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  1. I want a movie based on this game. Imagine the trailer. A mayo jar sitting on the table with a gun pointed at a cowering man. The man asks “Who...who are you?!” The mayo jar replies “My name is...Mayo.” Gunshot. Coming fall 2023.
  2. Got my 6th last night had to wait for the quest rotation for Tagmension
  3. If you wanted to update me. I now have 5 plats working on the 6th.
  4. Practice makes perfect man, this is the first new Crash game in over a decade. As time goes on people will find their rhythm and knock out the relics left and right. It’s been out for not even five days be patient with the game and yourself. I know I’m not beating my brains out with the “must get the plat as soon a possible”. I’ll never see the appeal in the gotta be first mentality. I know you didn’t bring it up but figured I’d say it just in case.
  5. I was hoping you would be able to get a majority if the MP trophies against the AI but slightly disappointed many say ranked matches. I'll wait for reviews dont really have much expendable income right now due to COVID.
  6. Everyone in the group yes. That’s my issue with these trophies. No one wants to group up when I ask for help they just come and wipe it out and leave.
  7. no surprise they are the trophies from the original and the added DLC trophies. Cant wait to play this again!
  8. Platinum #201 Persona 5 Royal Loved vanilla Persona 5 so much decided to play Royal right after
  9. Me: How many gigs is it? Activision: Yes
  10. Well I guess no one will say “I just bought ___ !” So that’s good lol
  11. Ah dangit, I just the world bosses and one dungeon. If anyone wants to send me a message to group up and get those done I have my brother and I that can help.
  12. Platinum #200 Persona 5
  13. I played this back on the 360 and I would somewhat agree. It was ok, not great but not as bad as some made it seem. I would put it with games like Hunted: The Demons Forge and Bulletstorm tbh. This is just my opinion of course.
  14. Platinum #200 and a extremely worthy milestone game: Persona 5. I’ve had it since launch but never really had the time to pump into it. It was one of those games that made you wish it wouldn’t come to an end. I was going to start Royal next but need a break lol.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Mayellie


      Congrats on the milestone! I keep putting off buying and playing P5 because of how bad it'll block me from playing other games. xD

    4. Burek_san


      Congrats on the milestone :yay:

  15. Idk this game to me is a wait for a sale/Black Friday. Wish it had an english dub, maybe with a patch like One's Justice 2. Also some of you are saying no online trophies. Why would this game have online trophies? Its a single player RPG