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  1. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. We tried several games out, but I remember Thomas was alone worked wonders. It's easy controller-wise and you can quit the game anytime you want and return later. There's a story, but you don't need to pay attention at all. Overall it teaches you the basics of videoganes and you won't even really notice. It's super engaging.
  2. I can't stress how useful this guide is. It makes No One Left Behind a cakewalk. Thanks for posting this. Because some people still have trouble unlocking this trophy, I'll just post the decisions I made during my playthough for reference. Maybe it will help somebody - Didn't answer a single false call - Answered all protests (see below) - Helped Kendrick - Helped the Sands and did not get rid of them later on - Gave The Dentist evidence to the feds instantly - Helped the Church, but got rid of them later on - Helped the Atticus Bank and kept them - Got f*cked by the first (and only) formal complaint and decided to not kill the ratting officers - Helped the Labor Union - Helped Rogers About the protest: For chapter one and two I decided to apply force on all protest, besides the very first one. I was blaming my own officers to avoid bad rep. For the first one you should take the hit and salary cut though, it's the smarter move. For chapter three I decided to apply no force to the protest. You should have a good relationship with city hall by now.
  3. Unlocked No BS in my second playtrough aswell, even though I did nothing different the second time around. I followed the same guide twice. So yeah, something is preventing the trophy to unlock if you go for No Irish and No Luck at the same time. I also tried reloading the last week after getting both No Irish and No Luck, but No BS didn't unlock still.
  4. I think it's safe to say that any current meta build will be good enough to achieve the plat in PoE. Since HoG isn't necessary anymore, you don't need anything specific. And if your build ends up being to weak for Shaper or anything else, you can get a carry anyways.
  5. So every DLC I've bought in TSW is for free in TSW 2, right? Does that only apply to the PS4 version of TSW2 though? Because I can't find any free DLC for the PS5 version.
  6. You got it right. Most people just boost it via renting a server. You gotta check in the server browser if there are still empty defuse servers up. If not the only option is a boosting group I'm afraid.
  7. I'm just curious as I might get Skyrim AE in the near future. Can anyone tell if the counter is still bugged? Do you still need both items from Hircine's Quest to make the trophy pop?
  8. Quickest way would be all DLCs together of course. If you know your way around then you should do Afterbirth and Afterbirth + simultaneously. About Repentance I'm not sure, haven't played it myself yet. Friends of mine say it's brutal and from what I've seen it's no joke. So if you think you've gut the guts go for all of them at the same time, but if you're not sure you should do Afterbirth and Afterbirth + first.
  9. I just want a new WipEout game... And no, WipEout Rush does not count.
  10. You got it. By the way Earth Nature combo is a pretty good one. Especially if you go for a pet build later on. About the stats I'm not sure if there's a cap. But I know they can go 600+. Don't bother leveling hp or mana.
  11. Far Cry 3 Far Cry Blood Dragon Far Cry 4 Far Cry Primal Far Cry 2 Far Cry 5 Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry Haven't played though Far Cry 6 yet, so I will update once I finished it.
  12. Hmmm I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly. As I said you can't play on epic or legendary with a new character. You have to beat the game on normal first, then you can access epic and after that you can play legendary. That's because epic and legendary aren't like traditional difficulties. Epic is basically new game + and legendary is new game ++. You have to import a character to play them. The main differences between Normal and Epic are: - The enemies are buffed up and the weakest enemies are like lvl 30+ - You have a permanent resistance debuff - There's 4 new bosses - Loot pool contains more epics and can now contain legendaries If the game would allow you to play epic or legenadary with a new character, you wouldn't be able to kill a single enemy.
  13. You can't change your masteries. You can only reallocate your skill points in exchange for money. If you want to try out other masteries you have to create a new char. Also you can only access epic difficulty with a char who has done normal before. Same goes for legendary difficulty. You need to clear epic first. Hope that helps
  14. Ha! Suckers! While each of you managed to get one lousy trophy yesterday, I got myself TWO trophies yesterday and that basically makes me as good as both of you together. Jk First and final update: Final Fantasy XII (2 trophies) Thanks for hosting the event and congrats to everyone who managed to get so many trophies in just one day. See you all next year!
  15. That's good news. Thanks for sharing Guess I'm gonna take a day of in December!