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  1. Tomb Raider Underworld: So... Midgard Serpent ramp bug uh? Freaking great... 😒

    1. Honor_Hand


      Don't remember any major glitch when playing this one. 😅 What happened?


      I think you only needed to be careful when picking up the treasures, don't you? :hmm:

    2. Uchiha_Snake__


      @Honor_Hand Yeah I was paying attention with the treasures but it seems that if you don't follow certain path in the south Mexico jungle you will trigger a bug where the first  wooden ramp in the Midgard serpent will be down, making it impossible to go further🙄

    3. Honor_Hand


      The game can be a bit glitchy. I now remembered I had an issue getting the treasures on the final stage. Basically, I remember I had to activate some runes in order for a waterfall to clear and be able to pick one of the last treasures. Turns out, I had to restart the whole chapter because the waterfall was not opening after activating all the runes. Hopefully, you can solve your glitch out but yeah, they can be annoying at times. >.<