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  1. Aw, didn't get a code to the beta, oh well.
    I also need to stop buying games at some point.

    Couldn't resist XCOM 2 though.

  2. Plat number 41- Tales of Berseria 

  3. Just clean it out, inside gets mega dusty, mine was really loud but now it is really quiet after cleaning it.
  4. Trying to like Darkstalkers Resurrection but it is proving to be difficult, it just feels annoying to play.
    So far one of the worse fighting game I have played so far. 

  5. Na, I can't get along with people who think they are better because of what they game on.
  6. Little Deviants is fun for all but one mini game and that is Manic Melter, it is just so bad and getting even silver is way too hard. 

    1. nenugalimas


      Yeah, that one is horrible to control. The trophy for doing it only clockwise was a real pain. I wasnt a fan of Smashing tune either.

  7. Hours played online: 982 Most played game: Overwatch Psplus savings: £24 Monthly games redeemed: 23
  8. I got this theme despite not owning the game.
  9. If you mean the main campaign thing, you don't get trophies for every level, you get one for finishing it.
  10. I bought Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse because they were on sale.

    Also Oh sir!...The insult simulator because it was cheap.

  11. Tales of Berseria stuff-
    All titles level 2, just gotta go to new game+ and start the grind to level 200 with 6x exp

    1. nenugalimas


      Getting close to the platinum. Good luck!

  12. Sneezing like 15+ times a day has been making the past few days terrible

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Midnightwards1666


      Is it hay fever?

    3. SaltyCatRemi


      Yeah, It always hits me really bad around this time.

    4. Midnightwards1666
  13. Doing the titles of Tales of Berseria and 4 of the characters need to kill 1000+ enemies and do their mystic artes 100+ times, gonna take a long time.

  14. Did you even read everything in this thread before posting? Read what Stevieboy put.
  15. No one won E3 to me, all of them were really meh this year, some decent games to look forward to though, so yay.

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Devolver? :awesome: