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  1. Weekend update: Been quite productive this week! Only cleared Enigmatis (so-so game, I liked the hidden object puzzles and deduction board but otherwise fell a bit flat on me) but bumped a few games 10-20%. I had one bad night with Kotodama, I lost a match on purpose for a trophy and lost several hours worth of progress (I didn't think it would give a game over). My 200 plat milestone is up, I think I will have 13 Sentinels occupy this as I love Vanillaware games and I've been waiting on this game for a good year.
  2. Weekend update: Platinumed some really good games this week! Hollow Knight - I did use the invulnerability glitch in the end for some of the harder fights (there is a very difficult boss rush mode etc). I don't feel bad about this because I cleared the vanilla content myself. Return of the Obra Dinn - This wasn't on my original list but added it after hearing good things about it and wanting a deduction game to play. Used a guide to help clear up some of the more difficult bits - but this was spoiler free (eg being told to pay attention to bunk tags and tattoos etc rather than being told which crew member was who). I return to work tomorrow after compassionate/annual leave. Will try and keep gaming tempo up but I'm sure things will slow down a bit. Very close to platinum number 200 and trying to decided what to hit this milestone with.
  3. Weekend update: Hit a lot of my games this week. Hollow Knight has really sucked me in and I plan to finish it this week, I'll likely use the glitch for the pantheon trophy - I like hard games but I'm not going to sink tens of hours into beating the DLC content. Finished Town of Light. From a technical perspective it's a very basic walking simulator, from a story perspective, I liked it. I am a psychiatric nurse by trade (hopefully less primative than portrayed in the game) and so a lot of the themes reasonated with me.
  4. Picked my starter games. Good luck everyone.
  5. Finding it a lot of fun. No bugs or jankiness (yet). Trophies feel forgiving though I'm sure hard difficulty and some of the branching subplots will require multiple play throughs or some clever save manipulation. I love some of the QoL improvements such as shared inventory, no weight limit, less worry about min-maxing due to skill point changes and being able to 'recruit' new characters to look at your toasters and mod armour etc. One question I have is how do I fast travel? I get a prompt to jump way points on the map but nothing has happened when I hit x button.
  6. Bit of an update - My mum has taken ill. She is not quite ready for hospital but hovering on the cusp of this so I've been spending a few nights at hers and seeing her every day (1.5 hour round trip). My mum doesn't really recognise her unwell she is bless her and it's been a source of stress for me and the family. The result of this - I've not been in the mood for deep or long gaming experiences so free time during my compassionate leave off work have been spent on shorter titles and vita games for when I am on the road or staying with mum. I'll stop my work towards the challenge here and pick up in the next one in September. I had 2 weeks scheduled annual leave for some of the September releases and backloggery. This week should be the make or break week, we'll see how mum responds to her current medication and make a decison about hospital or not. No drops or swaps and I made progress in every game, though some definately deserved more playtime than I gave them. I bagged a few 100%/platinums through side projects and I feel, for a busy professional and family man, I've done quite a good job this challenge even if I did fall short of my 2nd wave of games. Good luck with the rest of the challenge
  7. Coming up to 49%, I get really close then start a few new games so it can be frustrating. Playing a lot of backlog and have knocked out some games that have sat uncompleted for 5+ years though. The backlog challenges on this site have helped with that. I have annual leave at the start of September, I'll try and get some more backloggery out of the way however I know I'll be starting new releases also. I still feel I could be on target for 50-55% with smart play though.
  8. Been a bit naughty and playing off list games (Mortal shell is pretty good!). I'm covering sickness at work so my play time will be limited until the end of the challenge. I could probably finish Atelier Firis which I think I'll have a go at.
  9. Weekend update: Finished Blue Reflection. Lovely gem of a game but dragged in places. Might stay with Gust games and knock Atelier out next.
  10. Weekend update: Finished Ghost of Tsushima. It honestly is a 10/10 game, I took my time and played most of the game over 2 weeks. This is not a game you want to rush - eg - I found the minor tales tedious towards the end because I made myself do them all in the space of a day. Progressed Resident Evil 4, controls more sluggish than I remember but warming up to it now. Dabbled in Planetfall, I feel completing all of the base game trophies is very achievable and ofc will go for DLC as well. Started Blue Reflection, I think I stopped playing it due to anxiety about missing items for the crafting quest and having to do another playthrough, I have some guides to work through for that now
  11. Pleased with my progress as I have been starting some new games over the last few weeks. 2/3 of the way through the year and I'm only a quarter of the way towards my target percentage completion increase I can attribute that to changes in working patterns and general life getting in the way I guess. Still, have a few weeks booked off in September and keen to take care of my vita backlog when I dont have the time or energy for PS4 games. I feel 50% completion very achievable and I may find the means to hit 55% if I get very strategic about it
  12. Weekend update. Night shifts are killing me at the moment so little time on gaming has been chip-chipping away at GoT's collectables. I think it's a reasonable grind. Just the tales and shrines now.
  13. This challenge is lovely tradition I like the 30% game in the 6 month challenge. I'll be along for sure
  14. Weekend update: Coming up to the end of GoT now, once that's done I'll try and get 100% completion in areas required for platinum but I'll be starting other games in my list. Been putting hours into my vita backlog (off list games) when chilling with family.
  15. Not really. Preface to this reply: It's been some years since I've seen one of his videos. I like that he's a good consumer advocate but other than that his reviews are quite poor. I don't like the persona, someone who signs off 'thank god for me' should have more material than same old 'DLC/tripple ayy = bad' rants and formulaic metaphors.