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  1. @Sergen - Maybe i'm just not THAT phased by an incomplete Trophy list, I for one cannot get Burnout Paradise or Wipeout done due to connection issues, (Also don't have a damn camera). So in a way I was/am ok with not having a KZ2 Plat, it just would've been nice to have, (That's the way I handle these things, nice to have, can do without). Turns out i'd need to do a 1/2 playthrough to get Rachel, and you're certainly making it sound easier than it is, (But it gives me some hope). I realised I have quite a few grindy/co-op titles to get through, this year I'd like to make some headway, even better if I can finish most if not all, (Very unlikely), but greatly reduce the MP list of games to get through. Never got NG3 so there's that but I've got others I should get going on, (Some are largely dependant on having enough Players). So i'm not sure when I intend to have a crack, (I guess it largely depends on your availability), but whatever the options are shouldn't be too much of a problem for me, (For now it'd be more like which month, specifics can come later). Boy I kind of derailed/sidetracked this thread but I think I might stop for a bit anyway, (Don't think i'd have much more to add anyway).
  2. @Sergen - I will look into it, (Have no idea what the prep work is, as I didn't even know Rachel needed to be unlocked). Totally fine doing it the Rachel Spin way (Apparently the easier way to do it). As for the server closure thing, i'm sure i've said this somewhere but I only got word of it like a little over a month ago, (That last week of February), Arkham Origins was like a day before closure, (I kind of go off grid for longish periods of time, but man I sign in PSN once a week, all someone had to do is PM me saying closures got announced, every now and then I check & that time in February ended up being one of them). @Spaz - Sure I'm probably too whiny & annoying, it's just my disposition & how I percieve thigs, (Perhaps I have many ways to go in terms of maturity/life lessons etc). But i'll still stand by what I say, i'll call out what I consider a bad system, would like to see improvements etc, it's not re-inventing the wheel, but saying the wheel is broken or has problems, what could be done that is better than the wheel. It's about not being complacent or content with crap because "that's just the way things are". I probably come off as too idealistic, annoying, (Maybe entitled, throw in some stupid or alot I guess). Just been kind of sitting on this for a few days & well guess I just wanted to let some stuff out & maybe went overboard. I think i've almost come to terms with it but full closure won't really come till the week ends & the server is dead for good, (As it stands there is that little inkling of hope), but yeah, spirits will probably be lifted over Easter, (If you knew me you'd know i'm not one of high spirits in the 1st place, so quite frankly i'm a little suprised at how i'm taking this, granted i've had bouts of rage throughout the month and I could just be burnt out, I consider myself a little lucky not to have completely flipped out breaking stuff or gone super depressed, (Both extremes, but I think I was a little level headed going into this, (I was a little prepared for the failure/Already accepted that i'd probably won't get it, was just being kind of strang along with falseish hope with the Alts & whatnot))). Otherwise i'm just waiting patiently hoping for a miracle of some sorts, the thought of having a NGS2 Plat really would make my day, (Has me look forward to something positive). PS. - While i'm very grateful @Sergen, for you offering to help i don't know if you'll be able to handle how bad/burdensome i'll end up being, (Hell IDK how torturous it's going to be for myself), I just don't want to end up wasting someones time, and me being a scrub couldn't really repay the favour, much like to those who lent me their bots for a week.
  3. Part of me can kind of accept the cituation a little as this was a Trophy that i'd thought I was never going to get. Then 1 year i'd found out that it might actually be achievable for me, the key thing here was finding a partner/group to spend a week on this. That right there was probably the biggest deterrant, (Now I didn't necessarily go looking for people, but i'd imagine it'd been a little challenging finding someone(s)), It is that NEED for other players which annoys me as it is the 1st hurdle in getting the Trophy. You NEED people there at the same time, with the same purpose, and enough of them before you can even attempt the challenge, then you hope they'll stay the time it takes for everyone to finish. THIS right here is a real pain, it's one thing to pull off some crap solo vs coordinating with others, (Sure things can be expidited with others). Personally I think companies should look at how From Software has made their Achievements in the Soulsish series, (Demon, Dark & Bloodborne, Not sure about Armored Core), where there is an Online component that is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL, (Maybe it's EASIER with others), but the idea is it is totally doable solo and MP isn't REQUIRED, (My understanding is that the solo requirements aren't so outrages that they practically HAVE to be done Online, (Apparently White Knight Chronicles 2 falls/fell in here)). That & there should be a way of getting old stuff to work online, (Hell 1 or 2 years ago I could join an online game for my 1st time in UT99), that's right (Granted this was on PC & was not expecting online to work at all), but a 15+ game was still playable with others, CS 1.6 is/was another that lasted a while, something like Starcraft/Warcraft probably still worked. Just saying the option should be there if people want it etc, (Maybe it cost too much/too difficult).
