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  1. Hey guys. Hope you're well. Update time. Much better than the last few weeks progress. After working a few double shifts I've had a couple of days off to chill and game. I've finished Voice of Cards. It's a nice, simplistic, old school style RPG with a good narrator (ala Bastion) and the creative hand of Yoko Taro Not ground breaking but a pleasurable play. I've completed a few scenes in MuvLuv. I find this hard to play at times because I know the end is coming and I always get post games blues after a good RPG or visual novel. I've finished a chapter and got a few misc trophies for Corpse Party. The new turn based asymetrical battle game in the Warhammer 40K universe, BattleSector, is being added to my list. I'm a bit of a sucker for 40K games and instabought this one. Unlike most 40K games, this title is genuinely good and well made (no bugs or crashes). Trophy wise, it seems fair with none of the impossible grinds (due to bugs and also high numbers) required like other 40k games. I think you can even use hotseat mode to unlock the MP trophies I also want to add my last games of the year: Rune Factory 4 and Persona 5. RF4 I've always wanted to play but it was on nintendo consoles. P5 I've been meaning to finish it since I first binge played in the release window to the point of making myself very unwell. This week I plan to finish BattleSector and Corse Party. Depending on work and bodyclock (I'm doing some night shifts) of course. Have a good one
  2. heyo folks. A quick update from me. I've been able to get a few short gaming sessions in over the last week (the week before nothing really so I didn't even update). I've dabbled with Muv Luv, Tales of Arise and made a good start to Moonlighter (always wanted to platinum this but it had a reputation for losing progress when grinding for the kill trophies). Thinking about my second "wave" of games to add part-way through the challenge, I've played a few off-list games which I'm going to add - Airborne Kingdom (got the plat for this one, yay!), Voice of Cards and Death's Door. I'll probably add Rune Factory 4 special when it comes out in December and then for my 30th slot for this challenge I'll decide on my second >50% title of the challenge (maybe Persona 5 or Shadow Tactics). This week: Hopefully will be able to finish the next section of Tales and get through another chapter or two of Muv Luv, and then for the weekend drill deep into one of my halloween games that I've yet to finish. Have a good week, stay safe if you guys have snow.
  3. Heyo lovelies. Its been fun reading your updates! Keep it up Between my rehabilitation routines and work it's been tough to squeeze any playtime in. I have dabbled in some unlisted games though. Honesty, I do try and stick to my list but I took a good kick in the face from a patient on Saturday (I dived in the way of the kick so a colleague didn't get it) and I was like "That's it. I AM going to binge play a NEW game when I get home". I'll probably add these unlisted games to my pile in the next update as I think I'll have a few platinums to show in a week or so's time. This week my shifts appear a little more forgiving so I am going to try and get some more gaming in. The following week is annual leave which will be amazing. Have a great week!
  4. Hi lovies. Update time! Once again not much in the way of trophies. As part of my self prescribed rehab for long Covid I've been exercising and meditating and hour each a day (the later to rebuild my focus due to cognitive effects I experience) and this is coming out of what would be my gaming time. No regrets, I think even once I get these symptoms shifted I'll continue these habits for a quality of life boost I've also been using my 'free' time trying to build relationships with the team I now have a supervisory role in and so I've either been pretending to be a social butterfly over coffee/beer or (sad dweeb that I am) watching youtube videos on how to be make friends This week has lead to larger questions about gaming (which I have no shame in saying is the biggest passion and interest in life) and where exactly it should 'fit' in to the life I am trying to cultivate. This is not a 'I quit gaming' post by any means, I do love vidya and some of the best moments in my life have been games related (my wow guild raiding, my university computer society lan parties, watching E3 with friends like it was a big sporting event/oscars to name a few) but at the moment it feels like something that I shouldn't spend too much time or energy on... for now at least Anyways. This week I have dabbled with Corpse Party, getting another 10% on the board. I did a few Hades runs and spent maybe an hour or two on Riftbreaker. I would like to finish a game this week. I could just follow a guide and speedrun Corpse Party or Visage. But both are really good playing blind. I guess I'll play whatever is easiest to pick up and play. Have a great week all.
