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  1. Hey guys. Hope it's been a good week. I've scored two platinums this week Outer Wilds this was a lovely indie game that I'm glad I allowed the time to grow on me during the awkward first few hours. I loved solving some of the mysteries and puzzles the game presented. I've not sprung for the DLC yet, but I'll likely get this if I have time towards the end of the this challenge peroid. On a mystery kick I next added The Forgotten City to my list. I absolutely loved this and got the platinum pretty quickly. I've also been chipping away at Atelier Sophie 2and Hitman 3 but no big trophy wins yet. This week I hope to play of my current picks but if I see a good mystery I may add that instead. Have a good one
  2. Hey all. Hope you're all doing alright. Gaming has been a lifeline for me this week. I completed Control including the DLC and was thrilled to replay this (I don't really revisit games I've completed). I did use some cheats for the longer sections that I had already seen but experienced the new content (the search for 100% collectables included) as intended. The Alan Wake stuff was fun but I felt the Foundation DLC was especially strong content. I've worked pretty hard on Shadow Tactics and I think it's great I made myself come back to the game (I previously stopped because a central character dies unexpectedly which is really sad but also you lose their abilities in the missions, further adding to that sense of loss). I don't think this is one I'll finish quickly though as the 100% trophies require some skill/precision that I will look at honing later on down the line. I've nearly finished the base game of Outer Wilds. A lovely game. I didn't like it at first but after some stumbling around in ruins trying to solve puzzle that bridged time and space, I felt the investigation thrill I had from Obra Dinn. I've nailed all the trophies other than 100% archeology (I think I'm very close to this) and starting a fresh run and completing the game in a single 'run' I'm sure I'll get these tonight or tomorrow. I probably will dabble with the DLC, but I'm going to hold off on buying that for now. This week I;m going to play some Atelier Sophie 2 and because I did some shopping in the sales, likely add another game or two to my list. I got Doom Eternal, Forbidden City, Roguebook and Wildfire. I'm sure Forbidden City is going to be added to my list as it's a shortish, exceptionally well recieved game that has more mystery for me to unravel. I plan to play absolutely blind my first playthrough and then take a guide from there. I might add another one of my new games to the list. Have a great week all Edit: I love the Stick to the man love, I might just play this as well! And If you need a partner for MP trophies in Deathloop @Vulpine9Tails, let me know
  3. Hey guys. Hope it's been a good week. This week I've been off sick so I've absolutely drilled my backlog. I completed Control including the DLC, this was a blast. I did put the cheats on to speed up some of the lengthier fights that I had seen before (completed on PS4 when it first came out). I've also played very far into Outer Wilds, initially I didn't think I would like the game and was very close to looking up a guide to rush through it. However, after stumbling around some ruins and starting to see the different threads weave across time and space I started to really enjoy investigating (not as much as Obra Dinn which will be in my top 10 gaming experiences for the rest of time). I've not got the platinum yet but I feel I'm just a few discoveries away from 100% archeology completion and then the Begginer's luck trophy that I feel should be reasonable. This week I'm confident I'll complete Outer Wilds (not decided if I'll buy DLC or not yet) and look at mopping up Shadow Tactics challenges. I have been very naughty and in the sales bought Doom Eternal, Wildfire, Rogue book and Forbidden City. When I do start them I'll likely play them to a good degree of completion quickly. Have a good one
