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  1. Why you buy this game if the game sucks
  2. Who's going to watch Brazil FIFA World Cup on Thursday

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    2. Precision-Playyy
    3. freddie1989


      LOL Liverton, brilliant!! I love the fact the first question they all know is that the USA suck!!

    4. Precision-Playyy


      Yeah made me chuckle aswell, but i suppose it is not their national sport, if anyone asked me anything about baseball or basketball i would not have a clue lol

  3. Maybe I will get this game
  4. Who is my favourite ??

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    2. Naoto Shirogane

      Naoto Shirogane

      I am your favourite person on this site :P

    3. Nac478


      Thnx elite I'm your favourite on this side

    4. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      What about Larry? (I have no idea who Larry is)

  5. To you guys like my psn

  6. Most to get this game I really like it
  7. There's an error on psnp chat room again

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    2. Nac478


      Alright bro I will wait 5 minutes

    3. Memnoch


      tbh it should be working now - I had no probs connecting

    4. Nac478


      Now I'm in the chat