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  1. #82 Tomb Raider: Underworld. Rate: 2/10



    Either if you like Tomb Raider series or not, just don't play this crap. The only good things about it were the auto-save because it saves a LOT and you will need that due to the number of bugs and glitches. The second thing is Lara herself of course. 


    Bugs/glitches, there a lot of them, invisible wall who stop you or block your way all of a sudden (pretty annoying stuff for a platform game), bugs that stop you from completing the level, I had to restart the whole game because of that. bugs, when you jump and land in a different platform, even jumping from point A to point B, is a challenge here since the controls were outdated by the time the game was released it. Funny thing is, the only bug I didn't encounter was the one related to treasures (which is the one most people is afraid of).


    Anyways, play this only if you can handle a crappy game and if you are compromised with getting the platinum or better don't... Just don't.




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    2. Uchiha_Snake__


      @Honor_Hand I don't know either, even at the end while I was trying to get the last relic I died like 20 times, most of them for falling in the poison pool, even though I landed on a platform. )Yeah, imagine, I land in the platform and the drowning animation triggers anyways...


      @BlackSquirrell1 just doing my community service I guess😅


       @Copanele videogames are way expensive here compared to the US prices, I got this for like 2-3$  and still, I had to apologize to my ps3 for making it run that crap, I also destroyed the disk 'cause I was afraid of someone finding it if I just throw it in the trash can.

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work! I also enjoyed this game a lot on the Xbox, though. Bought the other 2 shortly after.

    4. ihadalifeb4this
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