  5. hey my lovelies. Happy Halloween/Samhain Thank you for the amazing updates. Keep them coming! This week I played a bunch of games until Tuesday, getting the grinding stuff done in Riftbreaker and getting a few mid-point trophies in Hades. Since then I've not even picked up the controller due to work being really demanding, concerns for a work friend - spending a good chunk of time trying to engage and support them outside or work and then for the rest of my finite free time this week I've been trying to look after myself through a lot of exercise and mediation. I hope the next week will be a bit more forgiving and allow me to chill and game a little. I don't know if I'd try and finish Riftbreaker, do a little chipping damage to Hades or Coven of Refrain or try and clear one of my halloween games (it seems I could follow a guide and finish in an evening maybe?). I'll do my best
  6. Hi guys. Hope you had a good week. This week I've spent time with The Riftbreaker, a really fun survival-RTS that controls very well on a console. I feel I'm towards the end of the campaign, however I'm still trying to farm a few items for one of the trophies so I won't do this straight away. My other main game experience has been platinuming Tales of Iron. It was very cute visually but I found strictly average action/RPG-lite from a gameplay perspectice. I added a few extra games for Halloween. Corpse Party and Visage, both I've heard plenty of positive things about these. I'm only a few hours into them but I am having fun so far. In the upcoming week I hope to finish my Halloween games and continue to work through Muv Luv: Alternate. Have a great week all! Edit - Yeah I tried to progress in Judgement but it says the game is unavailable. I'm starting to think this is around liscences. When I brought the PS5 version (it defaulted to this as I bought it from the console itself) and it seemed to let me continue to play the PS Now version. If I had known about this issue I would have immediately contacted PSN for a refund and swapped for the PS4 version. I'll check again later on in the challenge if I can access this or not. If I can't I'll just wait until the next sale on the PS4 version. So for now I've stopped this game.
  7. Great progress guys. Loving your update @Heather342 I too love Civ and Alien Isolation. Enjoy your gaming time! @Static_Rook Tell me how you find Dungeon encounters. It has really, really positive aclaim from die hard gamers but I wonder if the barebones asthetics would put me off @rebeccafar Well done on Carto. I really liked how pleasant it was Update time: This week has been one with a nice bit of gaming but I've been very scattered in my energies. I blame this on work. I must have done 20 hours overtime (and work social last night) including a shift where I learned how to oversee the beds (it's a small hospital, only 100) and staffing for my hospital... YIKES!! Gaming has been my stress release valve for sure. I dabbled across Hades, Judgement (no trophies but working on things like drone races and side quests) and Alan Wake. I finally started Muv Luv Alternate and it's everything I wished it would be. Immediately managed to jump in to such an amazing world fell in love with the characters all over again. The Riftbreaker was something I was thinking about getting and I have, it's been really fun so far but a bit tough on normal. I don't die but the attritional base damage between enemy waves can be tedious even though the game has good tools to repair and rebuild. I will probably start again so I can build a fresh base with more optimal design in consideration. I might play on easy for the easy life... I don't know yet. And finally I've started Tales of Iron as one of my favourite youtubes has started it and I like to 'play along' with good letsplayers (FightingCowboy - helped me plat Hollow Knight, Dark Souls and get into the Nioh games that I'm terrible at). This week I've got annual leave and I intend to make the most of every hour. Some will be with people or my other interests but I'd love to platinum a game or two. Probably either Alan Wake or Tales of Iron due to the short run time. I'll be playing Muv Luv every evening Have a great week y'all.
  8. Hi guys. Loving your updates so far, you're all legends This week has been reasonable for me in terms of gaming. I finished the campaign in Judgement and have started the 'premium adventure mode' and its going ok. I accidentally bought the ps5 version and thought I'd lose my ps4 progress when it finished on PS Now, but seems ok so far I spent a few hours with the a DLC campaign in Planetfall with nothing to show for it yet. I've completed a few runs for Hades (omg such an excellent game). I also completed the 'ship' section of Tales of Arise. My partner is an author and likes to watch letsplays when writing. She does dabble in more relaxed and casual games but usually watches lthe likes of Playstation Access and CJU. One of the games she loves is Alan Wake as it was one of the first titles she watched lets players play and also because she loves the references made to writing. Having never played the original and for my partner, I felt only right I give the game a spin. It's dated but has a certain charm to it. I'm playing blind and I feel the million collectables will become a pain before the plat is done. This week I will start Muv Luv Alternate (was last weeks plan but work was all consuming so I've averaged 5 hours of sleep a night, no comfy vita time in bed) and I'm thinking about adding The Riftbreaker when it comes out. A rts survival city builder I've followed in development for a long, long time. I was thinking about Chernobylite if the PS5 version drops this week for my spoopy halloween plat. And maybe a shorter length game like Tales of Iron or Kena bridge of spirits to keep a sense of progress going whilst chipping away at longer games.
