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  1. How about Murdered: Souls Suspect?
  2. I would love to participate again. Count me in!
  3. Just started playing the game two days ago and I got a few questions already. Do I have to win every race in career? Like most races are quite easy but some of them just seem not doable IMO. I always get second place, but sometimes first place is like 15 seconds faster than me. Am I supposed to win those events? Also do I have to use manual transmission? So far the automatic transmission works just fine and I don't feel disadvantaged like I do in some other racing sims.
  4. I'm gonna add my own list for now. So far I got 23/27 letters in my collection Aven Colony Bioshock Infinite Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Dark Souls Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Fallout 3 Gravity Rush Helldivers Invector Jazzpunk Killzone: Mercenary Lords Of The Fallen MXGP Pro Need For Speed: Most Wanted Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD Project CARS 2 Q Redout Smite Titan Quest Unit 13 Velocity 2X WipEout Omega Collection X Y Zero Escape: The Nonary Games #
  5. It's the same trophy list. Ps4&PSV are combined, but I don't know if you can carry over your save.
  6. I've only completed 5 out of 10 games in one year :/ Tbh I didn't have the time and motivation to clean up my list in the past few months, but I'd gladly keep on participating in this event. This time tho I'll definetly complete my pyramid @kingofbattle8174 Swapped out: Rogue Galaxy for Gal*Gun Double Peace Claire for Okage:Shadow King Crisis for Monster Energy Supercross Steins;Gate for MXGP3
  7. I'd say Hotline Miami 2, but it was mentioned a few times already. So I choose Bioshock Infinite, done it on PS3 back in the days, but I can't finish 1999 mode on PS4 again. Probably just got rusty...
  8. The trophy is still glitched. Can't see my friends on the leaderbords, neither can I find any of my 3 secondary accounts. Even tried it on a second console. No success... No clue why they didn't patch it yet, last update is like 8 months ago :/ Big letdown by Milestone Games imo
  9. If anyone wants to trade, just hmu on PSN. Got most uniques and all maps up to tier 12. Also I don't mind grouping up for late game bosses, HoG or whatever you need help with. Will remain in Standard League after Synthesis.
  10. Well, I'm still trying to finish my games. Just need 1 more playtrough for the Torment ToN plat. The game is a blast! But I'm a sucker for Oldschool RPGs anyways, so yeah maybe it's just me Currently I'm taking a break tho, to play some Path of Exile. Gave up on Darkest Dungeon quite some time ago, can't stand the RNG... Next game after ToN will be Pillars of Eternity.
  11. With the upcoming end of the Synthesis League (3rd June) I wonder if we'll still be able to achieve the trophies in Standard League. I'm fairly new to the game and from what I've heard the Atlas is different in Standard League...
  12. Definetly Uncharted 4. I'm terrible at TPS and I couldn't be bothered with the Survival DLC...
  13. Final Fantasy XIV, congrats on that one!