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  1. I'm guessing you played the games to platinum/100% if you enjoyed them the most? That's what I do anyways Some easy games in there... Sure I guess, but who doesn't have any in there? Some are simply fun to play There are some nice ones in there I know I'll never complete! SSX, The Last of Us, Sound Shapes, Steep... No judgment here lol
  2. Just platinumed Harry Potter 1 - 4
  3. I really am loving this remaster! Though I do feel like it's a bit more difficult than the original? I'm currently going through Classic Mode first and I remember having less of a difficulty of getting through the game at all, not races, not CTR collecting runs nor the crystal runs (I never did the time trials back when I was younger so can't judge there). Still enjoying it though and will definitely try get platinum Will be quite a challenge though I think, seeing as you gotta beat the Time Trial times of both NT and Oxyde...
  4. It's pretty dumb that you have to find cauldrons when you are unlocking and buying characters... But I guess that's how it is? Figured it out though for now... I think I'm good Just going to take a while to clean everything up I think... Thanks though for the responses guys
  5. I'm honestly very confused about this part of the game... I've completed the storylines from 1 - 4 and am now going through cleanup and trying to complete all the rest. However... I'm confused... I've found the character token for instance for Lucius Malfoy. Now, how do I turn myself into him to try and find other tokens? Whenever I'm at the boards to select a level to play, I keep seeing some characters flickering all the time and they aren't selectable. Plus some of the ones I'm sure I unlocked aren't in that list either. Anybody who can explain this a little bit to me? I'm not sure what I missed here...
  6. I feel you! I started replaying LEGO Harry Potter 1 - 4 because I got stuck in the toilet where Jenny kept throwing things at me and for some reason, I couldn't figure out what to do lol I just got past that part though, so I'm really looking forward to getting through this and actually getting the platinum
  7. Congrats to both!
  8. Probably a bit late but... I personally use https://completionist.me for a clean overview of my achievements, which to get, which not to get. It has a page per game (called Kanban) where you can drag around achievements. The idea is that it'd save those you dragged around but for now that's not a working feature. In addition to that, there's a big discord where you could most likely find people who're willing to help you with any achievements, be it explaining them or joining your game for boosting. https://discord.gg/huQYYQ6
  9. @Sly Ripper For me, it doesn't say that my profile was merged. My old ID just says "kipkebab92 has no trophies or their trophies are private" My new idea updates perfectly normal though. EDIT: never mind! I logged out and could log in perfectly fine with my new ID! Thanks
  10. Have to admit... It didn't take me that much time to be fair! Not counting the first normal playthrough for me where I discovered the game on my own, I think I took about... 14/15 hours tops perhaps?
  11. A Symphony of Horror Trophies You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn Finally got the platinum for Until Dawn
  12. Old name: kipkebab92 New name: WaxWeazle92 I don't think I made a new account? Would just want that new name attached to this forum profile Thanks in advance for all the work though Sly!
  13. Thanks! One last question... Can I go back a chapter by any chance? I just missed ONE collectible totum that I suppose I had to get BEFORE going into the hut with the saw choice... (the Loss Totum 3 or something). I didn't get that one.. Any idea if I can just replay the chapter already and get it? Or is it best to just continue and get it afterwards..
  14. Those are the ones I was thinking about! Thanks Wasn't entirely sure anymore what others there were because it's been so long since I've played it. Is there any more to these pointers; In episode 5, Sam must successfully escape the maniac. In episode 7, when Emily is being chased by the stranger. Make sure you hide at the end of the passageway. in episode 9, when you're playing as Ashley in the sewers. Make sure you investigate the strange noise. There will be a collectible here. If you want to keep Ashley alive then do not open the trap door and simply walk past it. Do I need to make specific choices for it? If so, will they be pretty obvious or can I miss the right choices...? I'm currently playing chapter 4
  15. I've played through Until Dawn way back when it came out and I'm currently running through it again for the platinum trophy. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if it makes any difference whatever choice you make in the parts where you're supposed to choose between person A or B? I know you don't really kill them... I'm just wondering if it has any meaning to the trophy, that the choices change some parts or not. I'm a little confused about that and didn't really see anything written about that.