  4. Hey guys. Hope it's been a nice week and you've had a good start to the challenge. I was told my a doctor that I have been slowly breaking down since a serious incident at work and that they were worried about my mental health. My emotions had been cycling quite quickly, I wasn't really sleeping or looking after myself properly. I was still working hard so no-one noticed/mentioned it earlier lol. I was ready to quit hearing this as I felt a bit of a failure for not keeping it together. Fortunately my manager was really compassionate and encouraged me to stay but take a bit of sick leave. I feel pretty embarrased about it all now, but I will be taking a few days to focus on me, getting some post-incident support and look at handing over some of my workload to others. Hopefully this will help me move on from the incident and be happier and effective at life in general. Short term advantage - is I'll have some time to play every day this week. This week, rather than focus on a particular title, I've been playing broadly across my list. I've played a bit of Hitman 3, Atelier Sophie 2, Control and Phoenix Point (non-listed game, it may be added to the list once they confirm trophies have been fixed with latest patch). Sophie has a really relaxing slice-of-life feel to it with zen inducing alchemy mechanic, playing on normal difficulty I've found a few bosses require you to pay attention but not necessarily min-max. I didn't like my first few hours with it as it looked and felt rough compared to Atelier Ryza, however it was very easy to get over the differences and accept it for the game it is. Hitman continues to be an excellent murder sandbox. My wife has had some giggles at the accidental deaths (exploding golf balls, wine presses etc) so it's a popular game to play at home. I am a bit baffled by the DLC though - I have the second Hitman and so have some content unlocked, however I don't have Hitman 2 GOLD so I'm locked out of 2 bonus levels and related DLC. Money is not really something I worry about with terms of spending on games, however, having to shell out £30 for two levels worth of content in order to 100% the game seems a bit silly so I'll have to think about this. If it were cheaper, if I didn't already have the majority of Hitman 2 content already unlocked or if there was a way I could upgrade Hitman 2 to Hitman 2 GOLD and have those bonuses passed along to Hitman 3 content, then I would feel differently about it. Control is a fun play. I rarely come back to games I've already completed but I wanted to see how it played on a PS5 and explore the DLC. I love anything with a 'SCP Foundation' feel and it's been fun to read all the lore and re-experience some of the metaphysical shocks, horrors and delights. Phoenix Point again, not on my list until I've confirmed if the trophy list has been fixed. I started this as my hard/long campaign game. I'm enjoying it so far, going against all advice and started with all the DLC turned on so a bit overwhelmed by the options but the learning curve isn't as bad as I feared. This week I hope to finish Control and either get through Outer Wilds in a weekend session or dig deep into another game. Mentally thinking about other titles to add to bring my challenge amount up to 15... I was thinking about a sigital board game like Ticket To Ride or Fury of Dracula and I'm waiting for the ultimate zen game Hardspace Shipbreaker to drop this month. Have a good week
  5. Hey guys. This week I've started a slew of new games, partly due to the new Summer backlog challenge that's given me an excuse to crack open physical games that I've been sitting on or dip in to the recent sales... So yeah a little decrease this week but the number of trophies I've obtained is pretty good going. Have a good week
  6. Updated my list. I removed a few I felt I wouldn't play over other games and added things that I've played/bought recently, including a bit of mop-up from last challenge. Now starting at 13 games, depending entirely on how much unpaid overtime work requires from me I may or may not add a few more. Good luck everyone Atelier Sophie 2 0% Control: Ultimate Edition 0% Disco Elysium 4% Genesis Alpha One 13% Hitman 3 4% Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel 3 0% Muv Luv: Alternate 20% Outer Wilds 0% Returnal 16% Salt and Sacrifice 22% Salt and Sacrifice 22% Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 17% Shadow Tactics 48%
  7. Final update: Deep Rock Galactic 28% > 51% Dying light 2 45% > 100% Elden Ring 8% > 11% Horizon Forbidden West 10% > 100% Legend of Heroes: Tales of Cold Steel 2 10% > 100% Muv-Luv Alternative 13% > 20% Nier Replicant 31% > 38% Okami 18% Sakura: Of rice and ruin 0% > 100% Undermine 30% > 41% 4/10 Platinumed I think this has been my worst and yet best run of this challenge. Worst as in I only hit 4/10 platinums, best as in I was able to stay pretty committed (with only work and poor health getting in the way of me sticking with it) to my listed games for most of the challenge. As always it's been a pleasure to play alongside you all and hear about your progress, it's really helped lift me when I've struggled with my mood or motivation. See you at the next one
  8. Hi guys. A few more trophies in Cold steel 2 and I've started a new game (Hitman 3) so my completion has dropped a bit. Hopefully will bring it up in the coming weeks. Have a good week.
