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  1. Eufloria HD Eufloria is a beautiful and very relaxing little strategy game which reminded me of a flash game called Nano War. You basically have to complete about 50 levels via conquering all enemy planets with your little saplings. The game is or was also available for PS3 as far as I know, but I'm not too sure about that. Planetbase If you're into strategy or colony-building games you should Planetbase give a try. You gain control over a small group of space settlers and you'll have to colonize a few different planets in space. It's a small game that will take around 30 hours to finish. It's not easy so be prepared for a decent challlenge.
  2. SUPRISE! Seriously this game was almost unplayable on release day on PS4 and they somehow managed to make it worse with almost every single patch they have released. As if any of you thought they were going to fix the two bugged trophies... I mean they literally left this broken mess to bring another broken port to Switch instead lmao. If you wanna play TQ, just get it for PC. It's an amazing game. Save your money folks.
  3. Got two more games done since my last update. First one is Rime, a nice and relaxing little indie game that I picked picked via PS Plus a couple of years ago. It was a nice and rather short experience. The other game is Erica, if you want to call it a game that is. It's one of these Full Motion videogames, sadly not a very good one if you ask me. Plotholes everywhere you look. But hey at least I banished that 40GB monstrosity from my PS4 for good now. 0 - Stories: The Path of Destinies 1 - 2 - Concrete Genie 3 - Erica 4 - Oxenfree 5 - 6 - Plague Inc: Evolved 7 - Undertale 8 - Rime 9 -
  4. #191 - Rime The end is a new beginning Dunno what to say about this one, got mixed feelings about it. The game was unique, that I can say and it had an interesting story that only really makes sense once you've seen the actual ending of the game. Rime also has one of the most relaxing atmospheres I've ever seen in a video game, it kinda felt like meditation at some points, but at the same time the game managed to constantly frustrate me for some reasons. The controls felt too clunky and a sprint button was missing in my opinion. The platforming didn't always work properly too, which is a freakin shame considering the potential this game had. Maybe it was just me and I might have played the game with the wrong mindset, I dunno. But at least the game got better over time, everything past chapter 2 felt way more enjoyable. That's probably because there's no giant prehistoric bird chasing you around half the map lol. The puzzels themselves were easy, but not too easy, sometimes you had to think around one or two corners and I really enjoyed that. Trophy wise the game was easy too, just get the collectibles and you're good to go. Difficulty: 2/10 Time spent: ~10h
  5. #190 - Stories: The Path of Destinies Gray fox is my pup Didn't really enjoy the game back when it came with the monthly Plus line-up back in December 2016. Now almost five years later I gave it another shot and for some reason I kinda liked it and played through it in just a few days. The game just felt relaxing to me and neither the 25 different endings nor the grind to max level felt like a chore. It was actually kinda fun to see all those different outcomes, even though they could've implemented a skip button for all the minor cutscenes. The gameplay was solid, nothing special. Same goes for the soundtrack and the voice acting. The trophy list itself looks way more annoying than it actually is. Pretty much every single trophy will be unlocked automatically if you go for all the endings. All in all a solid small indie game. Give it a try if you got it through PS Plus! Difficulty: 2/10 Time spent: ~15h
  6. Another one down! Yesterday I finally reached max level on Stories: The Path of Destinies and therefore achieved it's plat trophy. I remembered the game being terrible when I tried it for the first time. That's almost five years ago, when it came with the monthly PS Plus line-up! And now I totally enjoyed playong trough the game and it's 25 "different" endings. Weird how things change over the years. Anyways fun little game. My list so far: 0 - Stories: The Path of Destinies 1 - 2 - Concrete Genie 3 - 4 - Oxenfree 5 - 6 - Plague Inc: Evolved 7 - Undertale 8 - 9 -
