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  1. Hey there! This month's I have an early entry (I'm surprised too) since I just got the of Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation which got 70 points on the Metascore. I was a little interested in playing Erica but after finding out about the 40GB the game requires... I might as well pass. I'll update again if I came across another 70 or lower metascore on PSNow. Keep on the hunt!
  2. Thanks a lot @Rello-Evante , I think the easiest choice for me could be Erica, although I will like to play both Vampyr and Mafia III eventually. I remember trying to go for the play of MX vs ATV (PS3) but when I looked at the trophies I just couldn't, also I didn't enjoy the game, I believe is the kind of games that are made for certain people, like Sports games.
  3. @MarkusT1992 sorry for the late, I have no games for June since I didn't play too much until recently, too much real-life stuff. The only thing I played and beat was Need For Speed: Payback and idk that will qualify for anything. Also, I just got PSNow so, does anyone know if I can find any Downloable game that fits this month's theme? I saw a bunch of indies there so I decided to ask here in case someone had already found a very bad game there 😂😂
  4. Yeah, the game was danm good as well, I'll keep on my plat journey for sure😬
  5. Okay I must say that I fail for this month😓 I was too greedy and pick Persona 4 Golden as my monthly game, but due to real-life work and to keep up with DFFOO I didn't have enough time to plat the game. I manage to beat the game but there's no way I'll get the platinum in time 😂
  6. I'm sorry, I didn't know about this challenge: *Complete a game that starts with the first letter of your PSN name But my plat for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End fulfilled the requirement, sorry for the trouble 😅
  7. Hi there! I won't be making any more progress in gaming for the last days of April so I'll post the games I played that fit this month's theme. Shadow Of The Colossus fits the month's theme and the challenge:. Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End fits the month's theme and also the challenges: Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. Complete a game that you started this month Marvel's Spider-Man I only complete the DLCs since I already hadthe play, but it counts for these challenges: Complete all currently released DLC of a game (games only count once, even if more DLC is released throughout the event). Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. Too bad I wasn't able to finish 4 games in one month, anyways keep on the hunt!
  8. Come on! I was saving some money from my wallet to buy FFXII but ended spending on something else before the spring sale finished. Never expected another Big in japan sale so soon 😒
  9. I only own PS+ for a few months so I can take advantage of both games, thought I already plat the 3 games of Uncharted on PS3. But my brother, who doesnt own PS+ nor he cares about playing multiplayer games, will surely appreciate the games😂
  10. Maybe a new set for all the games. Sith a catchy name of course 🤣
  11. I'm just playing Uncharted 4 for the first time so it was a great month for me😬 I wanted to try Dirt 2.0 but I read you can only access campaing mode while connected to internet, that's kinda annoyed for me 😅
  12. I completed my game for April's theme: Shadow Of The Colossus which also features the HC requirement since the game features areas like forests, beaches, mountains, deserts, lakes, caves, ruins, and more. I'm playing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End now, so I'll probably get another for this month in a few days
  13. I totally forgot about posting here, sorry. So, I have Destroy all humans! as my monthly game and an extra challenge: complete all current DLCs of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Keep up the good hunting guys!
  14. Just got the plat of Final Fantasy XV so I might as well pick all DLCs for the full experience. Many good prices thou...
  15. Ok, and what about the DLCs from Final Fantasy XV? Could they (all DLCs except Comrades) fit the month's theme instead of getting another platinum trophy?
  16. @MarkusT1992 does aliens count as monsters? I have Destroy All Humans! On my backlog, if so, it may also fit the hardcore requirement.
  17. Hi there! I got the plat of Final Fantasy XV and thinking about getting all DLCs to work on them next, also Im looking forward to play WOFF and The Zodiac Age, still so much FF for me
  18. @MarkusT1992 very late entry but against all odds I just plat Final Fantasy XV which features the month theme, many robotic enemies and other kinds of machinery. I did also started the game this month so I believe that's an extra achivement 😁
  19. Dragon Age: Inquisition


    I started the quest Champions os the just expecting it to be quick.... I depleted all my potions to reach the great hall, loot the box that was there to refill them and used every single one to complete the next objectives. Now Im suppose to fight an insane amount of enemies with no potions until the templars break the magic barrier... Im playing on Nightmare also.


