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  1. Hi guys. Weekend update time! I've had a few more stabs at getting the 7 deaths trophy on Medievil without much luck so I really will park this until my annual leave in Feburary where I'll spend a day devoted to that very last annoying bronze trophy in order to get the plat. Achieved the plat in Kotodama, I dropped this after getting half way through a playthrough and then finding out about missables so this time went a head with a guide. Quite shallow as a VN and shallow in terms of game play (I love tile matching games usually) but had some PQube charm in there. Still, wouldn't recomend unless you find this on sale. My remaining game time has been spent with Cold Steel 2 but yet to pop any more trophies. This week I'll still be playing Cold Steel but I may install CoD MW2 on my PS5 to continue that. I plan on getting the new Ys and Atelier releases as birthday presents to myself and will likely add those to the list.
  2. Hi guys and gals, hope the week has been kind to you all. This week I wanted to finish Medievil but I am one glitchy broze trophy short and it irritated me to the point of an unistall. I've since re-installed thinking I could overcome the glitch on a fresh save, but now reading guides I am advised to meet a unique set of conditions in a level quite late into the game. It won't be hard getting back to that point just tedious. I might try a fresh save again, else I'll come back to this game towards the end of the challenge and fresh eyes to hopefully make it a bit more fun. Really not sure what I'll be playing next.
  3. Sunday update: Managed to get my first platinums of this year, Fenyx and Maneater. Fenyx was a really charming, though started to get stale when going for the ~90% map completion for the platinum. I did encounter some bugs where puzzle elements or bosses would despawn making progression impossible until I rebooted the game. I would recomend, especially as it's on sale. Maneater was quite dumb but a fun and short distraction. I saw it on PS+ and I couldn't not add it to my list. I now plan to play my PS4 backlog games having transfered data to my PS5, though I may add a PS now/+ title if I get bored. I don't plan on getting anything new until Ys IX or Atelier Ryza 2 come out. Wishing you a great week
  4. I had this happen a few times and what worked after a few restarts was to kill him slower, no special moves or potions. This allows you to comfortably strike the finishing blow after your family help out.
  5. Happy new year everyone. I finished with Demon Souls, it was a phenomonal game but having played later installments in Souls franchise I found the levels a bit linear and bosses simple.Played a bit of immortals but I've been busy with work and family stuff to dril deep yet.
  6. Didn't hit my goal last time due to starting too many new games, last couple of months I have been really tight with my game list and I think I'll ne able to hit it this time. Current 50.16% Goal 55.16% (5% increase)
  7. Scary stuff! Stay safe hun When I moved into my new place I used my phone as a wireless hotspot just for the sake of syncing trophies. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I didn't get the new COD game from family as I thought so I treated myself to Immortals Fenyx Rising after hearing good reviews and seeing a price drop. I managed to finish Demon Souls, I loved it and the I think the loading times and graphics on the PS5 have set a new bar for soulslikes. I found the game pretty easy compared to other soulsgames but made some mistakes with tenancy and boss souls so played to NG++. My goals for this week - relax, play Fenyx and think about how to tackle my Ps4 backlog
  8. Well done on some great progress everyone! This week I've finally completed Spiderman: MM, on hindsight it is a nicer game than I first thought, just when I first started playing it felt shallow compared to the other Spiderman game, almost like a DLC. I've picked up Demon Souls again after analysis paralysis over the character/world tendancy manipulation. I think I've made a few errors (summoned to be monk boss when placing blue sign, thought I could kill players and get away with no character tendancy change as I was not summoned under black sign, boy was I wrong!) so I'll probably have to do an additional playthrough, but I feel I know the game well now and compared to later Souls games it's quite easy to speed run with OP builds and cheesable or gimmick bosses. Lastly, I've added Cyberpunk 2077, having a lot of fun with the game but the bugs and some crashes have detracted from that a little. I'm happy to play the game for the plat now, but as I seldom return to games for a second playthrough after I have the platinum, I'm wondering if I should wait for some more patches to drop for a better experience overall. Plans for this week: Working over christmas. Covid has hit the ward bad with 50% of patients positive and 16 staff members off sick with it :'( In my time off I'll prob be with family, but I'll probably muck around with Souls, Stellaris (off challenge game) and Cyberpunk. I have a feeling that wifey if going to get me the new COD for christmas so I might add that to the list, just I am awful at zombies trophies. Have a lovely christmas all
  9. I think, like last year, this challenge is a six month challenge and it runs until the end of Febuary, so you have comfortably p-l-e-n-t-y of time to achieve your goals or even extend them a little. Good luck bro This week I've spent a lot of time on Rainbow Six and Cyberpunk (now added to my list - I think it's janky and shallow in some aspects but I love it so far - I purposely avoided all coverage and the hype train so it's been nice to play with zero expectations. Some crashes but looks and plays well on PS5) though have been trying to finish Spiderman, must say the game has grown on me though I still hate teenage angst antagonists. I just have to complete NG+ which I imagine I'll knock out today. Have a lovely week all.
