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  1. I was looking at the cheat codes for this game. Anyone know if they work like the first game?
  2. So you dont need to collect all the dream gems for Klonoa 1. What about Klonoa 2? Do you need the dream gems or just the dolls? Wish the trophy guide said so.
  3. Powerpyx has a guide out. He has it at 7/10 because of classic pac-man.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to check that out for us. I am sure others feel the same as me when I say thank you!
  5. Has it been confirmed that it will have save states/rewind?
  6. Looks like a BFBB2. Not necessarily a bad thing. Wish we had a release date for it though. I'll pick it up when its $20 or cheaper regardless.
  7. One of the Pac-Motos levels. Takes less then 10seconds each time. I forget which one though.
  8. Is the only way to get a physical copy from Play-Asia? Looking forward to this regardless, just prefer a physical copy.
  9. I got the bundle. I never played any of the Pac-man world games before since I was a kid when the first one came out. I didnt see how large the figure/statue is though. Edit: The figure is barely over 4in. thats super lame.
  10. It does come with a free game though in Astro Playroom anyway, July 4th will be my one year of having a PS5. Got it from Best Buy with Wario64's Twitter alerts. I promptly deleted Twitter after that. I've enjoyed my PS5, though I still play my PS4 from time to time. I'm trying to take it down though soon so I can put my Switch back up.
  11. Im playing on Anniversary mode and same issue. They arent counting.
  12. I only got some of them to work. Max ammo and one shot kills. Couldnt get the level select to work, but never played Syphon Filter before so not to bothered by it.
  13. I was about to say IGN updated their article that P3, P4G are coming to PS5
  14. If Starfield is an Xbox exclusive I won't really care. Looks very underwhelming to me. When Todd Howard said hundreds of systems and 1000s of planets, I'm like yeah ok. I feel Todd is the new Peter Molyneux.
  15. I'll still catch all the monkies and finish the game 100%. I dont need a trophy for that. 🤷🏻‍♂️