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  1. Same as the last time, I say go for This War of Mine. It's pretty damn good.
  2. I would go one by one. Each expansion makes the game more complex and difficult and they require good knowledge of the game. I haven't played Afterbirth+ so far, but the jump from Rebirth to Afterbirth was hella fun. If you can't wait for the DLCs, but want to go for the all trophies, you should at least follow the advice @Xylobe mentioned and unlock that item.
  3. #181 - Bound by Flame While browsing through my PS3 backlog, I found another little gem I've already played on PS4 before. The downgrade wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it actually was alot of fun to play through again. I get why people dislike this game and it's by no means a perfect game, but it always reminds me on a miniature version of Dragon Age. And there's not enough Dragon Age out there, so I like to play games that are similar to it. You have alot of dialogue with minor decisions, decent characters in your party and you can change your companions whenever you want. The combat system is souls like, with the same weird engine that spider-games always uses. Like it or not, it's broken and many times unfair. Not as bad as Technomancer, another of their games, but still pretty unfun. Either you spam dodge the entire time or you get ganked by every single group of enemies. Boss fights (escpecially the first one) are a decent challenge as long as you play on a lower difficulty. On higher difficulties the bosses tend to become insanely buffed and pretty much one shot you with their broken hitboxes. The worst part about the game is definetly it's difficulty scaling. There's three difficulties and an extra story difficulty for them scrubs, but hey actually it's not, because the story difficulty is like normal. The other three difficulties are like challenging, hard and f*ck you. Each increase means more hp and damage for your opponents and they tend to attack more aggressively. If you want to have fun with the game you better stick with story difficulty, the rest is just frustrating. If you go for Captain difficulty I wish you the best of luck, there's a reason why it's an UR trophy. The last boss is just an utter joke, so prepare to git gud. Trophy wise the game is decent, weapon related trophies and most misc trophies can be achieved in a single playtrhough. Romance and endig trophies need a guide for some of the decisions. Also you need to play through the game at least two times, once per gender so you can romance the opposing gender. And yeah there's captain difficulty, if you can do it there's pretty much nothing between you and the plat. Difficulty: 6/10 Time spent: ~20h Enjoyment: 5/10
  4. Yes I do agree and understand the statement, but I just can't be arsed with half finished games on release anymore. There's only 2 games I bought day one last generation and they were WipEout Omega and Metro: Exodus. I bought them day one, because they're not AAA and I really want them to continue their series. Guess what, they didn't disappoint at all. But there's no way I'm gonna pay 60 bucks on release for an unfinished AAA product and then get charged another 50 bucks for two following season passes.
  5. I second this. And it looks like it shares the first place with Shadow of the Colossus. For now at least. You should try it!
  6. I like it the way it is. I usually trust the guide writers, because they know what they're talking about. It s*cks though if the guide writers have to adjust the difficulty because the guide team says so e.g. Titanfall 2. A voting system is just unecessary I think. It never really worked out on the .org forum for example. Almost every game has the most votes on 3,4 and 5. Then there's the person who instantly gives it a 10, because he can't be bothered with actually playing the game. And last but not least there's the elitist who gives the game a 2 no matter the difficulty, because to him everything is so easy and everybody needs to know how easy the game was to him. If you need to know the difficulty of a trophy list and don't trust the guide writer's estimated difficulty, browse through the forum, watch a video or just read through other sites.
  7. Obviously it has to be Crypt of the Necrodancer, I really can't think of any other game that would come close to it's Platinum difficulty. Judging from the games I've played myself, I'd say it's Assetto Corsa. This game is absolutely brutal and you have to be a racing legend to get it's trophies. Definetly the hardest game I have in my list and will also never get the plat for it.
  8. Yep, all the DLC is included afaik.
  9. #180 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Oh! Another Draugr Deathlord! Wow! There we go again. This was the second time I ventured through Skyrim on a Sony system and got 100% of the achievments along the way. Can't say I liked the PS3 version more than the PS4 version. (Shocking, right?) But I still did enjoy it alot to be honest. I've heard horrible things about the PS3 version and many of those things were totally true, but gladly not all of them were. The most bugs like the water freeze and fast travel crash can be simply fixed by reinstalling the game data and they're gone for good. The lagging after like 4-6 hours of playing won't go away that easy though, unless you want to give your console a break, which isn't too bad. But out of all the things I heard before booting Skyrim up, the save file size was the one that worried me the most. There are many posts in the internet that claim Skyrim becomes unplayable after like 10MB of save file size, but they apparently aren't true anymore, probably because of some fixes. When I earned my last trophy my save file hit 16MB and the game was still perfectly playable, besides some stuttering here and there. So yeah Skyrim is perfectly doable on PS3! The game itself is obviously fantastic and pretty much everyone knows the game or at least has heard of it, so not much to say here. Still I could never really enjoy Skyrim as much as I would like to and thats because it was such a downgrade from Oblivion and therefore from Morrowind aswell. But I don't want to annoy the fudge out of everybody who reads this, it's the same old lame discussion you can find literally everywhere else, so I'll leave it here. Trophy wise the base game is almost perfect, nothing difficult or annoying besides the bounty trophy and nothing really missable, besides one trophy and the glitched Oblivion Walker trophy. The DLC on the other hand... Hearthfire is totally fine and so is Dragonborn, but oh my lord Dawnguard. Dawnguard already sucks without certain mods, mainly because the random vampire attacks or random Dawnguard attacks if you side with the vampires. But the trophy list also pushes you to side with the vampires, which really is unfortunate, because the Dawnguard is just more fun in many many ways. Also the perk grinding is just terrible. One of them? Ok. But both? Just why. It's just tedious. Overall the game crashed like 20 times on me and I still had fun, I think that sums it up pretty well. I'm looking forward for the PS5 version lol. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Time spent: ~150hrs
