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  1. Interesting I was using the camp, but wasn't working. Guess I'll try going into the first level later. UPDATED: Ok can confirm it needs to be done in one level in one sitting. I sat in the first level using my enchanted armor to spawn 200 food. Thanks for the tip @X-x-TheMayor-x-X
  2. Doesnt look to bad. Cant wait for my copy from Limited Run.
  3. My brother and I ran into a bug when trying to wake up the Necromancer. He was still laying on his tomb and we didn't get the prompt to defeat him at all. It skipped to "Leave the tomb" right away and couldn't get past the gate.
  4. My brother got the trophy using the food he was spawning with his armor. We played for 4 hours the day it came out and that's when he got it. We played for 5 hours yesterday and I was also using food spawning armor, but didn't get the trophy at all.
  5. Would you consider Shantae as indie?
  6. right sorry forgot to mention that I'm looking on the US store. It has two listings online too, but both redirect to the standard.
  7. Same here, doesn't look like the Hero Edition is live yet.
  8. a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
  9. I really wish i could do VR this actually looks pretty good
  10. Sorry about that, appears it was just their stream of it.
  11. watched the live stream that Playstation Access for a little bit, and it looks like the dialogue is off in a couple scenes too.
  12. Ah good to hear! Though I am a bit rusty so I guess I wouldn't fall into the experienced ARPG player much anymore
  13. Never got to play the original, mostly had RPG's and WWE games during the PS2 era haha, but im interested in playing this game. Everyone says its the best Spongebob game ever made.
  14. Interesting looking list. Might pick it up when its $20 or less, skipped Odyssey. Loved Syndicate and Origins.
  15. Is this a thing? Maybe I'll re download the demo and play it again, since I deleted my save from the demo like an idiot haha