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  1. There are definately a few things that could've been fixed and tweaked across the board but it was all made by one guy after all. A sequel would be most appreciated, especially after that ending
  2. 'The "im struggling pls help" beacon' That floored me! As soon as i saw that i knew it was gonna be a good read. The only problem ive had so far with the game when it comes to playing with randoms is whenever someone put the game to a grinding halt by calling in a max upgraded UAV. Now half the team wants samples and the other half want the objective.
  3. 3 whole games? AND a fancy award on my guide to boot? Gotta put some extra touches on my Black Ops three guide!
  4. Drakon Sniper. Thermal FMJ Fast Mag/Extended Mag
  5. Done every Black Ops 3 trophy except the Decorations and Collectibles. *sigh* the grind is coming

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    2. Sir_Palkia


      Welp. RIP Platinum trophy

    3. x9zachattack5x


      I'm hoping we'll only have to complete the service combat awards. 16 rounds on realistic is unrealistic.

    4. Sir_Palkia


      Now that some irony!

  6. Thanks dude, I'll keep that in mind!
  7. I was thinking about starting a trophy guide for it since i just finished my Realistic difficulty playthrough, wonder if anyone has already started one...
  8. i know the feeling, the last few months have been pretty rough on me. Dropped out of college and haven't been able to find a job. I could barely play video games let alone trophy hunt. I found that playing those few games im nostagic for help cure my blues!
  9. Restarting from a checkpoint SHOULD wipe anything you did before you restarted. As long as it says "So far, you havent shot an enemy" then i think you'l be fine
  10. "Do you ever take a moment and look up at the stars, and think about your life and just how stupid you are!"

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    2. Aela



    3. GoldenWolfHunter


      I look up to the stars everyday and wonder: If the sky is blue, what is my trophy level?

    4. TheYuriG
  11. While there's been tons of guides written for the site, its still a reletively new thing so i guess its a simple oversight. Either that or Sly dun goofed!
  12. As someone who has written a handful of guides, i would love to see this happen!
  13. I think its the Platinum trophy that makes this system better. Seeing the final trophy pop then the Platinum right after it....Oh the ecstasy!
  14. i can't tell you from experience but Uncharted 2 and 3 are notoriously known among trophy hunters as being a pain in the butt!
  15. Having played every game in the series from CoD 4 onwards, I'd say its because of the community. Granted, i've met some pretty cool people but most of them are either 12 year old kids who shouldn't be playing the game or grown racist old men who haven't got a day job. Also, the fact that its released yearly makes it seem like it only exists to make money, even if most of the games are enjoyable in their own right.