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  1. #50 Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 2/10 #51 Enjoyment 0/10 Difficulty 0/10 We all know why we spent £0.99p on this Kappa
  2. Used to pester my mum about buying PS3 magazines and the demo disks that came with it. Now since the "Interweb" has boomed to a whole new lvl, sadly them times have gone.
  3. I started vaguely around Spyro on the PlayStation 1 followed by the likes of Pokemon on GB. Most notable the PS2 with Medal of Honour & so fourth.
  4. Haven't played an Assassins Creed game since the very first one
  5. This happened to me on Mission 3 or 4, once completed it resumed back to normal. As I was playing on Veteran, it was nice quick easy mission. 😃
  6. I know this may not be the place to post this & isn't the best source to get advice from a medical standpoint but, maybe for the people who work days & nights can relate. I work early mornings starting at 6am in a restaurant / club at night. My role varies from setting up the pub, cleaning, maintaining, stocking up, and the other odd job here and there. Now my boss suggested if I wanted to do nights in helping out with glass collecting, stocking, and again the other odd jobs that need doing during the busy nights which I agreed to. Now here comes the tiring part. My work hrs during the start of the weekend is Friday 6:00am - 10:00am <then> 10:00pm - 4:00am through Saturday morning followed by Saturday night 10:00pm - 4:00am through Sunday morning, then I start off a new week in the mornings from 6:00am. I know it might not be a lot of hours, but for someone who struggles to sleep in general due to GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) & other, I feel so exhausted. I've been so in-tuned with mornings that after about 8 weeks of doing the weekends, I still cannot get into a routine where I don't feel tired all the time. My only option is telling the boss that i cannot do the weekends at nights, but considering there low on staff at the moment, i feel like a burden to them in not helping them out.
  7. If I have a game that is way too tedious, frustrating, or hard to platinum or 100% complete. I wouldn't wanna waste my effort getting it as it'll suck the fun out of games that are supposed to be played for fun & entertainment. Obviously they're a lot of gamer's out there who are "completionists" & I do not criticise them for that to go out there way in completing every game they own, it's just personal preference & I do understand that. So overall, although I would like to plat Battlefront & FIFA 17, the required trophies are just too hard to get.
  8. Great effort to trigger console gamer's. I will like your post for this.
  9. Who is YOUR roommate? Mine is Star-Lord from GOTG tell tale series.
  10. Tales from the Borderland.
  11. God of War
  12. Platinum no. 44 Monster Jam: Crush It Not the most exciting game I've played this year, but considering it was on sale for around £5 & at this point I'm kinda dried up on what to play. This is near enough the only time I tend to buy a game just to burn some time and get an easy plat (I must admit) on the way. Game mechanics, graphics, modes, and enjoyment are all below if not just on par as it was a basic game, I know what I was buying so my expectations were "meh". Anyways I would recommend this game if you want an easy platinum and wouldn't if you're seriously thinking about getting something more out of it. Enjoyment 2/10 Difficulty 1/10
  13. #43 Injustice 2 Haven't been invested in a fighting game like this since Mortal Kombat X. Taking away the biased review being I'm all for the DCEU in general, the game itself is really solid and enjoyable. The story was really engaging and that they made use of all heroes and villains in fulfilling roles considering the stakes and how they utilised them all throughout the campaign which gave the characters and the main story itself depth, risk, and a understanding on genders which these characters had. The game-play mechanics are smooth, the environments around you & combos are on point which is a must considering a lot of time played was online. The creative idea of the "Multiverse" got me hooked for hours to grind out loot to my liking. Customisation in general seems to be a great start in to something much more down the lines with Injustice. Graphically it was immense especially getting the faces to add emotion to what there dialogue was. Might sound stupid, but stuff like this adds a lot to a game. I did hear people have a complain about the Joker is based off Jared Leto portrayal, but I'm all for it. Wasn't an issue and the Joker looked great to be fair. Overall I'm having a great time playing this game and still grinding out gear on the Multiverse as-well as hoping in some online action on KOTH, learning moves from other players to better myself. Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Difficulty is mainly dependant on ranked 1v1 trophy and as I'm no-where near to how good I was compared to MKX. Learning combos and picking a character that suits you may require time & dedication