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  1. As always, nothing here. Maybe in another life.
  2. I'm not going to include franchises we already know are gonna come back in some form, so... I'd love to see these return in a new game; Ape Escape Manhunt Rock Band - with cross-play support though. And I'd love to see a PC version too. Sly Raccoon Spyro - I'd be surprised if that won't happen, but yeah... A new title just like Crash 4 would be nice SSX - But not like the PS3 one.... Bring it back to how it was with SSX3 or something Games I'd love to see receive a remaster/remake; Alan Wake - I know it isn't a PlayStation game but fuck it, I'd love to see this remade with today's graphics, updated a bit where necessary and released across various platforms Ape Escape Uncharted Trilogy (Remade in the same graphics as Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us Part 2) The Last of Us Part 1 (Remade in the same graphics as The Last of Us Part 2) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force - I honestly really enjoyed this back in the days of the PSP and while we a few games purely about the card game itself, I enjoyed buying cards and running around and all the likes of that... So it'd be nice having that back. Not gonna happen, but you know. I hoped for one on the Vita but the only one that is playable on Vita was released in Japan I believe... I'd be curious about Jak & Daxter in a new title; I've only just started playing the first Jak on PS4 and I honestly am both enjoying it but I am annoyed by the lack of inverted camera options... Makes it a real pain in the butt for me. The visual leap between Uncharted and The Last of Us (regular or remastered) and The Last of Us Part 2 is amazing, so I'd honestly love it if they were to be remade in that same way and shine like crazy with PS5 tech. Would be really nice to see in my opinion.
  3. I feel like it's a waste of empty space to have that massive white bar at the top... Why can't we just get fully covered art on the front? That'd be nicer in my eyes... I don't really see an improvement in these but I'll still buy it cause... physical collection.
  4. Can you gain all trophies without having to play together with someone as well? Or is that also a requirement? Considering going for a platinum trophy here but not sure if I want to go through all the online stuff...
  5. Spongebob's dream stuff can be found when you go in front of the 'boat theatre', there's a circle on the floor in stones and that's where it gave me the prompt to enter the dream stuff.
  6. Sent a tweet as well. Only need the full spatula count... Really hope it'll be fixed in the next patch. My save file says I have 98, in-game it says 97. Fingers crossed we don't have to replay the full game for 2 trophies...
  7. Curious to see what @nXCowrey's response will be then to how they obtained these trophies. Would be interesting to know if it was legit or not, cause I'd love to try and go back to the PS3 version to get that platinum too.
  8. Ah alright. It's a nice addition though, so thanks for the effort! Definitely worth using and really neat.
  9. I'm gonna ask a stupid question... I use multiple devices (mainly laptop and PC) to check PSNP. Is there a way to sync PSNP+ so both devices are exactly the same?
  10. Marvel's Spider-Man
  11. I'm gonna buy it again for PC. I enjoyed this game quite a bit and I'm definitely looking forward to a replay.. I also don't get how people get butthurt over this. So what, it's coming to PC? What's the issue for you? You don't own the game, you don't lose money, you don't lose enjoyment... I don't get it. It's not your choice. I also don't get the hate towards PC gamers :/ I mean there's definitely some idiots out there, I won't defend that, but not everybody is the same. I hate this whole stupid platform war bullshit. It's useless.
  12. Maybe a sorting option would be better?
  13. I don't have the platinum, no. I have to do the treasure hunt AGAIN because the first time around it ended up saying I only had 104 out of 109 when I did get them all... Which pissed me the fuck off. So now I'm hoping it won't happen again.
  14. Trophy is STILL glitched. This is beyond ridiculous. Should've been fixed by now... I just went through all the treasure and have to reinstall the game I guess to hopefully get it fixed. If not, I'll have to delete the save I guess and hopefully have it WORK this time around? :/