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  1. They always had an email AFAIK. I remember contacting them back in 2014 for the first time via mail. And I do agree, they have by far the most useless support one can imagine.
  2. You know that people can get their hands on games pre-release, right? Therefore it's sometimes possible to earn trophies before the actual release date. @cronocyde e.G. has earned trophies aswell and did a stream like 3 days ago, so I'm pretty sure review codes were given away to a bunch of people.
  3. I surpassed my limits already and finished Furi. That's 1 out of 4 @jem I'd also like to add: -Titan Quest Starting Trophies: 16 Trophies Left: 9 -Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Starting Trophies: 0 Trophies Left: 27 -Divinity: Original Sin Starting Trophies: 0 Trophies Left: 55 They're all in my backlog already, even tho I didn't start two of them up until now. They fit well into my list, seeing that Torment: Tides of Numenera is part of it.
  4. I just checked your DS 2 Sotfs list again and I don't know what I was thinking. Your list is so freakin broken. Kudos to the person who flagged this. 1. The reason for the flag is correct, there's no way to get the King's Ring before defeating Looking Glass Knight. You could skip Drangleic Castle via the Binocular Boost, but first off that glitch isn't even performable on PS4 and secondly you'd end up in the Throne of Want anyways. 2. You got the Ashen Mist Heart before defeating Looking Glass Knight, perfectly doable, but not on PS4. 3. You obviously only played trough NG, even tho you have to get to NG +2. 4. You somehow managed to get your remainig hex/sorc/mirc/pyro in 83 seconds, 2 of them being exclusively available to NG +2. Complete BS. Your PS3 list is legit tho, the reason for the flag is definitely wrong.
  5. No this is not it. This trophy list only shows your legit DLC trophies . The original base game trophies are nowhere to be found. Unless you can't show us the legit base game there's no reason to go on with this, as you would already have three flags that way. Three flags lead to leaderbord removal.
  6. I'm actually jealous of you, cuz you didn't went for DA Inquisition yet and are about to experience one hell of a game Don't let the Nightmare run scare you, it's not difficult at all. Some dragons might kick your butt if they're in a bad mood, but that problem can be solved by simply outleveling them.
  7. Sound Shapes original list is missing. Both Dark Souls 2 lists are fine, unless I miss something. Dunno about the rest of the games, but LBP and Batman games are often an indication of a downloaded save file exploit. But I'm glad this all not true
  8. Need to get my RPG fix
  9. Furi - Platinum Trophy Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Great game, wish there would be more content to it, but hey. What we got was great and there's even a DLC for those who seek another challenge. Without the The Line's sh*tty last phase on Furier, I'd given Furi a straight 10/10.
  10. :platinum: #134  -  Furi


    What a game. I'll keep playing this one for quite some time, that's for sure.

    Still can't believe that <3Carpenter Brut AND <3Lorn OST are in the same freakin game... Unbelievable.

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    2. Spaz


      @Sardavanua I see you have the platinums for Hotline Miami 2, Velocity 2X and Ultra. I did them all very quickly so if those are any indication the I should get through Furi.

    3. Sardavanua


      @Spaz I'd say it's more difficult than HM1 and Velocity Ultra, but nowhere as hard as Velocity 2X.

      As I said overrated difficulty:lol:

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  11. This. You just perfectly summarized Anna: Waiting Edition I'm actually using 3 guides simultaneously, because of the random events and wannabe events and random noises.... and the voices and the mannequins... Argh. It's terrible. But guess what: all of those 3 guides didn't mention a necessary step to get one of the events. Yay for new game! Glad I played halfway trough it only to find out I'm locked at 95%.
  12. Alright, so I decided to start with Anna yesterday Jokes aside I've accumulated a playtime of almost 2 hours by now and I gotta say I feel desperate and frustrated already. I've been aware of how awful the trophies for this game are, but nobody told me what a glitchy mess this game actually is. The clunky controls, unskippable voicelines and overall randomness drive me mad. I'm now onto my 4th speedrun attempt to achieve one of the endings. Wish me luck
  13. I don't mind dlc being released after 2 months, neither do I mind dlc being released after 3 years. As long as the dlc doesn't turn out to be cut away content, so the publisher and developers just get an opportunity to get more money out of their game for content that should've been accessible in the first place. It also depends on the game genre, I always enjoyed the The Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age content that was released a few years later. Content like this is well worth the money and gives players an excuse to revisit their games while enjoying new high-quality content. Multiplayer games on the other hand should get new content frequently, so people keep playing it (e.g. map packs for Battlefield). If I already can see what content is going to be released with a season pass while preordering a game (looking at you Shadow of War), I often ask myself why should I buy the game for 70$ and the additional content for an extra 25$ or even more. Content like that should be in the fckin base game. I just end up buying the whole package for 15$ two years later anyways.
  14. Eh, more or less. There's a Persona-like thingie going on. Very confusing story imo, but it fits the category. Btw I've never heard anyone saying "Mind Zero is/was a good game." If you haven't started it yet, maybe reconsider your choice
  15. There's a post somewhere on the Bioware forums that states the success chance for crafting a masterpiece is locked. That means save and reload won't help you. If you're just looking for any masterpiece there's a 100% success item IIRC. It's called Essence of Perfection