( 

    3. DARKB1KE


      To prey on a consumerist capitalistic society. 

  2. Old phone broke, does anyone know a good and preferably as cheap as possible phone/tablet for this game?
  3. God eater 2-
    The Mukuro Kyuubi at the end of the survival can go to hell. Everyone dies sooooo fast.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      If you're having trouble, we can do some coop later.

  4. Did you get the exp filled up one more time?
  5. How is the gameplay on Superbeat Xonic on ps4? Is it just like DJ Max?

  6. I watched Little Evil on Netflix and enjoyed it more than I expected to.
  7. I love Bloodborne but I'm not sure how I feel about a possible sequel. I don't believe anything till it is confirmed either.
  8. People can gift premium to you
  9. It isn't a psvr game, maybe a faulty HDMI? Or a terrible bug, maybe delete and redownload it again
  10. If you get Demon Gaze 2 do NOT get the dlc if you are on ps4, the free ones, they can lead to an annoying bug that makes loading the saves error till you restart the game (usually after a game over.)

  11. Plat number 53-  Demon Gaze 2

  12. It's an okay month to me as I don't care much for david cages games much as they kinda bore me so I will pass on that, might give Absolver a chance though.
  13. Idk why you care so much about what people think about an optional feature.
  14. It recently just changed a bit with an upgrade system in the game. Weapons are based on the class you choose, like Commando gets assault rifles and berserk is melee. Leveling is also based on the class you use but you level up decently fast till like I say 15-25. Just stay with your team, heal them when they need it (gets you some dosh too-) and newcommers will be fine. Don't try to 1v1 the boss, scrakes and fleshpounds though-
  15. Yeah but they all play on Hard mode onwards, which hard mode isn't that bad!