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  1. There is this topic on the NA version: Which then links to a post on Playstation Trophies site, which then links to a post on True Achievements site, all of which are saying they have been unobtainable since release (on both PS and Xbox). I would say it's unobtainable and almost certainly will never get fixed.
  2. Seasoned Pro trophy from Top Trumps Turbo (Vita), with only 4 achievers. I'm not surprised, because it is a truly awful glitchy game, and this trophy requires you to complete it 50 times. I hope it stays at 4 forever because nobody else should have to torture themselves like that.
  3. For some reason the EU store digital version of Lego Movie Videogame is listed as the German version
  4. Does the JP store have the Deluxe edition available? All other regions have it but I can't find it on the JP store.
  5. The best list I can find is this: That just lists every Vita DLC with a trophy list. It's not very well organised but there are only 6 pages so it shouldn't take too long to go through. It also can't distinguish between paid DLC (like Gravity Rush's) and free title updates (like Minecraft's).
  6. Can't you invite your alt directly to a match? That's what I did. It showed up once the alt account loaded the game and accepted the terms. Using both PS3s and an alt is going to be the quickest and easiest option. You won't have to wait for another player to make moves and you can control both teams easily. You should be able to set up the match with a direct invite to your alt account (if both accounts are PSN friends). If it's not showing up at first, make an Open match and then find it using your alt. Once you've played a match, the alt should show up in the list.
  7. Servers are currently up again, I finally got the Seasoned Veteran trophy! My in-progress matches from 3 days ago were glitched, it had both teams waiting for the other in a stalemate so it couldn't progress. Had to make new matches to play.
  8. According to the mission list I found here: Extermination, Secure and Disputed exist in the campaign missions. There are no Hostage or Charge missions.
  9. I just tried out skirmish mode, but they all seem to be Extermination and I can't find anywhere to change that
  10. Can the Seasoned Veteran trophy be obtained through the single player mode? I've got all the other multiplayer trophies, and 4 open matches for the rest of the game modes (I've only played Extermination), but obviously the servers aren't happy these days so I don't know if I can finish them. The trophy guide mentions it can be done in story mode, but old threads online mention people not getting it, although there were supposedly bugs with the trophy that were later patched.
  11. Are the 4 0% trophies actually glitched and unobtainable, or is something else going on? On PSN they all have a 74% rarity but on here its 0%. 74% seems very high to be hacked (although they all have exactly the same percentage so I'm skeptical).
  12. Hi, can anyone help me get the Changing Lanes trophy. PSN: mc-love-kev I'm available from around 1pm UTC every day