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  1. Well, why the heck no... Target: For the currently and upcoming games from your profile, obtain every with a 10% rarity or above
  2. Sorry for taking so long but I Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City so that's one more point for me and in other news related I'll be finally adding PS4 games to this profile in the near future so stay tunned for those plats as well! P.S: I'm watching Tate No Yuusha too
  3. I AM ALIVE / 100% completed: Very interesting game indeed, the survival mechanics are enjoyable once you find out how everything works. I recommended for anyone who like drama stories and survival mechanics:yay:

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      Well done! 💯

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      I have this one on my hard drive too. Will play at some point. :)

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  4. Hi there mate happy birthday to you :highfive: 🎁! Hope you have fun :dance:!

  5. I'm more like a "cold guy" tbh but yeah, I did laugh with those Moogle and their quests 😂 I do like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII mostly because I like Lightning but also the battle system, I found it refreshing and very enjoyable, it demands you to be patient and aware of the foes, watch their moves to know where to strike or take cover for example. The story althought it was confusing at first, allows you to see different sides from Lightnings personality, I also like the "count-down to the en of the world" mechanic and how some missions can only be done during specific hours and what I probably liek the most was the fact that you can kill a whole species of foes, the developers really stick to the idea that the world was coming to an end. So yeah, very fun to play imo and the main focus of the story was kept along the whole game in both cinematics and the gameplay
  6. 1 - Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titans) 2 - Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) 3 - Nanatsu No Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) 4 - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 5 - Death Note 6 - Overlord 7 - Goblin Slayer All of them are masterpieces, if you are looking for anime relating to fantasy and fights any of those will do just fine, they all also has a very interesting story and narrative I haven't met anyone who dislikes any of those I mentioned.
  7. This was a great idea, I have a good time reading your memories, hopefully more people will do similar posts to shere their gaming experiences. About the games; even thought I have the for both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 I had to come back for XIII after more than a year due to that Treasure Hunter trophy, it really bothered me back then. Last year I focused on getting the last trophies I was missing and not let the awful grinding take the best of me. The game was absolutely beautiful imo, the graphics were excellent and the music was really good (love that battle theme ), the combat system was interesting and got to test with but the linear story (and game) and the simplicity of the crystarium lvl up system annoyed me. For XIII-2 the story is short, most of the time I didn't even know what's happening with all those time travels and time paradox I got lost a couple of times, but by the time I got the plat I was more aware of the story and ready to jump to Lightning Returns, speaking of wich... Would you be playing it now that you have XIII & XIII-2 s?
  8. #71 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The game has some good stuff unfortunately Capcom didn't use those stuff properly. Is an overral enjoyable game (specially when playing with friends) with an insteresting story, this is how I think spin off should be, developers have to get a little carry over in order to experiment with a game franchise but also pay attention to the customers (the players) opinions once the final product is out. You keep the stuff they like and work around what they do not to refresh the main series.


    Rate: 8/10  (but don't mind me Im a Resi fan🙃)

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      Nice work!

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      Congrats 👍


      Always refreshing to hear a good opinion on this game since mostly everyone out there hates it lol Perhaps, the co-op is what makes a little bit more interesting as that's something I enjoyed on RE5. Buen trabajo, colega.

  9. Here's the invitation I told you about :yay: https://discord.gg/3cmbhNp

  10. I changed my 5 golden rings game for Sonic CD wich I 100% it. I posted but now that I check I didn't mention you 😂
  11. Wow a lot of people have made huge progress and also completed all the categories 😁, I wanted to complete more games but I'm obssesed again with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen since I started to re-play it weeks ago. I really love that game and can't stop playing even thought I already it
  12. I couldn't complete the December theme due to a family travel but since the year started i will post my current stats now so I can return to the event when I have a chance Current Platinum Count: 70 Current 100% Count: 56 Current completion %: 76.17% Happy new year to everyone!
  13. I was out of town these past weeks so i couldnt play as much as I wanted, then i get home and find out my internet service is not working at all x.x...I got the 100% of Sonic CD so i want to switch it with jetpack joyride for the "5 golden rings" category due to obvious reasons (i mean there are thousands of golden rings there) I also wanted to wish you all a happy new year! Hope everyones achievements (in games and in real life) will be completed
  14. Don't know about plat since I still need a little bit of boosting to plat Residen Evil: Operation Raccoon City. But I may try to get the 100% of Sonic CD tomorrow since I didn't play much last weekend 😂 Merry christmas to all of you people 🎄
  15. Merry christmas to all of you people! :yay::yay:🎄

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      ¡Feliz Navidad compañero! x3