    Why the hell they didnt put more supply boxes in that freaking long mission?! At least one more would do, is a pain in the ass if it's your first time playing the game.:shakefist:

  20. No, I never buy PS consoles on day one, I wait years until the game library is good enough, also my backlog is big enough to keep me busy for 2+ years 😶
  21. PSV: Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation PS3: Dragon Age Inquisition PS4: on stand by, but probably Fallout 4
  22. A few, I can recall Watchdogs, that trophy for being traced/tracked by 5 hackers. I played the game when it was released and the trophy required 5 random people to track you while playing. With no way of knowing either if you are currently being tracked or how many people had track you. I heard Ubisoft update the trophy so now it can be boosted with friends, but I raged quit so bad back in the day that I sold the game and dont feel like buying it again. Also Prince Of Persia, the "Combo Master" trophy is just stupidly annoying that I just cant help myself to at least try. Also Oddworld Munch's Oddysey, that game has many glitched trophies so screw it, I quited.
  23. I got God of War and I believe it does apply for this month's theme since Kratos has a bunch of powers, both his and from his weapons/gear: super strength, the ability to use fire and ice attacks, the ability to stop time, etc.
  24. Dragon Age: Inquisition. 


    So I just started the game last night, selected the nightmare difficulty setting and got my ass kick 3 times by Boss at the end of the tutorial. it looks like I'll actually need to think and pay attention to the game... well that's good, I'm kinda rusty thou 😶

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    2. Uchiha_Snake__


      One-handed weapon + shield human, that's my default choice whenever IDk how magic works in a Videogame, I wanted something like the Strider class of Dragon's Dogma (daggers + bow) but I didn't find any suitable in DA:I, or maybe there is since once I started the game and check the skill tree it seems like you could make hybrid classes or something like it.:jaymon:

    3. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      I've beat game on hardest difficulty 2 times and reached more than 200 hours on it. Never played on hard or normal, just nightmare. My advice is use tactical camera, don't rush main quest, save on new slots a lot and take time to experiment with skills and equipment. Once you build team with every member supporting each other skills set, you will breeze through single-player. Game is really great tho, I have 100% on PS3 and playing now on PS4. Currently I playing first dragon age and it's great too, especially dialogs :)

    4. IntroPhenom


      Not to point out the obvious, but many videos can be found that tell how to build an essentially unkillable character.  I've watched a few, and they seem fun and worthwhile.

  25. PSVita Question: Do anyone knows why are the Vita games so expensive on Amazon? I live in South America and figures it'll be cheaper to buy a few on Amazon US and pay import taxes but OMG, I'm looking for Persona 4 Golden and all the prices I see are about 45-55$ even for second-handed games. I bought a second-hand Vita (perfect state just like new) a few months back for 70$ and it came with 6 games; two of those are Uncharted Golden Abyss and Assassins Creed 3: Liberation, and I see both games in like 35$ and more :jaymon:


    I found a copy of P4G at 30$ and thought it was expensive... may as well pick it up 😶


    Also, I decline about buying Vita games on Amazon but PS4 games, I found a "brand new" copy of Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition at 20$ while I asked yesterday in some local stores and they asked 30$ for a second-handed copy of the standard edition of the game :jaymon:.... Honestly Idk where I'm living anymore 😶

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Actually I bought Persona Golden on Amazon in 2017 for 20$ newdon't know what happen couple of years ago because now is impossible buy Persona Golden with a decent price. in EU is the same story but we are talking about a second hand game with a price between 35-50€. Maybe is like Arctic said, no more production of vita game and now is expensive buy vita games with a great price. In Japan the story is the same, very expensive vita games (most of them visual novels)

    3. Uchiha_Snake__


      Thanks for the info everyone! I guess 70$ for a vita and 6 games was a good deal then, may as well buy the games on the PS Store since it's cheaper, I will try expanding the storage using SD2Vita, (once I buy it).

    4. AlchemistWer


      70$ for a vita + 6 games was defenetly a good deal, and of course you can buy awesome games on vita like Persona 4 or even some Neptune games (and of course Atelier games) digital, actually I think the last month P4 was on sales for 10$ or something like that. I only know a website that sell second-hand vita/ps4 games but only in japanese /: