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  1. Finished The Lost Legacy on PS4, auto-popped most trophies, completed that part. Completed the rest of the trophies I needed for UC4 as well, except for this one. The one trophy that seems to be glitched. I really can't be f*cking arsed right now to do another playthrough from scratch just to get this one achievement... Shouldn't be a thing :/
  2. It's quite strange. I just did it again, did the exact same thing as before, and this time it DID pop... Not sure what was wrong then. Glad it's resolved though
  3. I did it through chapter select as well; ran through it another two times completely, and once again, it still hasn't popped. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, honestly. It's quite frustrating.
  4. Also glitched for me. Did it at least 3 times with each gun, making sure I get at least 2/3 kills with each before I swap to a different weapon; without any luck, of course.
  5. Played through chapters 13 and 14 twice now with full stealth, no kills or anything; the trophy won't pop. Did it through chapter selection. Is anybody else having issues with this particular one? I've played a bit through chapter 15 as well to make sure it doesn't suddenly pop a bit later. Only about half the trophies for Uncharted 4 auto-popped for me when loading save files, the rest I've been having to go through manually.
  6. Yep... That's what I was missing, can't believe I looked over that. Thanks!
  7. Probably sounds stupid, but I'm currently feeling like my wrench on my PSVita version isn't as powerful as my wrench on the PS3 version. I'm about at the same spot in both games (Grelbin/Damosel), and I'm quite sure I have picked up both the new wrenches when coming across them on both platforms. Yet, when I do a hyper strike in the same area on both devices, on PS3 it'll break several breakables around me, where on PSVita it doesn't have the same effect whatsoever. Is this a glitch, am I missing something, or is this a genuine difference between these two versions..? I've got the orange wrench on both - the OmniWrench 12,000 I believe it's called.
  8. Haven't played R&C on PS3 and PSV for a year and now coming back to it to platinum both, and holy moly these are a pain in the arse on the PSV! It took me at least an hour to get the first platinum bolt in the Rendezvous system, whereas on PS3 it only took me 2 tries... It'll be "fun" going through the other ones. The recentering on the PSVita did not do a lot for me though, sadly enough. I just fully upgraded my ship, for whatever it's worth, then went back to the first race and got that done; boosted past Ace on the first couple of rings before you go through the first openings and then only boosted a quick tap once here or there.
  9. Update: Found it, but it's a glitchy situation... The 8th run finally gave me the 67th scrap. It was one of the scraps at the very last bit on the mountain, which is also an unmissable scrap, considering you can't continue without killing them all. Not sure why it wouldn't grant me that last scrap before, but here we are.
  10. Is there any chance the scraps in this game are glitched on some occasions? I've played through Gibbet Hill at least 6 or 7 times now from start to finish and I can't find the very last scrap I am missing... I am still on 66 out of 67 and I did get the one in that outhouse (which seems to be a common missed one). I'm honestly at a loss.
  11. Made it through in the end! Turned out to be a very precise double jump situation.
  12. It doesn't particularly point at that, but it's probably part of the 100% completion trophy to get all the golden bricks? That's why I'm completing every level 100% as well.
  13. The level named Loading Area - the one after climbing the waterfall with the spiders - grants a gold brick for capturing the rather without taking damage from it. - Is there a specific trick to not take damage? I tried running away, jumping, but I keep taking damage when it bashes the ground with its tentacles... :l
  14. There are some lags here and there but honestly, it's not that bad. The PC version had some lags here and there as well. It's not a perfect game, no. The UI is a bit annoying to work with for me, but other than that, I'm glad to replay the game after having played it on PC
  15. I'm aware of TLOU on PS3, yeah... But I'll probably go revisit it anyways to get most of the trophies anyway Mafia 3... I couldn't connect with it :/ I might try it again at some point on PC or something but it's not my jam I think, so... Free of worries there As for above; Minecraft... It's a dreadful one x.x I've tried it on PSVita and it's just not worth it imo.