  4. What I was trying to say was MP was optional or non-existant, (Unless game was specifically an MP/Co-Op focused one). The Trophies are an addition, I just don't like them to require others apart from myself. As for the NGS2 point, the thing here is if a game has MP the rule is do MP 1st, (Unless there is a prerequisite from the SP, Red Faction: Guerrilla & Wipeout HD both require completion of the campaign), so what I mean is the MP would be near impossible to complete because I won't have & will not play the Campaign until AFTER the MP is done... catch my drift. As for the p2p vs dedicated, (If you could host your own server (Assuming doable and cheap etc)), then this would be a non-issue, but there are probably some complications thrown in there. I'm one who doesn't really care much for MP, & I'm especially not a day 1 kind of person. The Trophies should be like how you would unlock stuff for the game, by completing tasks etc, (Getting 100% in a game should mean you get the Platinum, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is such an example). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My time with Trophies will come to an end or greatly be reduced as I move away from consoles, (So apart from a few multiplat, it'll mostly be exclusives, and probably no PS+, (At least for now anyway)). Even on PC, so say Steam Achievements or whatnot, same rules apply. If I'm unable to complete the Online portion I will not attempt the rest, (There may be exceptions to this, but we'll see when the time comes & if i'd have the incentive etc).
  5. Even if what you say is true i'm still screwed either way. 1) Server closes. 2) I haven't been ssigned 1% status to my profile. It's just not popping. As for CloudxLightningx it was just a case of delayed awarding of 1%, (I hear this can happen). I really think it's just up to the servers to play ball honestly.
  6. OK... All i'll say is i'm not THAT bummed out, (If anything pissed at GG for f****d servers or any game with f****d bugs & MP BS). I think the industry and others like this should really look into legacy programs or whatnot. Think of some movie that might have come out on VHS, it never gets a DVD release, no more VCR's around, how is one to watch such a movie. Similar thing with games, why don't all the PS1 games and onwards get digital archiving, and have essentially permanent availability until Sony/PSN dies. Also any MP crap should totally be doable p2p. My measly $0.02.
  7. I know nothing of the sort, but what would that entail if there were?
  8. @CristianX-97 - I certainly got a laugh out of that. I was thinking during my grind how funny it would be to get 1st spot, I also thought man I hope it doesn't f**k up on me if I do make 1%. If I don't get this I would want to get an equivalent Trophy in its place. The Trophy in mind, (Not sure on the name), is the NGS2 MP, whilst being a complete NOOB and having barely touched a NG game, I would like someone with EXTREMELY GIGANTIC porportions of time and patience to basically carry me through & train me @ the same time, (Rachel Spin strategy or whatever it would take), so that I could end up with the Plat for that game. It's alot to ask, but as it stands that is one of those don't pursue Platinum kind of games due to the MP portion. But if I could pull it off, it would be one of my greatest Trophies yet. PS. - Damn does anyone here remember what it was like before Microsoft made thos damn Achievements?
  9. I did try on a different console, and again with fresh save and both times it would only give me honour ranks #1 - 3. Not sure what the server thinks about my ranking, but if you say it doesn't check the percentages per log in, then I certainly wasn't put on the Valor list. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I will say that KZ2 was one I wasn't originally intending on getting the Plat for, along with BFBC & BD. Perhaps this is some sort of comeuppance for successfully beating all 3 Invasions in BD while being carried by legendary players, or the fact that I have no real way to repay those who gave me the opportunity to even get into the 1%. Sure it sucks for those who didn't even get a shot or just fell short. If I were to identify with one of those groups it would defenitely be the latter, as you'd have put in the time and still failed. If I never got the chance or only found out about the closure this or next week for instance I certainly wouldn't feel so bad/guilty for what is essentially wasting not only my time but those who helped me. Now i'll say it's the journey that counts, but it's total bullcrap when there's no destination at the end, (So all I get is a chip on my shoulder). What i'm refering to, (Some footage of Vacation I just recently watched), and the National Lampoon Vacation film kind of sums it up, Griswald family go through bunch of crap fo get to Walley's World, and guess what it was f*****g closed, (i.e. No pay off, kind of like not getting the Trophy), the only difference here is what is the equivalent of holding the park manager hostage with a toy gun in my case, ;P.
