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    Nursing, gaming (PS4/Vita), knitting, politics and anime.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Stil.


Thanks for visiting my profile page.


I love gaming and it's what I predominantly do in my downtime. I almost exclusively play on the PS4/Vita - most genres and both Eastern/Western styles. While my trophy card doesn't yet show it, I have a soft spot for old school JRPGs, visual novels and management games.


Since I got my Vita I've loved collecting trophies and have begun to get semi-serious about collecting platinums. I think trophy hunting is a fun metagame and the plat trophy allows you to show off your accomplishment and does a good game justice.


My other interests include: Nursing (my profession), anime, exercise, knitting, politics and reading.


If you receive a friend request from me it's because I love what you've been posting in the forums or because I love/envy your trophy list!


Namaste x