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  1. Completed game number three today, so here's another update. Operation: Tango was decent. Reminded me on a more complex We Were Here. 1 2 - Overcooked! All you can eat 3 4 5 6 - Maneater 7 8 9 - Operation: Tango 0 Probably going for Control next, but I'm not quite sure yet.
  2. Game number 2 done. Played through Maneater and its DLC. Can't say I enjoyed it, the base game was mediocre at best and the DLC was awful in my opinion. At least it's banished from my backlog now I guess. 0 1 2 - Overcooked! All you can eat 3 4 5 6 - Maneater 7 8 9
  3. Yeah it was, but pretty much nobody ever uses it. Played hundreds of hours online and I only got like two accolades so far. Never used it myself.
  4. Yeah playing on a PS5 while being offline helps a lot. But don't get excited to soon, because as soon as you have more than a few DLCs installed at the same time, the trophies will simply refuse to pop again. Still they are way more likely to pop on PS5 imo.
  5. First game done too! We finished Overcooked today and we had a blast throughout every single campaign. Such a simple but difficult little gem. 0 1 2 - Overcooked! All you can Eat 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 No clue what I'm gonna do next, probably another PS+ freebie. Who knows!
  6. I'll give it a shot and vote for Soul Calibur VI (PS4), just because it's been on my wishlist for years and I still haven't played it yet. PSN Card: Germany
  7. Last year was fun. Sign me up again!
  8. I thinke they're supposed to be better. I can't really tell a difference though. The PS5 version performs slightly better, but still suffers from the same perfomance issues. PS5 version is 4K and looks amazing, but IIRC so does the PS4 version on PS5.
  9. Yeah the deadzone is terrible. I agree. And I wish they would improve the overall controlls. What pisses me off so bad is the fact that you can't customize the controller layout. Shooting with R2 doesn't feel right on a rythm game. Btw did you actually get the refund from Sony?
  10. Weird. I don't have any issues playing this with a controller at all. Like yeah obviously it's not nearly as good as mouse and keyboard, but it's nowhere close to unplayable. The game feels a little stiff with a controller and you definitely have a pretty big disadvantage but there's a lot of auto-aim going on to help you out. BPM is just incredibly difficult, that's all. There's no freakin way I'll ever finish a run on a higher difficulty than easy. And I don't blame the controller for that.
  11. Go for it dude. I wonder what you'll say about other profiles tbh. Like it's pretty easy to ramble about your own trophy list and gaming history I'd assume, but what are you gonna say about someone else's list? Anyways left a sub for now. Is there any other content planned for the future?
  12. #212 - Furi (PS5)
  13. No trophies autopop when you import a PS4 save to this version. BUT: You can skip a playthrough, at least I did. My last run on PS4 was the Furier run and I did not choose to fight The Star. So the last save was right before The Star. I imported the PS4 save this morning and pressed on continue and was right before the final decision. I chose not to fight The Star and ended my 'new' Furier run right there and got all three trophies for the ending, the Furier difficulty and the S rank on Furier difficulty. So if you have a similar save you can skip a whole playthrough. AND: The trophy 'Give It a Real Try' unlocked after my first K.O. Your total K.O.s seem to carry over. All other trophies unlocked like they should.
  14. Well, the DLC trophies can't glitch on you, if you can't access the DLC in the first place lmao. Which NTP trophies glitched on you? I'm currently working on NTP myself and everything popped so far...
  15. It's the same. You can also join a PS5 party chat with your PS4 and vice versa. The only difference is that you join and leave party chats via a sub menu called game base.