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  1. Telltale games are clearly the hardest games to beat, smh
  2. Plat number 44- South Park Stick of truth

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cubone


      Getting ready for Fractured Butthole?


      Personally, I've been going through all of the seasons again. In season 18 now, don't think I ever watched anything of 19 and onwards.

    3. TheLastSurvivorD


      Nice! Congratulations! :) 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  3. Now 20 years old today and still haven't got a job. 

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    2. Terra


      Happy Birthday! Hope you find a job soon!

    3. hpknight


      I miss being unemployed...waking up with no alarm, forgetting what day of the week is, living on a cereal and ice cream diet. *sigh* 😢

    4. Ditto


      Happy Birthday! 

  4. Late as hell but meh.
    Plat number 42- Nioh
    Plat Number 43- Tekken 7

  5. Why does US PSN store still the placeholder release date for the new South Park rather then the actual one?

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    2. Blissey


      I thought PSN as a whole was run by monkeys. xD

    3. ee28max


      They're probably smoking some good weed and doing drugs :P.

    4. starcrunch061


      @ee28maxNah. They seem more like the type that would buy parsley, thinking it was weed.

  6. Anyone know what can cheer me up? I have be feeling emotionally worse and worse in the past two days due to constant bad stuff/

    1. Phil


      Watch nut shot videos on YouTube. Maybe cat videos will do it. Oh! Cat fail videos. Does it every time.

    2. Phil
    3. Redgrave


      This gave me a laugh. I think it's just because I have a soft spot for Pugs that make dumb faces :P



  7. Friendos, how does one get Blacksmith requests quick in Nioh?

  8. Probably the case.
  9. I checked on my friends list on ps4 and it's called Final Stretch lll, so yeah, it's the site.
  10. The main boss in The Abyss on Wild Arms 3 sure takes a long time.

  11. Played on Lego Worlds with a friend on their ps4 on split-screen and didn't know you got trophies, it looks really weird now.

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    2. skateak


      I am sure you will be alright. Maybe screenshot this status for if someone ever does flag you (doubtful) Better safe than sorry though.

    3. RVMcypress_grave


      You could also have your friend send you the automatic trophy pictures since it would show you in split-screen.

    4. skateak


      @RVMcypress_grave That is actually a very good point and idea.

  12. For the pass few days I've been going on Nioh and helping people.

    Many forget about the cliffs and stuff.

    1. LucileRose


      Some forget and others just try to rush the levels which usually ends up with them dying. -_-

  13. Somehow missed two large Yokai even though I beat the game.

    1. LucileRose


      You have to get the final hit so if you had a person helping you with a boss then it doesn't count.

  14. Aw, didn't get a code to the beta, oh well.
    I also need to stop buying games at some point.

    Couldn't resist XCOM 2 though.

  15. Plat number 41- Tales of Berseria