  9. Hi guys. Hope you've had a good week. This week I've been working a lot of extra hours to get ready for a hospital inspection. Having said that I have completed most of the character specific trophies for LOH: Cold Steel 2. Unfortunately I've been playing the nightmare NG+ without a guide so I've messed up the companion trophy for Alfin (her final bonding events are limited) so I will have to play through a third time... Because of this I was a bit disheartened and put the game down for half the week and dabbled with Hitman 3 for novelty instead. Now that I've accepted the need for a third playthrough I've nearly reached the end fo the NG+ run and can likely do this either on Monday or Tuesday after work. It'll be very tight but I want to finish this before the end of the challenge. With regards to my other goal for this week, Muv Luv: alternative, my vita keeps crapping out on me and I'm thinking about finding my Vita TV to play this.. I don't know if I'll manage this before the end of the challenge. Been mentally revising my planned Summer challenge games. So much I want to get in there but trying to be realistic. Take it easy guys
  10. Hi guys. Hope it's been a good week. I've finished Unpacking and made some good headway with LOH Cold Steel 2 but nothing outstanding due to work pressures. I hope to get another two platinums this week to boost my score a bit.
  11. Hey guys. Hope it's been a good week. Work has realy been full on so whilst I completed LOH: Cold Steel 2's campaign and started NG+ on nightmare mode and have spent 5-6 hours on Muv Luv: Alternate, I still have a fair way to go before getting the platinums in these. This week I plan to work on those two before the end of the challenge. They are really good games and the second platinum will be number 250 in my cabinet Have a good week.
  12. I like this thread @AssassinShadow56, thank you for making it. 1. Caring nature. I work as a mental health nurse and I really do feel it is one of my true callings in life. I feel I can care for most people unconditionally and being very empathic I find it easy to go on the patient recovery journey together, something most of my patients respond very well too. I feel I am quite skilled at nursing and it's one of the only things I'm truely proud about. 2. I am not intelligent or always original in thinking but I like to think I can think in different ways according to the situation. At work I'm very good at doing things that consider many different elements or working at a very complex level. Because I have to do a lot of investigations and audits too I have a good set of critical thinking and problem solving skills for this (serious, I get head hunted to do this sometimes and I think it'll be my future dream job to be part detective/auditor part nurse ) I annoy everyone I work with by suggesting something and then once they agree on it, adopt a stance against it... just to test the strength of my original idea. 3. Dilligent. I take anything I've been tasked with very seriously. I find it hard to do things for myself however. 4. Believing in others. I believe that if people want something and try hard enough they will usually get close to the result they want, especially when they work with others. This is quite a naive mindset, even in healthcare there are many different movitions that drive people and my 'the ward is a family' 'power of friendship' stuff doesn't wash with everyone. I feel this is ultimately a strength though, I don't give up on people - allowing second chances, helping people change (if they want it bad enough) and recognition/cultivating individuals that people may have given up on. 5. Fun loving. While pretty serious about important things I love simple, clean fun - things like novelty, co-operation/light competition and being challenged are all great. I love when others have fun too
  13. Absolute banger of a sound track and really funny NPC interactions. I found the gameplay to be excellent My rec would be Disco Elyisum, it's very dark and thought provoking in places but I had plenty of laughs due to top tier writing,
  14. I've found good trophy design can enhance a game. I find the best trophies direct the player to explore all the game has to offer - eg see all the optional bosses and story beats, become proficient at game mechanics (Titanfall 2's Becomes the Master is a really good example of this) or to play in a different way. Trophies only become a problem when they cease to become intrinsic motivators and people get super stressed over thier trophy e-peen. Having said that, I don't disagree with OP's statement that some trophy designs are pretty awful and punish those who want to know the game inside and out or more casual trophy collectors - if you can beat the game on the hardest difficulty why should there be a trophy for a million kills? (I'm looking at your Star Ocean 4!). I'll just say regarding playing low quality games for trophies. Just don't do it. You're not having a good time and no one else is going to respect your 6 stacks of Life of Black Tiger.
  15. Heya folks. Hope it's been a good one. I got my first plat (Horizon Forbidden West) in a while and have been sinking a lot of time into a JRPG (LOH: Cold Steel 2) to boost my completion score by a nice chunk. It would have been higher except I started a new game (Salt and Sacrifice). This week I hope to finish a few more games. Good luck everyone.