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  1. That's what I like about this game so much, it challenges/motivates the player to be creative. Good stuff you found there with those red containers, I always ask myself how do people get these ideas. Maybe it's just me. I'm creative as a potato apparently..
  2. Got one more plat for Cabin #9. (Notice me senpai BamBam) This time Invector. Not my kind of game and music tbh, but at least it was colorful. Only got like 7 seizures. R.I.P. Avicii
  3. Ooooh ffs! Why is the guy who sends stick pics always in my cabin
  4. Update: You're lazy af. Cabin #9
  5. I'm not too familiar with the system myself, but as far as I know you can select one of the games both of you have in common and on the right side should be smth like "report these trophies as illegitimate" in red signature. It doesn't let me report all of them tho, don't know the specific conditions. Edit: Reported the profile now.
  6. That's some pro play right there. I wish I had those skills in gaming Could get rid of my backlog in around 5 days that way Serious mode: Was going to flag the cr*p out of him/her. But now that I've seen the actual ID, it's just not worth the time. Obviously a troll. Weird that the auto-flag thingie didn't detect him/her by now.
  7. Anarchy mode fits perfectly in this category if u ask me. It's a mixture of survival and arcade. Also if I remember correctly there were 1 or 2 objectives like "Survive the Ambush" in the campaign.
  8. I take that Manhunt plat
  9. H2Interactive is the publisher right? On their homepage it says the release date is April 2018 on PS4/XBOX ONE Dunno what's going on there, keeps linking me to some korean site all the time Can't find much about the developer either. 21c.ducks <-- Last Tweet May 2016
  10. 8th entry Igniculus:"Aurora, what is love known by?" Aurora:"When it hurts to say goodbye." - Child of Light
  11. Some time has passed since my last post here. sadly I didn't find any time for my chosen games *sigh* But my prof finally announced my results today and it seems like I won't have any of 'em exams for the next freakin 4 1/2 months. so yeah, I have time for games now Cuz I'll have way more spare time than I could handle, I decided to expand my list here to the max. Basically I re-categorized my list so I can put as many games as possible in there. New list TL;DR @Toogie53 I hope I used the spoilers correctly. Never done that beforešŸ˜¶ Also big shout-out to Toggie for putting all his work in this event so far.
  12. 7th entry "Do you get to the cloud district very often? Ohh what am I thinking, of course you don't." Douchebag Nazeem, TES V Skyrim
  13. Steins Gate Darling of Loving Vows
  14. Your pics are killing me. Seriously Earth's Dawn