  9. Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing alright Its been a brutal week at work, what was going to be 'light duties' turned into a 60 hour week. Thank goodness I was able to squeeze in some time to game. This week I managed to finally platinum my first game of the challenge. The cuts on my hand have healed up so I could complete The Messenger. I really enjoyed this though there were some frustrating bits. I also finished the vanilla campaign of Planetfall and got through to the penultimate chapter of Judgement. I am a bit dissapointed that Judgement expires on PS now soon, I thought it was a permanent game... I think I'll buy it as it's on sale. This week I'll continue to play across all the games on my list. I think I might start up Muv Luv Alternate as I think getting cosy in bed with my vita is perfect on cold nights where I'd be too tired to sit in front of my TV. Have a great week all
  10. Hi guys. Nice to see everyone getting on with their games. I cut my thumb and forefinger pretty nastily this week and it's made gaming a huge pain. I've spent most of my time trying to finish The Messenger but I can't seem to move fast or precise enough for the last few stages of the DLC with my thumb hurting. It's a fun and very humorous game (I love the shop keeper stories) but it's starting to out stay its welcome thanks to what I feel is a brutal difficulty spike. Deathloop and Tales of Arise are still fun. I'm slowly going through them without any guides (after checking for missables) and happy to take my time with these. Judgement, Kings Bounty 2, Labyrinth: Coven of Refrain and Age of Wonders: Planetfall have been my other games visited this week. Just keeping the pilot light on with a few hours to do side quests or the odd level. Regrettably I've had numerous crashes with Planetfall that have made me want to stop playing the last vanilla campaign missions... I'll likely get back to this in next week though. This week I hope to finish Messenger once and for all. Tidy up the campaign on Planetfall and dig in some of the other games. Have a great week everyone.
  11. Hi guys. Lovely to see all the updates. Welcome to those who are new to the challenge. Update time: This week I've been really busy at work and my health hasn't been fantastic so there were a few days I didn't even pick up the controller. I enjoyed my play time though This week, depending on my energy levels I'd like to finish The Messenger and then chip away at Deathloop or Tales of Arise. @Flex_Da_Brent Good luck with Necrodancer, my respect for attempting that!
  12. Hi guys. Update time. I got promoted after my interview (I still have another interview for another ward - I am not 100% sure I want but feel I should go to for the experience) and so my plans to s-l-o-w-l-y return to work after sickness have had to change a bit. I've not stuck to last weeks goals, knowing my play time was limited I thought I'd play a 'fresh' games for low hanging trophy fruit. The Witness was a lovely game, I love puzzles and went through most of the game without a guide but the really hard to see desert ruin designs, figuring out which platforms to orient which way in the treehouse and the triangle pannels had me search the internet. I was very naughty with one of the last sections in the mountain, the ones that were hard to see - I didn't even attempt them I just played a video guide and plugged them straight in, because ain't nobody got time for that (though the colour based puzzles in the bunker were superb). I am currently on the randomised, timed challenge trophy. I can get as far as the pillar until I run out of time. I might try the time freeze glitch in the future or go for legit. Tales of Arise is a really comfy JRPG. It took a few hours to get into it but now I am about an hour into the third zone I feel I'm hooked. This week is going to be very busy for me but I really hope to spend more time with Arise and also Deathloop. Have a great week all
  13. Not demanding x playthroughs? Though in previous games the grind to XYZ was so difficult it was easier to finish the game, buy things from the grade shop and then go for another playthrough.
  14. This is rumoured to be a PS Now game for September. I've always been interested in Pathfinder but the bugs put me off a purchase. How stable is it now? Any comments on PS5 performance?
  15. Hi all. Update time. This week has been fairly productive though I've not focused on a single title and have been playing Aliens Fireteam on the side. I have spent the most time with Coven of Dusk. It's an excellent DRPG and with characters, story and music/art design that hooks you only like NISA games can. I also completed a few vanilla campaign missions in AOW, started a city in Cities, got half-way through the game on a fresh save in Shovel Knight and got about a third of the way through the Messenger's trophy list. This week I want to finish the Messenger and complete the vanilla AOW campaign. I'll likely be playing Fireteams on the side and when Tales releases I'll of course be all over that. Outside of gaming, I've returned to work and have two interviews (2 different wards are offering me a senior nurse position, heh) but I hope to have plenty of play time. Have a great week!