  10. Hi gals and gals. This week I've been doing bank shifts so my structured playing time gave way to Rainbow Six (just upgraded to the PS5 version and all trophies autopopped, shame I would have loved earning them the proper way) and a Stellaris campaign. Did manage to knock out some misc progress in Spiderman, the game is starting to grow on me now that more options are opening up in combat/stealth. Next weeks goals: We kill the bat spiderman for sure a little bit of medieval and then probably will add Cyberpunk to my list
  11. Hi guys, hope everyone is doing ok. I managed to play a loy of demon souls and some spider man this week. I feel like I could have completed one of the aforementioned but I have been experimenting with my PS5 (playing Stellaris, Civ 6, Bloodbourne and Rainbow Six - all seem to benefit++ from the extra horsepower) and did a little dive into old JRPS - no trophies to show for this yet but should make it rain before the years end. Demon Souls is an incredible experience though feels easier than other Souls games. I stopped playing because I was worried about world tendency (the worlds may turn white or black depending on player actions and some unique events/items required for trophies are tied in with this) but after reading some guides it seems like I'm still on the right track. Spiderman feels very average so far but I've been ills on the days I've played it so want to get better to give it a fair shake.
  12. Weekend update: My PS5 came late but glad to finally have it. Added some new games to go along with the system for this challenge. Knocked out the Metro plat but won't be 100%ing it due to pricey DLC (maybe if there's a sale that'll change). Cleared Astro's playroom and Bugsnax already, nice games to start the generation off with
  13. It is a chore to be honest. It might be my lack of skill, but I find I am having to cheese encounters by running past enemies to the level progression point before they can shoot me or tucking myself away on a map and snipe. While I loved the OG metro games and I did (eventually) like the story of Exodus, I find the open maps don't really fit (for all its flaws, Metal Gear V did this well on large sandbox maps). Thanks everyone who's wished me well. Means a lot
  14. Hi all. Started the week too sick to game, I've caught Covid and it wiped me out for a bit... Thankfully my symptoms are starting to mellow out now and I've been able to game. My focus is on Metro at the moment. I've thought about the DLC but I can't really spare the pennies for this after forking out for PS+ subscription, PS5 with Demon Souls and Spider man (coming Thursday I hope). So even though I won't be technically finished with Metro, I'll be happy with a plat and the free DLC trophies out of the way. Working on NG+ Ranger Hardcore run which I should finish tomorrow or Monday. Chuffed I'll have sick leave for the console launch WIll probably add a few PS5 games to my list soon.
  15. Update: Due to Covid breaking out on the ward I've been doing stacks of overtime and had little time for games Managed to 100% A boy and his blob, played some off-list game for MP trophies but mainly been focused on a new addition to the list, Metro Exodus (leaving PS Now soon so want to get the plat by then). Hoping to get a few days off in the week before the PS5 releases to knock out a few plats.