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  1. #82 Tomb Raider: Underworld. Rate: 2/10



    Either if you like Tomb Raider series or not, just don't play this crap. The only good things about it were the auto-save because it saves a LOT and you will need that due to the number of bugs and glitches. The second thing is Lara herself of course. 


    Bugs/glitches, there a lot of them, invisible wall who stop you or block your way all of a sudden (pretty annoying stuff for a platform game), bugs that stop you from completing the level, I had to restart the whole game because of that. bugs, when you jump and land in a different platform, even jumping from point A to point B, is a challenge here since the controls were outdated by the time the game was released it. Funny thing is, the only bug I didn't encounter was the one related to treasures (which is the one most people is afraid of).


    Anyways, play this only if you can handle a crappy game and if you are compromised with getting the platinum or better don't... Just don't.




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      Congrats. I was lucky when I played the game since besides a bug that forced me to restart the game from scratch since loading from my save file would put Lara stuck on the boat at the start of the first level (so didn't lose progress due to it). It's actually a shame about the bugs/glitches, might not be the best Tomb Raider but it is good.

    4. MaximumOverdrive