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  1. I currently have some networks problems at home so I'm not able to update my trophies, idk when I will solve this problem :/ I'll be probably out of the event until the issue is solved
  2. Idk what happened 😶! I've been having internet issues at home so I haven't been around (neither update my psn profile) for a while, I would like to re-enter but I can not add more games to my list until the internet issues at my home had been resolved, hopefully it will be very soon
  3. That was my reaction the first time something like that happened 😂 it also make me think about that GoT quote: "Because the night is dark, and full of terrors".
  4. Such an awesome game! And yes it fits perfectly the Survive category especially when it turns to night while you're exploring
  5. Okay why not? Germany 3 - 0 South Korea
  6. I've been really busy lately but I have a few games on progress right now, I'll let you know when I 100%/ them just to make sure I'll add them to my list and avoid swapping some games in the future.
  7. Many thanks!
  8. Could anyone post the list of the winners? I'm just getting to work and youtube seens to be block for today 😶
  9. Quote 8: "Your hope ends here... And your meningless existence with it!" - Seymour Guado from Final Fantasy X.
  10. Quote 7: "Listen to my story, this may be our last chance". - Tidus from Final Fantasy X.
  11. Quote 6: "Help me with this task and I'll give you my shooting blades weapon.... Yes, a weapon that can shoot blades, is so fucking baddass". (That's what I remembered about the dialogue lol) - White Knight Roland from Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep.
  12. Quote 5: "You… You killed him, didn't you? Very Well, I can no longer resist you. Do as you like. Take your precious Demon soul." - Maiden Astraea from Demon's Souls.
  13. Quote 4: "There are three kind of aces, those who seek strength, those who live for pride and those who can read the tide of a battle... Those are the three." -Larry Foulke (Pixy) from Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.
  14. Update: I Murdered: Soul Suspect for my Tell A Ghost Story choice. I didn't like the amount of collectables this game has, but I did enjoy the detective stuff such as find clues and investgate, the plot twist was also pretty good .
  15. Quote 3: "What can I do you for? Wait... I'm not that kind of girl... Wait... Yes I am..." -Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands series.