  7. #189 - Oxenfree Leave Possible? Oxenfree has been in my backlog for years by now, but somehow I never found some time to actually try it out, even though I've heard many good things about the game. Turns out everything I've heard about it, was true indeed and it was such a joy to play through the game. The story is a really interesting take on timeloops mixed with some creepy ghost elements and what made it so enjoyable (at least for me) was the main characters. Quirky teenagers trapped on an haunted island is just an intersing set-up for a story driven game if you would ask me. Also on my first playthrough I got some serious Stranger Things vibes and that is always good. The gameplay itself was rather monotonous, you just walk from point A to B and so on and so on. But for most of the time you have interactive dialogue options you can choose from when walking around with your companion(s). A sprint button would have been a nice addition still and ugh... those climbing sections gave me CONNIPTIONS. Music on the other hand was spot-on, some tracks even made it into my videogame OST playlist. Visuals were pretty interesting I'd say. Some did look god, some definetly didn't. All in all a very good story based game, would definitely recommend it. The trophies for the game look way more difficult than they actually are, all can be done in three playthroughs. Gotta say the mean playthrough was horrible to watch though. Difficulty: 2/10 Time spent: ~14h Enjoyment: 8/10
  8. There's no retry, but do not worry the tournaments aren't really thaaaaaat difficult. As @Gommes_ said the Single Race are harder to beat usually. When you get to the tournaments with all 8 tracks, you should aim for like five 1st places, that should give you enough room for mistakes on your remaining least favorite tracks. One of them probably being Chengou. Also while the A.I. is rubberbanding hard af, it happens more than often that they just blow up "randomly" and don't get any points for a race, giving you even more room.
  9. You just made my day. Now I can't get this out of my head anymore. Lmao.
  10. Resogun for me with 57%. Totally forgot this one had DLCs. Imagine getting a plat and it slowly devolves into a lousy 24% over time. lol. Thanks for nothing I guess.
  11. Just got my 4th digit. And it's number 4 too! Amazing. Anyways I finally found some time to play Oxenfree and I really really enjoyed it. Got some serious Stranger Things vibes at the beginning, so yeah that was cool. All in all a quick and easy plat to get. The required mean playtrough though was tough to watch... Oof. Poor Ren. No clue what to play next. I feel like every game in my list ends with 6 or 7 lol. My list so far: 0 - 1 - 2 - Concrete Genie 3 - 4 - Oxenfree 5 - 6 - Plague Inc: Evolved 7 - Undertale 8 - 9 -
  12. #188 - F1 2015 The King of the Road Been returning to this game every couple of months and gave up shortly after every single time. Don't know what happended last time, but all of a sudden I was able to qualify 5 times in Pro Season mode and got the remaining trophies. This whole mode is just ridiculously difficult. Didn't help that the game glitched on me a couple of times aswell. I'm really glad that I finally banished this game out of my backlog for good. Good game all and all, same goes for the trophy list, but I just didn't enjoy Pro Season. At least I got one more UR Plat now. Difficulty: 7/10 Time spent: 100h+
  13. #187 - Planetbase Platinum Trophy Planetbase is a space strategy game where you have to build up your own space colony in different scenarios. While the game is alot of fun it also lacks a good amount of in-depth at the same time and is all in all a rather little short experience. Once you get the hang of the game, which was pretty hard for me because I never understood what I would have to do (despite playing the tutorial), it's such a nice and chill gaming experience to watch your colony grow. Compared to other space building sims like Surviving Mars or Aven Colony this one is quite short, but still definitely worth checking out if you're into that kind of game. Trophy wise this game is a decent challenge, mainly because of the lacking guide material and in general information of in-game stuff in the internet. The trophies themselves aren't really difficult at all though. Especially the Express Dark Colony trophy seems way harder than it actually is. Managed to do it in about 54 days, which is 16 days shorter than the limit. So yeah, there's a lot of space (haha) for mistake. I think if you manage to colonize Class S successfully, the rest of the trophies is going to be a breeze. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time spent: ~60h
  14. I unlocked the trophy on my first completed race. Started a new Pro Season in 2014 skipped every session till the Q1 in Italy. Did 2 laps and then went straight to the race. Didn't pause once, pitted 3 times and came in P21.
  15. I unlocked Hard Times today and I'm pretty sure the counter did glitch on me. Did reinstall the game and rebuild my database. After that I was able to complete my Pro Season Race on Italy.