  10. #179 - Life is Strange What if? It's already 4 years ago that I played this masterpiece for the very first time on my PS4 and I absolutely loved every single minute of it. A few weeks ago I realized I still have the PS3 version in my never ending backlog of PS3 games, so I decided to return to Arcadia Bay one more time. To be honest I was a little afraid of getting bored playing it again, because I'm not the kind of person who likes rewatching or rereading stuff, but oh boy I'm so glad I did. Compared to the PS4 version the PS3 version looks god awful to be honest, but I didn't really matter to me, the art style is still fancy as fudge even on PS3 and Arcadia Bay shines even on an older system. The game itself ran smoothly and I didn't encounter any gamebreaking bugs or anything, love that, my PS3 had to suffer through so many console breaking crap recently so that was a welcome change. The story is just phenomenal, it's such a nice take on chaos theory and yeah it's touching as a game can be. This time I didn't cry rivers, but I shed one or two tears still. The music they chose for LiS is straight a 11/10. It's like the music was made for the game or vice versa. The first track in the game from Syd Matters... Goosebumps every single time. The protagonist has to be one of my favorite game characters ever made. Even though I can't relate to Max at all, I just love her from the bottom of my heart. Chloe on the other hand... oof you gotta play Before the Storm if you want to understand her. Kate Marsh and David also have a very special place in my heart, both very well written yet so different. Trophy wise the game is very simple and if you play the game "properly" and explore a little you'll get like 90% of the trophies automatically, the rest can be achieved post-game in a matter of minutes. Also none of the trophies force you into story impacting choices, which is one of the worst things you can do in a game like this, you're free to do whatever you want. That's how it should be imo. Great game you should play it and you should get hyped for the PS5 remasters. Or not. Whatever you prefer. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Time spent: ~10hrs
  11. You're right, there WAS a guide. I used it for my 100%, no idea why it's gone. Probably unpublished, maybe ask the guide team. Edit: Well seems like I was wrong... Guide log doesn't lie. Weird
  12. Souls Series - yes Dark Souls Series - no
  13. My advice would be to go with 1 or 2 just don't buy them one by one. @HusKy The DLCs went on sale in EU region. At least the Road to the Olypmics DLC, because that's the only one I can remember actually being in a sale. Also I could imagine a price drop or a sale for Steep content with the release of Riders Republic. But who knows.
  14. Thank god they removed that piece of garbage map from the Atlas for good. HoG was by far the worst thing ever and it somehow managed to stay for like 6 years.
  15. #177 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Farah?! Where are you?! 17 years. Seventeen freakin years since it's release. This is literally the first time where I feel like I'm getting old because of video games. Like for real. I used to play this game alot back in the days, same goes for The Two Thrones and I could never decide what the better game was. Now that I returned to the Prince of Persia saga recently, I can definetly say The Sands of Time didn't age very well and this lazy half-assed port for the PS3 just made it so much worse. Let's start with the good sides of this games: The platforming. I don't understand why people tend to dislike it's platforming. It's literally the best part of the game. It's simple and easy to pull of and you usually instantly know where to go (or jump that is) as soon as you enter a new section. It never really gets repetitive due to the game's very short length. You have different camera angles you can choose from and like 90% of the platforming is so obvious that you'll nail it first time. I consider that fun, in contrast the platforming of the later games, which always felt to tight and difficult also because of the timed sections. I really enjoyed the platforming here and I wish there was more. Ok next good thing I can tell about this game: Well there is... Uhm. Uuuuuh... Hmmm. That's weird. To be honest everything else just totally sucked in this game. For real. The combat. The combat was always utter crap in this game so that's not the fault of the port for the PS3 to be fair. Still the game would have been better without it, it's beyond repitive. There are no combos and like six different enemies in the game and three of them are just annyoing as can be. Every encounter that counts 20+ enemies is just frustrating and totally random. You can get randomly stunlocked and that's it. Restart! Oh yeah and every single hit completely wrecks your health bar, so feel free to restart before you die in the next random hit. The boss fights are also very very lame and a waste of time. Next up: The Audio. HOLY MOLY. How? How did that happen. What is wrong with the audio in this game? The dialogue is barely hearable and if your hit a stone or a wall with your sword for example, get ready for permanent hearing loss. The music just randomly ramps up to full orchestra and yeah well doesn't sound very good. Also there's about three tracks you hear over and over again. Eh. And the voices are so badly recorded, It sounded like they have been re-recorded for the PS3? Everything is echoing and hard to understand. Visuals, well it's 17 years old and therefore still good looking, but never stunningly beautiful. But Farah still is hot. Last but no least, the game was a glitchy mess. It randomly teleported me across the maps, so that I had to restart because everything on the screen was freaking out all of a sudden. I also accidentaly performed a speedruner's trick apparently, where I skipped a major part of the game, but backwards. Yeah no let's not talk about that. I also gut stuck in the Main Menu two times and the game constantly crashed while booting up. But my PS3 still lives and that's all that matters. Trophy wise the game is quite simple. Most collectables are on the way and are even doable without a guide. The trophy that requires you to play through the game with less than 20 rewinds was the one I was kinda afraid of, because I remembered playing through the and rewinding every few minutes, but in the end I ended up rewinding six times and none of them were any neccesary at all. Also did the elevator first try, because the enemies just stopped spawning after like 20 enemies. Lucky me. Good game but do yourself a favor and don't play it on PS3. Can't tell if I'll go for the others. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 2/10 Time spent: 5hrs 17min (10hrs because of the 10h trophy)