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  1. #76 Deponia 8/10: I deserve one of these "not 100+ hours grinding :platinum:" once in a while okay? The game is really funny, I wasn't expecting such a well-made script, it also shines while playing the game in Spanish (great dub). Even though the game is not very long, it demands you to think a lot about how to solve the puzzles and situations you will face. it is also very enjoyable when playing with someone else, it's a single player game but two (or three or more) heads think better than one, I would say is a good game for couples xD unless one of you doesn't like the puzzles :lol:.

  2. Late update but here we go.


    #75 Dark Souls 9/10:  Long story short, I rushed NG++ to Anor Londo because the only weapons I needed for the "Knight's Honor" trophy were The Great Lord Sword and Artori's Great-Shield. Once I got the weapons I find out I was also missing the Channelers Trident... So I had to defeat O&S again... Thankfully this time only took 4 attempts.


    I have a lot of friends asking me to play this game since like... years😨. I really enjoyed the game and the sense of self-accomplishment when succeeding in a difficult task. The lore was also very captivating, There were just a few moments where I thought the game was a little unfair, but it may be because of the way I was facing the problem. I will eventually play the other games in the series but I can't say when, maybe next week, maybe when the PS5 is out for sale, who knows.

  3. No trophy related but I make a little progress (about 5 missions) in the original Devil May Cry on DMC difficult. Also, finally beat Dark Souls and progress through NG+ until the Four Kings (whose I beat yesterday) to join the Darkwraith covenant, right now I only need 3 more points on Faith to join the Warriors Of Sunlight covenant to get the last covenant related trophy and "Prayer Of A Maiden" rewarded for acquiring all miracles. Then I'll only need to get some weapons, finish the game, start NG++ and reach Anor Londo to forge the last 2 weapons I'll need if I make the time I'd say I can get the plat this weekend (finally!)
  4. [Dark Souls]:  Last night I managed to defeat the Four Kings and join the Darkwraith covenant, as expected once I learn the animations of their attacks the battle became more easy, using "Power Within" was a good choice since I could easily defeat one of the 4K and have like 10 or 15 segs before the other appears.:yay:

    1. Honor_Hand


      Heehee, that's the pyromancy that boosts your attack power, right? Same thing I used to defeat them on NG+ xD It comes really helpful in dispatching them out quickly because once there are two of them at the same time, the fight gets much harder. Anyways, good work back there my friend. 👍

  5. [Dark Souls]: Last night I finally beat O&S in NG+, I also managed to get Ornstein soul (which I need for a weapon) and probably the best part is that I beat them without cheesy strategies, no pillars just a 1 VS 2 direct fight :D

    1. Copanele


      Congrats ! No cheese is indeed some impressive feat in DS1 xD 

    2. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on such an accomplishment! I remember I had Solaire help me there lol

  6. Metal Gear
  7. Detective Pikachu
  8. Dororo Ep. 22 thou I'm also watching the current seasons of: Shingeki No Kyojin. Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari. One Punch Man. Black Clover. Kenja No Mago. Fairy Gone.
  9. Shingeki No Kyojin Ep 118: it's getting interesting again I need to read the last episodes of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari thou...
  10. PS4: - Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Just a few trophies away from the plat, but as I'm not using any guide it may take some time, also I'm right now focusing on Dark Souls PS3 - Dark Souls. Trying to defeat O&S in NG+, I need Ornstein soul but screw it after failing so many times I want to defeat them and get some of the other trophies I'm missing. - Devil May Cry. Halfway through a Dante Must Die playthrough, I stopped to focus on Dark Souls. - Prince Of Persia (2008): Need the collectibles related trophies, it's so annoying that I stopped to focus on Dark Souls.
  11. [Dark Souls]: Trying to bet O&S in NG+, there is no longer the feel of a challenge but pure frustation. I already quit trying to kill Smough first (I need Orstein soul) and I swear, if I beat them, the first thing I'll do once I get the Lord's Vessel is to attack the princess and bring dark to Anor Londo...

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Heeheee, a bit late for me to post here but the boss that gave the most trouble on my NG+ playthrough of Dark Souls were The Four Kings. Lmao xD I must have died a few dozen times there trying to beat the bastards. And they're actually more than four kings btw >.>

    3. Uchiha_Snake__


      @Honor_Hand I almost defeat them last night on my 1st try, I only tried 3 times thou... May try again today, the thing is I defeat them on my 2nd try on NG so I didn't even know they had a grab attack, I failed yesterday because I can't read their moves yet but even so I managed to defeat each of them before the others appear (except for the last one lol). Hopefully I'll finish them off today :D

    4. Honor_Hand



      Good luck with them, man. I think I also defeated them on my second try on NG, but on NG+ it was a totally different story. Way harder than O&S, at least for me lol. My build was mostly heavy armor poke from afar with pointy weapons but these guys were either too much and always chipped my stamina way too fast. Especially if they used their magic attacks. The key on that boss fight is to kill them fast, don't let them gang up on you. >.<

  12. Thanks you all for participating, there's been some pretty good screenshots. Due to some real work bussines I will pick the winner right now: This one has two thinhs I like, violende and a platinum popping lol! I'm sending the discount code via DM right now, so the giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks again to everyone who post!
  13. Mass Effect Trilogy (these are actually 3 games). NieR. Far Cry 3.
  14. I own the 1TB slim model, I'm really happy with it so far
  15. Paramore