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  1. Monday update: Only 2 bronze trophies achieved towards my listed games. When the stellaris update hit I messed around for 2 half days in that and spent 2-3 hours playing with Dungeon of the Endless (I loved Endless Space when I used to be a PC gamer, so I will insta-buy any Endless game that comes to playstation). A lot of staff sickness in the hospital I work at so I've been pulling extra shifts - this kills the urge to game :'( I'll try and finish Sakura wars, a really charming VN/musou game before the end of the challenge though.
  2. Midweek update: Finished Subnautica. What an amazing experience! I loved the exploration and development aspects when I first started I got lost in very shallow cave systems, towards the end of my 25+ hours I could navigate deep trenches with ease. I had a trophy glitch (building the Prawn suit) out but thankfully I could cheese it with the dev console, using the console blocked other trophies so in the end I use the console to help with those on a fresh save (I had gotten to end game anyways). I want to go back to the Forst for a similar experience now, but those multiplayer trophies are a big turn off. I continue to grind the combat trophies in Sakura wars and aim to plat the game before working tomorrow evening, but I'm being distracted by the Stellaris 2.2 update and Beat Saber (lock down cardio lol) so no promises. I really should return to FF7RE but the game is so good I don't want it to end (why I pause on a lot of JRPGs).
  3. Weekend update: I have taken the weekend off work sick (not corona, phew!) and have been too unwell to focus on games. Having said that chipped away at Sakura Wars and played some Subnautica.
  4. Update - Completed Resident Evil 3 and finished my first playthrough of Sakura wars. I'll try and fire up my vita tonight and grind my way out of a difficult boss on Criminal Girls. Stay safe everyone!
  5. Yet to get the plat and I would say I'm 2/3-3/4 through my first playthrough. The bromides (collectables) will show up on the map in NG+. For combat trophies there is a battle simulator I imagine you can farm what is needed (requirements are not too demanding IMO). For the ending trophies I think you need to max relationship and then select a girl to see them through to the special ending. I don't know what chapter that is yet but I imagine you'll be ok if you save. I'm not using a relationship guide but battles raise trust and the sensible answer usually gets the positive outcome. I think if you're doing NG+ to hoover up any bromides you'll be fine for the relationship trophies. I think I've seen some guides on the net but can't find them to link now.
  6. Going to open with these 5 but already have a second wave of games lined up and I'm sure I'll add some entries from PS+ and PS Now collection. Going to book some annual leave off for last of us so I won't have work in the way like I have this current challenge. Good luck all! Age of Wonders Planetfall 20% (DLC planned may drop completion rate) Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey 12% Darksiders II 12% Last of Us 2 (June 19th release?) 0% Legend of Heros: Trails of Cold Steel 2 0%
  7. I loved your recomendations @Crispy_Oglop will have to look into those when my completion rate improves. My weekend update: I've made my second swap of the challenge. I've dropped 100 knight (feels like the 100th time I've done that ) for Sakura Wars. Sakura Wars is everything I need in a game right now - it's extremely 'comfy', balancing visual novel, musou (never liked this genre before, but I've had lots of fun and I'm impressed with the nuance of the fighting system and different mechs having very different play) and dating sim elements perfectly. The writing is top knotched, I've laughed and I've cried and I've been absolutely hooked on the main plot and sub stories. The game looks beautiful, little things like the mirrors acurately reflecting the characters and rooms depending on the angles you look at them etc, is really impressive as this genre of games doesn't usually get that level of polish. The episodic nature of the game along with the very strong visual design makes me feel like I'm playing an anime. I have no doubts that I'll be playing this solid until I get 100% completion!
  8. Weekend update: Knocked a little progress out on some games. Swapping TOCS2 for Sherlock Holmes DD as I don't think I can get absorbed into a 100 hour RPG right now.
  9. Weekend update: I am loving FF7R, not playing it too fast as I want to savour the experience. About to finish my nightmare RE3R run, while I love the game I am finding the trophy requirements (playthroughs on difficulties to unlock the following difficulty) exteremely tedious and it's starting to sap my enjoyment. I spent a few hours with Children of Morta too, it's a nice distraction. I think over the coming week I'll finish RE3R and play a bit more of FF7R, I would like to play more Wastelands 2 but every time I load up I am faced with all the missables and decide to close the application - at one point I'll just bite the bullet and do it. My completion percentage is finally looking up. I'd love to hit 50% after this challenge. However I caved in and got PS NOW subscription so I'll probably be playing a lot of off list games potentially lowerering that. Gaming is pretty much my sanity lifeline at the moment, a lot of colleagues at work have been confirmed to have Covid-19 and there have been patient deaths and a few local staff deaths So I'm not going to beat myself up for straying too far from self imposed constraints for my gaming challenges as gaming helps me decompress. On the positive side, the pandemic has brought the best out of lots of people and I am so proud of my team and my country men during this time. Hope everyone is safe and well x.
  10. Midweek update: Knocked out the Sims and played some FF7R and RE3.
  11. End of week update: Cleared another 2 games and made more progress into RE3. I just need no box run and then to complete on hardest difficulties. I've got night shifts this weekend but I'd like to dip my toe into FF7R, finish Sims and maybe start Wasteland 2 as I've neglect it due to fears of missable trophies.
  12. Hope everyone and their families etc are safe and well. Since my last update I've made a good start with RE3 and finished Actual Sunlight. I think I'll either try to finish Sims or Here they lie and chip away at the remaining RE trophies next. Looking forward to FF7R release but I don't know if I'll be playing much of it as I have a block of night shifts starting then
  13. A lot of the reviews slate unneccesary difficulty - such as hunger meter etc. But I'm told there is a mode you can play without these. I hope this wont block trophies though,
  14. Midweek update: Since the last update I added a few extra games to my pile as I really wanted to bust my poor completion rate. I've knocked out several of these games (backlog 4-5 years) already and I feel the others are very realistic for my current time budget. I am including some new releases too, can't wait to play Resident Evil at midnight!
  15. Hope everyone is safe and well. I've spent 15 hours the last week on FFXII leveling, completing hunts and progresing story with only 2 trophies to show for it. I'm sure it'll pay dividends soon. Trying to work on my overall completion rate so I'm not starting any 0% games yet and have been flirting with my backlog for low hanging fruit.