  10. While the congratulations are appreciated to those who've sent them my way, I can't really say that i feel relieved or happy. The irony of making #1 on the Leaderboard is like a curse as the game refuses to acknowledge my 1% standing. It's as if i'm being punished for being a Score Chaser, (Which i'm not proud of, (Community to blame for this TBH)). So yeah it glitched for me & to pay my respects i'll say f**k you to Elite mode and any other Trophy that I don't get during my only playthrough of the campaign on Normal or even Easy just for kicks, (Same applies to Wipeout HD/Fury, it can shove it ... & I may never return to it even for the Fury Campaign, forget about Elite & Zico when you refuse to let me play online). As far as the glitch is concerned, i've tested out what trophies i'd have been awarded on a 1st attempt, the kicker is it acknowledges in this order - You made 10%, 6%, also 3%, sorry no Gold for you, be content with Silver/2nd place mwahaha. I feel pretty depressed as a result of this, spend pretty much a month and STILL get no payoff, & i've grinded out some sh*t trophies, (Ace Combat General Rank, Spartacus Legends Rank 50, BFBC 10K kills & Awards, BD MP). The difference here is I proved I could achieve such goals, and my account keeps a record of that. Here I complete the challenge but all I can do is take a screenshot as my account won't have such a record. Basically wasted a Month this time, (As opposed to a day/2 for Wipeout for that damn skin). Really makes me consider whether I should just stop trying to earn Trophies alltogether, I mean having no life certainly gives me the time... I'm just not sure it's worth it. Maybe i'll recover/get over it, post Easter but boy is this really a kick in the sack, (So to speak). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You could say that I have myself to blame for waiting so long etc, (Server Closure & what not). Regardless of whether i'd have the opportunity to attampt it again, i'm not sure i'd go through another week for the POSSIBILITY of getting it. Not suree on what the glitch rate is but i'm sure as hell lucky to be apart of it, aren't I special ;).
  11. Interesting, never thought about this, feel like I learnt something from this. I guess i didn't consider opinions as information, probably because I don't consider what I say to be facts, and understand that they can be subject to critique, knowing what I say can be wrong. So I guess when I wrote that question I genuinely didn't know the answer.
  12. OK, that is a fair response. I'm not saying it's easy, i'm not saying help isn't given. My issue is mostly that the cut-off score need not be what it is. Not everyone can Turbo. I understand what you're saying here, the above isn't a bad system, it's when that system is used to generate upwards of 100k+ is the issue. That's why I call it selfish selflessness (You are being selfless in helping 1 person the ENTIRE WEEK). I'll rephrase what I'm trying to say, youmay be helping those get the top 20, but you're not helping more than 20 get it per week.
  13. You have no idea how good that response made me feel. Someone on the otherside of the fence so to speak who actually understands the problem at hand. I agree on the 12k thing (It's a nice concept, but people just aren't adhering to it). But what you wrote pretty much sums up what the 12k strategy is. (I call it an experiment). It isn't working solely because not everyone is on board and not helping people like me actually reach that score, and verify my alts. I see rooms with VGC/12k in the title but the Passwords are never sent out. Think how much help all those bots being used for those 100k scores could help the masses. As I wrote in the sessions comments 100k could provide 5 people with 20k, 10 @ 10k, if cutoff were only as high as 10k let's see how much people could qualify with the points from the top 20. Let's round down and say all 20 got pretty close to 100k, so 100 * 20 = 2M, 2M / 10k = 200,000 people.... WTF???? Pyramid scheme or what?
  14. It's their damn fault for inflating the score so much. If the scores were a 10th of what they are they would do this for themselves, (They are spending that time anyway). If we even look at the rate of 3 Acc/Hour, 40 - 50 Hours would've not only got them a place in the top 20, but free up a position for another earner. It's about saying hey 20k is enough, use the rest of the week to help others out/yourself, lowering the threshold AND reducing demand. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your strategy is throw more money into this, go faster, faster, FASTER. I'm saying cut down on cost & donate the savings to others, the others would then be on equal footing with the donators, (Same amount of money is spent, which/who benefits more?). I guess you could say they keep the money for themself, however at least the desired item is less expensive. Might be a strange analogy, but it's just the way I see things, I kind of understand the otherside too, where if they have say 4+ bots it would be ALOT quicker than 40+ Hours. I guess the reason this bugs me so much is because it feels like Anti-Boosting. The boosters here are more like Randoms as they are effectively blocking the efforts of others because they may not have the resources so to speak. It's also like paying your way to victory, currencies are time, money or both. No-one stands a chance against those with time & money but others with time & money. If the goal of boosting is to help eachother get the trophies with as little difficulty as possible, why has it become a competion (Ignore server closure as reason). You are saying we should compete with ourselves in a non-friendly manner, just sheer selfishness (Sure the people in the groups are helping themselves at the expense of those NOT in their group). Maybe all this is illogical and i'm just stupid, but that's just my opinion, everyone can have an opinion, can an opinion be classified as correct/incorrect?
  15. I've created this session trying to help out: If i've missed something please post it in the comments. Also tell others about it.