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  1. I have only started the PS5 version and I wanted to know if there is any problem or if the trophies can bug/glitch if I play while alternating between versions since I want to start the PS4 one. Or would you recommend to get everything on PS5 and then start the PS4 version, thanks and sorry for my English
  2. Yes he is a hacker
  3. Got it Using a VPN, I highly suggest if you are having big trouble with this like I was (5 consecutive days searching with no luck) download a VPN and connect to an UK server, got the trophy in 15 minutes
  4. Hi, man, I saw you are trying to plat FIFA 22 can you help me with the "Be My Guest" Trophy, I only works if the players are from the same Region, you are from brazil and I'm from Ecuador, it should work

  5. Please use the Sessions to find other players for a game as new boosting threads are not allowed.

  6. Seems like I never gonna get this trophy, matchmaking depends on the IP, so to get this done the players have to be in the same Region. But i still wont give up if someone from South America in the future see this and need this trophy no matter how much time has passed add me: raulbalarezo
  7. .
  8. It's almost impossible to find a partner, after 100 tries when I find a partner we can't find an opponent, matchmaking is broken. Any tip?
  9. Didn't start the game because of this, now that it is available which trophies do you recommend me to do first?
  10. Just got a new vita with this game, I've seen people's saying plat it's still possible but others say otherwise
  11. Assassin's Creed Rogue Now I just have Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered left to have all the AC platinums across PS3, PS4 and PS5, I think AC3 is the Hardest, longest and boring of all of them so it will take a while
  12. Got the Valhalla Plat, 13 in total, I've got the plat in every main entry in the franchise and 100% on freedom cry. Move me up to Master Assassin Ac 2 Ac Brotherhood Ac Revelations Ac 3 Ac Liberation HD Ac 4 Ac Rogue Ac Unity Ac Syndicate Ac Chronicles Trilogy Ac Origins Ac Odyssey Ac Valhalla
  13. After 7 years I decided to try one last time and i got it, seems like in fact both players have to advance through the chapter at the same pace and the other player have to kill at least one enemy. So if someone have the same problem (i doubt it since there a few ps3 trophy hunters right now) that's the solution.
  14. That's the problem, that mask doesn't exist in Norse mythology nor the rift, but I'm pretty sure whatever plot it's behind the mask is going to be explored in future games
  15. I know im late but... how did you do it?