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  1. There are tons but I'm just gonna mention a few Maya - Borderlands 2 Jill Valentine / Ada Wong - Resident Evil Series Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (the reboot trilogy) Makoto Nijima - Persona 5 Yuna - Final Fantasy X Lightning (Claire Farron) - Final Fantasy XIII trilogy Aela / Serana - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  2. #70 Sound Shapes: fuck those death mode levels :shakefist: one relaxing evening in the campaing and 4 days of blaming and cursing :spank: I don't think I'm getting any DLC for the extra silver trophies tbh:dunno:

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congratulations :)


      Those Death Mode levels were definitely annoying . Some more so than others as they definitely relied on luck more than anything. You know, like getting a lucky stroke of note-things together so you can catch them in quick succession.

    4. Uchiha_Snake__


      @Honor_Hand yeah, I did have some lucky stroke once in a while but sometimes I had to spend half an hour waiting for a good chance :blink:

  3. Update: I just Sound Shapes so that's my 2nd game completed for this event, I don't think I will spend a penny on any DLCs for the game so it's probably just gonna stay at 38% :/
  4. Hello everyone i hope you're all having fun with ur picks! I will make some changes for my list 12 Drummers Drumming: Sound Shapes, I'm about 1 album of death mode to get the so it's on! 9 Ladies Dancing: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Lupo, Willow Party Girl, there are a lot of femme fatales here 8 Maids A-Milking: I will be playing the original Minecraft instead of the Story Mode 5 Gold Rings: Jetpack Joyride (PS3) there are a bazillion os gold coins in this game, and I want to commit myself to get that gold trophy that has been on my backlog for years.
  5. Dude that mako-waifu it looks awesome thanks! I'm keeping it in my signature for sure
  6. Oh right...! All of the trophies desings look really cool but I have to pick Makoto because she's too bae
  7. #69 Persona 5: After 154 hours I finally made it, the game is truly enjoyable from the first to the very end, half playing a complex but understandable RPG and the other half watching a very interesting and well made anime isekai :yay:




  8. Even thought this is my 2nd post here, I've just the game! those were a very enjoyable 154 hours indeed I think I only have gone out of home for work in this past 4 weeks 'cuz this game 😅
  9. Darn there's some people already nailing it 😂 I finally have time to make mi first update 😁 I've just Persona 5 and even thought it cost me 154 hours the game is truly worth it.
  10. After 154 hours I finally have the Persona 5 this one counts for both this mont's theme and the hardcore requirement. The game also counts toward the Twelve Days Of Trophies event P.S: such an awesome and ejoyable game
  11. Persona 5 😁 currently starting my 2nd playtrought, I couldn't read all the books in the 1st so I'm aiming for it now that I know the game better, and of course completing the Persona Compedium and getting MAX RANK with all Confidant links
  12. Is a true shame they're going to get rid of the trophy program 😑 i had some passes currently on progress and now I can't find them on the web 😶 the only pass currently in progress is KickStarter (or something like it)
  13. I like to see other people Completion rate since some users are really heroes who spend who knows how many hours playing those very hard games to get those UR plats, but more important, I just watch the games people have played, I've discover pretty good games I didn't know or I didn't consider to play in the past 😄
  14. I'm watching the latest episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:Re 2n Season (don't like the series anymore but I have to see it finished) and Goblin Slayer, I've been pretty busy playing Persona 5 wich takes the time I need to watch the 3 seasons of Overlord.
  15. Goddamit! why does the last dungeon in Persona 5 has to be that long and difficut, without a safe run after 3 bosses? it's becoming way more annoying than fun 😣

    1. AlchemistWer


      Aaah... Persona 🤗 I would like another P5 platinum...